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I'm interested in how people come up with their DC's nicknames. What's your DC's real name, what's their nickname, and how did you come up with it?

DS's name is Taylor. I usually call him Munchkin because he's really short for his age. IKve also been known to call him by whatever superhero he has decided to be that week. His dad calls him Booger or Boy, basically because he knows it bugs me.

DN's name is Mackenzie. We mostly call her Kenzie Baby, which I find amusing - we shortened it, then add a word that makes it even longer!
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We try to call our DSs by their full names, but DS2 is also called by the way DS1 pronounced his name as a baby and DS1 (later on) became known by the way DS2 pronounced his name when DS2 started to talk.

I don't know if either will stick, though, as DSs are still 2 and 3 years old...
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My daughter's name is Rowan, but we started calling her chubby ladybug when she was about 2 weeks old. I have NO idea why. It stuck, and now she's always called The Bug (when we're talking about her) or Buggy Lou when we're talking to her. Since she started talking we make a concerted effort to use her name as often as possible, but I still slip quite often and call her Buggy Lou or even Lou. She's going to be so confused.
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My oldest doesn't have a nickname. Whenever people shorten his name, he corrects them because he prefers the name he was given.

My youngest son's name is Oakley and he's got a variety of names we call him. Oakey, Oakey Baby, Oakers, Oaks, Oakey Dokie (which he hates so we don't use that one), and Me Too. Me Too is kind of obvious, everything that everyone's doing, he pipes up "Me too?!" He also can't pronounce Oakley so he calls himself "Oatwee"
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Ours just comes up, no rhyme or reason usually. DS2 is currently called Puppy because he is behaving like one (on purpose) that is the only one with some reason behind it. Otherwise, Moochie, Meeshter, Luv, Baby, Sweetheart, just terms of endearment really.
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DD's nickname is the last part of her given first name. Her name is cool b/c a common nickname can be made from either the first part OR the last part. The last part just flowed better for me & dh. Dh started calling her Munkin Punkin when she was tiny, dunno why. We very often call her Munk or Munkin. I call her Moo a lot b/c I started calling her Moo Moo (idk why). When she was tiny, I called her Weiners!!!!

FTR, she does know her actual given first name
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My ds's first name is Gabrion,but we call him Gabey or I call him Gabers.We also call him Baby,even though he is 8yo,.When he was a baby his sister called him her Bean.She said he looked like one .His sister's name is Kasia but we call her KK or Young Lady(she calls me Old Lady) ,my mom and step dad call her Peanut,even though at 11yo she is taller than my mom,but she is a skinny little thing.She won't allow anyone else to call her that.
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DD's given name is Kathrine Elizabeth. We always intended to call her Katie and we do. She's also acquired some other nicknames. DH calls her "Katie-Bug" My dad calls her Katie-Beth and I've picked that up. I also call her "kidlet."
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DS1's given name is Robert, but we call him Robby and always intended to. BUT, when he was a baby a good friend of mine called him Robby-Doo...like Scooby-Doo, and well, it just stuck! It is probably something I will try not to call him in public one day, but it's the only nickname that's stuck.

DS2 is Nathan. I have called him Monkey since he was a baby. Newer nicknames are Monk, Nate, Nathe, Natey....also I've called him Natey-doo so he doesn't feel left out of the doo situation! But it just doesn't flow right!

They both get called their fare share of sweetie, baby, cutie pie, punkin etc.
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Forgot to mention one of my favorite nickname for DS - our roommate calls him Taylor Tot. It's his special name for DS and I think it's the cutest thing ever.
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Well you can read my siggie and see what our faves have been. There have been a HUGE variety of them in the last 3 years.

DS actually made his up on his own when he was 2. He would just shout "FAST MEEMO!" while running away from us. We still can't figure out where he came up with it. DD's came frome "squealer" which became "squealer-bee", which became "Squeebies".
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Oh my goodness DS has had a zillion nicknames. Usually some variation of Monkey... not sure why.

Monkey, Monkey Shines, Monkey Boots, Mr. Monkey Man, Monkey Toes, Boo.

His teacher calls him CoNo. And there are lots of SweetPeas and I still call him Baby all the time! We had more nicknames for him when he was littler.
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We call our DD "Puddy" which stems from Pud. My mom made up the name Pud the week I found out I was pregnant - it stands for Person Under Development. We joke that the next baby will be Sud - Sibling Under Development. We're dorks.
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Chase is 8, and I've always called him Bubby, always, since day one My niece started calling him Chaseydoodle when they were about two (they're five months apart in age), so most of the family calls him Chaseydoodle or Chasey, but he's my Bubby

Anna Kate is 4, and I call her Annie 99% of the time. Her daddy calls her Monkey, I'm not sure why (we're not a couple).

Gavin is 2 1/2, and he's got a ton of nicknames. The kids started calling him Gaggy when I was pregnant with him and Goo, Goo-Goo, and Gator after we was born, and they use all four of those nicknames for him still on a regular basis, along with variations on these (Gavvy Goo, Gavvy Gator, Gate, Googly, etc.). I've always called him Boo-Boo & Boogie, and now it's gotten shortened to B, which is what I call him most of the time now. Not sure why he has more nicknames than the others, maybe just 'cause he's the baby, or maybe because he's the silliest, most playful of all three.
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My daughter's name is Lyra June. She's been Junebug since we learned that she was a she at our 18 week scan.
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DD1 is Nayeli, no nicknames. My father (who we no longer associate with) hated her name, called her "Smelly Nelly" as a baby.

DD2 is Madelyn, who's Maddie, Maddie Moo, or BeeBee (as DD1 pronounces "baby")
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DS1 is Dudie (like dude with an e sound on the end) or just Dude. DS2 is Bubba, Bubs, or Bubby depending on what comes out of my mouth. Sometimes I will call DS1 Scooby Doobie Dude.

Otherwise it's just My Sweet, My Love, My Special Boy, Sweets, Darlin', or My Sweet Boy.

Infact, thinking about it, I think they only get their real names when they're in trouble or I'm calling across the playground or something.
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If we ever call our DS something other than his name - it usually stems from his name.

His name is Duncan so we have called him Dunky for example.
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Gabe is Babe or Stud Star or babers
Logan is Hogan or Hoggie Monster
Chloe is Chloers or Little Lady
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DS1 is Tristan and he called himself 'TT' when he was learning to talk. That's kind of stuck. DH calls him Doodlebug, shortened to Doodle (but he calls all of the kids that now which confuses ME but not him or them). I call him Triskadoo or just Skadoo. We also shorten Tristan to Tris.

DS2 is Jonathan, NEVER shortened to Jon or Jonny. When he was born, Tristan couldn't pronounce 'baby', but said 'Didi'. My Mum works for a Chinese doctor and he told us that Didi is Chinese for 'Little Brother'. So it's not that DS1 couldn't speak English, he was simply speaking Chinese at 17 months it seems. We still call him Didi.

DS3 is Peregrine. We call him Perry, Pip and Pippin. He's the new Littlest One (or My Littlest). Also FINALLY makes sense to call one of mine "Sweet P."! DH calls him P-Grin which I can't STAND. We've joked that since DS1 is TT and DS2 is Didi, this one should be PP, poor kid!

Collectively they are "My Sweet Boys". Any very endearingly when I call one of them "My Sweet Boy", he'll say right back "My Sweet Mamma"

I call all of them by terms of endearment, too. Sweetie, lovie, little man, darling, babes, sweetheart, pumpkin, peanut. The only one that DH and I have exclusively for each other anymore is 'Honey'.
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