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My son's nickname is Roo. Most people think it's from Winnie the Pooh but, honestly, I'm not sure why I started calling him that. It definitely has nothing to do with his real name.

I don't want his real name shortened but I'm sure it'll happen at school when he's a little older.
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DD is known as Dude or The Dude, Piggie, Piggles, Pig, The Snortlepig, Fishie, Tiny, Pretty Girl, My Sweet My Love My Fish My Squish, Good Pig Sweet Pig Nice Pig Meat Pig, Fatcheeks and whatever else springs to mind as she's running underfoot. Pig or Piggie are the most common, which tends to get me dirty looks in public places.

DD's nickname for me is Milks. DH she calls Daddy-Bike.
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