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You are very wise to research this before moving. I homeschooled in the US, then moved to Europe and ended up in Sweden just as the new ridiculous law was passed, and it was truly like a nightmare to no longer be able to homeschool without breaking the law. We've been here for two years and luckily my son is well adjusted and there is no 'major' issue with school,  but he's bored and I can tell his talents are being wasted. We're slowly working our way out of here, probably back to the US for financial reasons. We'd love to go to the UK so we can eventually work our way further south in Europe, but having a non EEA spouse makes it a little insecure. 


As far as Spain and HS being illegal--I thought Catalonia made it legal recently. As for HS in the past in Spain, it's always been difficult. I think most people are doing and have been doing it under the radar. But there are definitely tales of court cases etc. 


I don't know about Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Italy much. I know it's difficult in Italy, but people do do it there. It's supposedly easier if you're a foreigner. Look up national HS networks, there are blogs out there too, ask around. 


Good luck.

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Thank you for your response kmama! OMG! I had no idea what happened in Sweden..it was never an option for us, so I had no idea. I am so sorry. Is your son in a local Swedish school or an International school of mostly English speaking Expats? Is the boredom and education issue?


I never heard that about Catalonia...I always thought Spain was very friendly until a couple of years ago. As far as HSLDA reports:


"Legal Status: In December 2010, the Spanish Constitutional Court handed down a sentence that leaves homeschoolers in an insecure legal position. In a case before the Constitutional Tribunal, the court denied parents the right to educate their children at home. It is still uncertain what effect this ruling will have upon homeschoolers in Spain."


That doesn't really look good for them and it seemed there were so many there (in this forum) a couple of years ago..or thinking of going there.

That is really frightening, and what happened to you as well. Yes moving abroad is exciting, but it has to be frightening enough with kids, disrupting themas it is, but if you are homeschooler's it really openens up a whole 'nother can of stuff.

Where about South in Europe would you like to go..just curious! :-)


Well I am trying to find out anything I can. Someone here did say UK might be reversing their homeschooling. I have never heard that. I really was hoping we'd end up there, but their new Visa laws are impossible.


Best wishes kmama...and Happy mother's Day! :-)

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hola I live on the island and would love to get in touch with the hs reality here! let's get in touch!! thanx

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We are moving to Calvia with our young children aged 6 and 4 this year and although I don't home school here in England, it is something I would consider in Mallorca if we could find the right group to get support and advice from! Loved reading your posts about home schooling in Mallorca, please can anyone let me know any info on it xx
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Hi! We live in Palma and would love to grow our homeschool tribe:).
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Hi there, we would love to meet up! The more, the merrier:)
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I am Dutch and living in amsterdam, although we travel a lot and stay almost half the year in other countries.

We are looking for a more natural place as our home-base now and thinking of mallorca.

For so many years, we have heard great stories about it but we never checked it out.


We will come this fall for a short visit first.


Situation in the NL is getting more and more stressful for homeschoolers although the group is growing and thriving. So if anyone needs info of homeschooling / unschooling in the NL, please PM me and I'll be happy to give you some info.


I just need a more natural place and we need a tourist place to live because DH is a singer and makes his money by singing in bars / clubs.


I found a spanish forum group but it's all in spanish which i understand but it is difficult for me.

Does anyone know of a forum in english?


Bente I wanted to PM you but i didn't get permission, probably because i just signed up

 for this forum?


I would love to introduce myself to you and hope to hear more about mallorca from you!

I have a nearly 6 year old son, believe in attactment parenting and natural living.

I heard there is also a group with organic gardens in mallorca, working together with kids there?

Would love that!





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Hi wannabefree:). Letme know when you are coming and I will introduce you to the rest of our little group. My email is benteaaro@yahoo.com if you want we can communicate this way.
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hi bente it is memina I can't answer you from my mothering account, I would love to meet family that are homeschooling in mallorca

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Originally Posted by memina View Post

hi bente it is memina I can't answer you from my mothering account, I would love to meet family that are homeschooling in mallorca

Hi:)  email me at benteaaro@yahoo.com

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Wow, I am so happy I found you and this thread.
We have two sons (4 years and 8 months) and currently live in new Zealand. It's a beautiful place, but no longer the free country I wanted to raise my children in. I want to homeschool with like-minded families. I have been looking for a possible country to move to. Mallorca sounds amazing. If anybody could please help me by providing any information on moving there (is it Palma where the main homeschooling community is?), living there etc. I have no idea at this stage, any info would be so much appreciated.
I'm really excited to have found this. I feel like there is hope for me to raise my children how I hoped to be able to.
Love and peace
From Alicia
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I don't know if this will be any use to you or not, but Scotland is a very easy, relaxed place to homeschool. There aren't even any official visits or checks to make sure the children are learning what they should. They are trying to make it more strict in England and Wales.

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Thanks very much, Nettlesoup for that information smile.gif i will keep it in mind.
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Hi Everyone,


I keep reading different things about Spain-whether it is illegal or not.  I am relocating to the Barcelona (Sitges) area in August 2013 with my two kids- 8 year old boy and 6 year old girl and would love to meet other HS there.  This is our first time HS, as my kids have attended a Waldorf school up until now, so I would love to meet other families in the area (willing to travel) to help my kids with the transition.  We have HS friends here in the Netherlands, so they don't think it is strange, but I know the idea of not having friends immediately is scary for them.  I would love to know anything living in the area might want to tell us....


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You read different things because it isn't legal but it isn't really illegal either.  Whether you have problems or not depends a bit on luck and which part of Spain you are in.  Usually the worst case scenario is that Social Services are called because of absenteeism and they come to investigate for signs of neglect or abuse, don't find anything and the case is closed.  Here in Catalunya, we have a strong regional group which works to "normalize" our situation and also serves as a way for families to connect, organize activities, etc.  Here's the link to our web page http://educarenfamilia.org/ where you can send a shout out to the whole group.  If you're coming on a visit, feel free to join us for whatever happens to be going on that week.  You can also contact me by private message if you want as well.  I have a 4 yo daughter and a 6 yo son and we meet up regularly with different families for a park day as well as attend excursions and stuff.

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We are currently homeschooling in London and it's really easy. There are lots of other homechoolers, lots of groups/classes/trips etc. But my husband hates the weather and has been desperate to move for a good few years now. We think Barcelona would be ideal if there is a good community of homeschoolers there. I am really nervous to leave our community as it's been so easy to get set up here. I'd love to get in touch with other homeschoolers before we move. We have a son who is 7 and a baby. I'm going to research the links that are posted.


Thanks everyone!


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Hi there Jessica!

Did you settle for Mallorca. If so how is it?


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Hi again- sorry, disappeared off the radar.  I ended up moving to Valencia, Spain- as there was a waldorf initiative here.... but 2 weeks ago it collapsed and I am finding myself homeschooling here.  We haven't been here that long and want to know if there are other "mothering" people around this area? 

Thanks for all the replies!

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Just to say, the UK hasn't featured heavily here but HSing is stupidly easy and the laws are ridiculously unschooling friendly. Its not as common as the US, but probably more common than all other European countries, and there are lots of HS groups. It is something that is generally on the radar of a lot of museums etc too which helps.

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We just moved to Barcelona from Canada with our 4 kids.  Right now they are attending the American school, but I would like to homeschool my daughter age 10.  I am looking for information or someone to talk to about the homeschooling in Barcelona.  I checked the website, Educar en Familia, but there wasn't much information.  Do you know of any groups I could contact in Barcelona? 




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