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what would you make for 2nd time mum

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My sister has just had a baby and I'd like to make a gift. I'm a bit stuck for ideas though, this is her second child, they are both boys and both born in the same season. I know she is set for clothes, blankets, slings as she's saved everything from the first time round.

So far I'm thinking a little taggie toy.

Was there anything you loved?
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I don't know exactly what kind of crafts you prefer, but how about a beautiful picture frame? Or making a photo ablbum with a homemade cover? A small quilt or pillow with the baby's name and birth date?
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A stuffed toy or clothing with the new baby's name or initials. I know you said she was set for clothes, but something cute and personal that's handmade by a loved one is always nice I think.
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I agree that something personalized for the second child is really great- a special blanket, bib, or burp cloth are nice. A new cute diaper bag would be good too, those wear out, or you just get sick of the same one.
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I like the idea of something personalised, however they are taking their time choosing the perfect name. I guess that give me an excuse to wait

For now I've made a crinkle taggie square with the plan to make something else. If I don't think of anything else I can always send with some cookies or other baked goods.

I like the idea of a photo frame/album but we have very different tastes. I will keep that one in mind for my other sis who is due in a few months.
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I just made this gig giraf as a gift for a baby. The neck is easy for little hands to grip and I extended it by an inch to make it more giraffe-y. IME second kids don't get many new toys either so a taggie and a giraffe might be a good start!
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Another great thing to do with a second baby is to make dinner and take it over shortly after baby arrives- making dinner is SO hard with a newborn, and the second time around is even harder.

I agree that second babies (and later) often get very few new anythings, so a handmade gift is just wonderful of any type.
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I love my kid's bucket hats. I wish I could make one myself, but, not that skilled yet. I've bought them at an art fair. Since the baby was a newbie last summer, he'll need a new one this year. They are hand made and I love them! They are done in nifty patterns, and not what you'd find in your average baby store. My daughter's has lasted her 2 years and I don't expect to have to get a new one this year.
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a fun blanket just for the new little one, or a stuffed animal/plushie.
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