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one more thing - what pump are you using?
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thanks for the tips! i am working on the lip-she is a tough customer! it has been difficult to pump very frequently at work; i am pumping for 20 mins. how much fenugrek do you recommend if i don't smell maple? i will try the breast compression, but may wait to try the domp. i am located in anchorage, ak. i am using the medela electric. thanks again! also, it was recommended that i only offer one breast per feeding to increase the intake of the fatty milk; do you agree? please respond.
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they recommend fenugreek 3 pills, 3 x a day. There is also a Tincture called "mother's milk" i believe that has other herbs in it too such as Blessed Thistle.

Can you afford to rent a hospital grade pump.

RE: using one breast, what i would do is nurse as long as possible on one using breast compression and then burp and switch as long as the other is wanted, again using compression. Then start on the last breast at the next feeding. Breast compression will help you to get to the hind milk. Nursing on one side seems the best in the situation where you have too much milk and the baby gets a lot of fore milk.

I would offer the breast every 2 hours at the most while you are with her.

Do you have the book "Working Mother, Nursing Mother"? It is a great book and you can get it at the library.

How is your baby's weight gain? Any trouble there? Why do you think that you have low supply? Just how much you are pumping? It might just be a matter of getting better at pumping.

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my baby is gaining well per the pediatrician. i feel like i have low suppply because of the pumping, only 1.5-2.5 on left and 2-4 on the right on average. occasionally i will pump more. are you thinking the pump is not working for me? on the days that i work, i can usually get 3 3.5 oz meals which is what we bottle feed her comfortably. so i am keeping up, but would like a surplus for comfort, ya know? i usually nurse her from 1.5-3 hours at the most. i think she gets enough as she falls off usually, however, she does play with the nipple, pulling and kicking, and sometimes wants to stay a long time. thanks
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it sounds like your milk supply is just fine. Some women (myself included) just have problems pumping. No matter what, they are just not the same as having a baby nursing. I use to have some success pumping on breast B while nursing on breast A. Maybe that would be a good way to get a stash. I know that some women just never can pump enough to have extra, just depends on how well you are able to pump. Might improve with a different pump, might not. I highly recommend the book "Working Mother, Nursing Mother"
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I agree with what others have said. If you invest in another pump, I highly recommend the Whittlestone Expresser. It really is superior to the other pumps in my experience, especially if you're not getting enough at each pumping session. Do your boobs feel softer and empty after pumping? The Whittlestone is the most like a baby nursing as possible. Try to get a deal on eBay

Good luck with the pumping and congratulations on your baby!

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Thanks for the great input from all! Victorian, I will check into that book. I probably will stick w/the Medela, since it was not cheap! I guess I will keep on plugging along, or is that "pumping" along? Thanks again!
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Hello All,

I'm new to the site and I am encouraged to see that I am not alone in this plight. I am mommy to 4 handsome boys...the youngest being almost 5 mo. Isaac was born 4-11 and it has been one struggle after another with BF. The short of it is that he has a high palate and is a very slow weight gainer. He is approx 11 lbs!! He is alert and reaching all milestones. I have always had small babies, but he is the smallest. Doc has us supplementing with high calorie formula, but I do pump with hosp pump and offer EBM. I'm not sure if I have low supply because my body won't make more or b/c ds will not nurse well. I am able to pump about 3-4oz total after 10 mins. DS gets 8-9oz of form. and the rest is breast. I guess I am trying to figure out my situation. How often and for how long do you think I should pump in order to try to increase supply? We super switch nurse but I am hearing and reading that it may not be a good idea b/c ds may not get hind milk. DS soils right amount of cloth diapers and although his poopies have decreased due to iron in form. (I think) he still has 3 poops a week. My desire is to EBF but I am not sure that it is in our future.

Trying to hold on to some hope through my faith b/c it is sooo important to me and ds.

And can I say that I am just tired of all the comparisons to "sumo babies" as my doc calls them. I have strangers telling me how tiny my baby is. I just want to yell some times!! Can anyone relate? I have friends whose babies gain 3-4 lbs in 1 month and I am feeling totally inadequate.

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It can be SO frustrating when people make comments about your baby's size! I know they don't do it intentionally, but those passing "oh...he's so TINY! Does he eat good?" kind of comments from people can really sting when you're working so hard to feed your baby.
It sounds like your supply is pretty good. If you're only having to give him about 8oz. of supplement a day, you're close to being able to provide all his needs. It might be that if you try Domperidone or some of the herbal milk boosters, you can gradually increase your supply and wean off the formula. Since you get a good amount at each pumping session, try to add an extra session or two a day and see if that helps. I know adding pumping sessions is MUCH easier said than done! It sounds like you're doing everything right to provide the best nutrition for your baby! Good job
I would definitely keep pumping and give him breastmilk as long as you feel comfortable doing so. I know how frustrating it is to have a baby who won't nurse. Although things have worked out pretty well for us, I had to accept that DS was not going to get the majority of his nutrition at the breast. Breastmilk from a bottle is still breastmilk, and those antibodies are so important! I highly suggest craniosacral therapy as well. Worked wonders for us! Sometimes I feel that the medical field stops short of solving the problem. The Dr. will hand out a diagnosis and will stop there. It seems like it is always up to moms to go the extra step and see what therapies/treatments are available to actually DO something about the diagnosis. I hope y'all find an answer!

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Yes, backing up what Hemiola said. Tough as it sounds, extra pumping may do the trick for you to get a full supply. The comments are hard, I know. My worst, I think, was a woman at the markets asking 'Oh........ was he premature?' when I said DS was 3 months. I know she was just curious, but still. Yowch, ya know?
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to all of you that are pumping just so your baby can have your breastmilk. I honestly don't know if I could exclusively pump if Kaylee didn't nurse. I've never been real successful at pumping anyways.
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Hi all,

I'm happy to say now that B is going gangbusters on solids, we have weaned off formula! Yeah!

No more mixing that stuff up, no more cleaning and filling Lact-Aid units. Hooray!
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Well since I last posted, DD has been doing really well. After I started the solids, she started to gain weight again. Things have been going well for a month or two.

Well, now, at 10.5 months I'm having problems again. About a week before Aunt Flo came to visit my supply dropped again. Only it didn't bounce back after Aunt Flo so I don't know what to do.

I have
*Rented a hospital grade pump (I pump twice a day)
*Drink Mother's Milk Tea, Rasberry Leaf & Fennel
*Am currently using More Milk Plus tincture
*Eating oatmeal every day

Is there anything else I can try? Also, should I supplement? It seems like she isn't quite satisfied.

I really wanted to make it through the winter but I'm not "feeling the love" so to speak.
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The only thing I can think of for you to do is possibly pump more. 10 minutes here and there is better than nothing. If you have a weekend where you can set aside time just for pumping and pump after every feeding during the day then probably by the end of the weekend your supply will have increased. HTH!
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well i should update to.
ds is now 8 months we are doing great on solids and i still bf using the sns. he has about 14 oz of formula a day, and i feel i supply very little, i think domperidone isnt having much effect anymore, but we still carry on as he loves to nurse, to soothe, to remove pain from all the bumps from learning to crawl, and to get him to sleep.

were going through the pinching and biting phase but im determined not to quit. Ive made it this far.
im feeling positive tonight cant u tell
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I'm new here. My name is Candice and DS is Zion. He's 4 months old and we're having serious problems. He was born 10lbs 8oz. I have been having problems with him feeding since the 2 month mark and I tried to tell the ped I thought I might have low supply but he didn't seem to care because his weight was ok then. It's been getting worse and worse and when I took him in last week for the 4mo checkup (new ped) he only weighed 13lbs 8oz. He went from 99th to 20-ish percentile.

There are no LCs ANYWHERE out here... He had an RN who's very experienced with BFing call me and she says I definitely have low supply. She's had me feeding him every 1.5 for 7 days now and I swear it's getting worse. He's woken up 4 times since I put him down tonight wanting to eat and just screaming when he isn't getting anything. I know pumping isn't an indicator but, I used to get about 3oz (total) in about 15 minutes, last week I was down to 1.5oz in an HOUR, and this morning I tried and tried and barely got 3 drops.

The ped keeps suggesting Reglan but I've heard all the bad stuff about it. I don't want to take it. I just don't know which route to go, SNS, Herbs, Meds...? I feel so aweful with him being hungry like that. I gave him 2oz of EBM tonight from the freezer. It's the only bag I had, and I know he's still hungry because he woke up again. Ugh. This sucks. I was so commited to doing the full year, I'm going to be really crushed if this keeps getting worse, but I can't let him starve!
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this is very difficult. First of all, the baby needs to be fed. If that means SNS, I think that you should do that. Is he interested in solids? How is his output? (Wet and poopy diapers). Did the nurse watch you nurse or just call you? Do a search for Dr. Jack Newman and read all his information. He is wonderful. Where are you located? Be sure to read about Domperidone on Dr. Newman's site. Also you can do herbs AND domperidone at the same time.

Did you get your period back? Could you be pregnant? Both of those things can lead to low-supply. Are you eating well? Dieting hard? Excercising a lot? drinking lots of water? Is your latch good? Is there a lot of stress in your life right now?
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I'm definitely considering the SNS. The ped suggested the solids... he HATED it. Wouldn't even swallow. So, he said don't try again for a while, he's not ready. His wets are pretty good, I think, I'm using cloth and to be honest to me it makes it harder to tell. The poops... well... it's gotten better this week. Last week it was 6.5 days between poops. I nearly died! The nurse just called, finding someone out here to assist with BFing issues is nearly impossible. I talked to someone from LLL, but she sounded like she didn't have a clue. She'd never even heard of Reglan.

I've been reading the Dr. Newman stuff. I'll check into the Domperidone.
I got my period back at 8 weeks which is when this started. It was SO werid because it was heavy for about 2 days then tapered off... And then it would come back every other day (like clockwork) for a MONTH. I was about to lose my mind. Well, it eventually stopped and hasn't come back again since. I'm definitely not pg. Let just say... it's been 6 months! I'm trying to eat better, I've never been a big eater, but I feel like I'm eating enough. I'm drinking water... We've got about a thousand bottles from the hurricane sitting in the fridge. No dieting, never have. Not exercising, never have! I think the latch is ok, but how should I know? I'm a high stress kind of person, so I've thought about that. But, I don't think anything unusual is happening.
Thanks for the help. I'm really struggling.

ETA: I'm in NW Florida, about an hour from Pensacola. Destin area.
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You are in Destin?!! Hurricane much? Stress much? Stress can lower your supply.

Now, a 10 lb baby! I had one of those. She would feed every hour. She would feed for 45 mins, take a 15 min break and want to nurse again. I did not expect this, but mostly followed her cues and she doubled her birth weight by 3 mos.

She needed a lot of calories and the only way for her to get them was to feed very very frequently.

Every hour or hour and a half is good. Don't look at the clock. If he makes a fussy noise, pick him up and nurse him, even if it is several times an hour. How often were you nursing before? Some babies going through growth spurts will be more on than off the breast for several days to a week to boost your supply up to where it needs to be.

Are you co-sleeping? Nursing with your baby at night in bed is a sure fire way to increase lactation hormones.

Now, your ds may have been born big but be meant to grow more slowly than my dd. I doubt it tho as he wants and needs to have milk frequently. Also, an IV during birth can artificially raise a baby's birthweight, did you know that? Just in case you had one.

If he wakes up when you put him down, don't put him down. Wear him in a sling for his naps. He will stimulate your supply just by being more skin to skin with you. Take yr top off and just have him in a diaper.

Force youself to eat. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Pay attention to food and drink.

Just don't look at the clock. Get a big plate of food and a huge sport bottle, sit on the couch, pop in a good movie and nurse, nurse, nurse. Take an afternoon nap. This will increase milk. Skip housework. Ask for help with that. Use breast compression. Continue to pump between feeds if you do have a break.

If your LLL Leader does not have good ideas for increasing milk, ask her for the number of another Leader. If she is also not as helpful as you would like, ask her to let you talk to their Area Professional Liason Leader. She has more specialized education than the average Leader.

You also might weant to have your thyroid checked, what with the long spotty period.


Read this :


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