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unfortntly or fortuntly (however you see it lol) i belong here also
i nursed my 1st babe for 6 months and then stopped due to a low supply. i am still nursing my 2nd at almsot 8 months but i take domperidone and believe its the only thing that is preventing me from quiting. that and the fact the my 2nd LOVES to nurse lol!! my 1st was either or.
My problems are probly due to the fact that i use a sheild due to inverted nipples and i think because 1 of my breasts is smaller than the other.
sometimes it makes me wonder what gives ya know? why is it that the people that want to BF have so many problems and the people that dont are "perfect" ya know?
anyhoo im rambleing!
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Oh yes, I know that evil jealousy monster..... I have been very guilty of wishing for a set of someone else's boobs.... I'm glad to hear that bf'ing bub number two is going better than the first.
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Poor planning

Well I finally started Domperidone. However, I planned poorly and I am going to run out before my new shipment arrives.

Is there anyone here who might be willing to "loan" or sell me some Dom to tide me over? I'm sort of desperate as Aunt Flo is almost upon me and my supply dries up to practically nothing.
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I wish I had some to send you. Try posting on the breastfeeding boards and trading post too.

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c-section, no milk, ppd, a year of hell!

Hello all...
I feel all your pain...
After 5 years...yoga, organic, travel with my dh, selling my art and loving life...I heard a knock, my baby calling me. A brush with cancer and they said I mite never conceive. I was pregnant!!!!!!!!!!
I was adopted, an abandoned baby...my baby would know he was wanted...loved, from the second he was conceived...
Yes a homebirth please...midwife...no doctors for us, thankyou.
Midwife going back to university, move to the city for access to midwifes...book into the local birthing suite...at the hospital :
Back in my own home, we made a nest for our baby...family bed, b-feeding, organic, homegrown...love love love.
Shock....transverse breach, big healthy baby 57cm long at birth, 35cm head (big head like his mama) I was a size 6!!
C-section...I cried for days...
Next shock...tongue tied, could have surgery, but no aneasthetic, not for my precious baby, no-circ either...back off you butchers!!!
Lucky he was 9lb born...we tried lactation consult, herbs, acupuncture you name it.
I bled, he lost weight...we wailed together in the nite. No help from mum, she nursed 6...just popped them on and off they went.
Nasty SIL (4mths preg) said she'd read somewhere that "they can even get MEN to b-feed now...b*tch...but there's karma...she has not been able to feed her three...and stuck them in daycare at 6WEEKS!!!! she doesn't work either, but she does have nice nails, hair and goes to the gym!!!
Anyway, he went on the formula at my dh's insistance
Now he's 5 and a half...and so beautiful...no allergies yet, so clever, reading age of 9 or 10 ( I was a teacher)
Happy healthy, gymnastics, tennis...organic, sugar-free
I recovered from PPD...exercise, sleep, love...no help though...wish I had a supportive family...but I have MY family now...DH, PB (precious boy) and me.
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question for you all: what does giving formula to a baby do to their digestive system? positives and negatives? please cite sources and give links (if you have them).

thank you!

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Ah, I'm another member of this sad tribe. I am proud that I've been able to nurse my son 6 months now, although he gets less than half his milk from me. But what he does get is a great comfort to him and so it's been worth it--and like so many of you ladies, I've tried everything.

I'm currently on Domperidone, which is allowing me to have the little milk I do have. But it's also suppressing my periods. Have any of you been on dom and stopped taking it? How long did it take for your fertility to return? I'd like to TTC as soon as we're done nursing.

I don't know when that will be, but the dom seems to be losing its effectiveness for me...
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You know I was thinking the other day that the domperidone must be suppressing my periods too. Makes sense I guess b/c it elevates your prolactin levels. Right now not having a period is just fine with me b/c we aren't trying to get pregnant until next year. Unless once I come off of it will it take a long time to get my period back.
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i was wondering about it all too, i have been on domperidon for 8.5 months now and never seen a sign of my periods yet, and i will want to ttc early next year, should i stop taking it now?? but then i will have no supply. So do i have to quit nursing so my periods will come back and can have another baby.
im so confused. i dont want to stop nursing but with wanting to concieve and returning to work in january do i have much choice.

yanjam, i agree i think dom has lost lots of its effectiveness for me too
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Hi. Just wnated to point our that I am not on dom. and Niko is 15 months old and I am period free still .

don't have any advice on stopping nursing to tcc. I am not going to try again. But that is a good question.....did you go to a fertility expert? Maybe the ladies on the TCC board here might have some ideas or suggestions if you ask them.

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Chronic low supply mama here, updating on Dd. She's 3-1/2 this week, and still happily, and frequently nursing.

After nursing awhile, she sometimes tells me the milk runs out, and that she has to switch sides and wait a few minutes for more. This is the pattern I suspected in the first weeks. Sometimes she nurses "until it's all gone." She also tells me she loves the milk that it is delicious, and it smells good.

I remember all the tears I shed, thinking we'd never have a real nursing relationship.

Best to all.
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I used to come here often, when ds was first born. We tried for 6 long months to bf, but it wasnt meant to be. Actually he did nurse, but always needed a supplement after a nursing session. Everything i went thru is much too much to type. He will be one on 2/22 and is a very healthy and active little boy. NOw, i am pregnant again. Hoping that we have a great bf'ing experience this time, but only 4 weeks pg i am already stressed abt it, and i do know that thats NOT a good thing. I have been told to stop stressing, but i cant. Thats like telling me not to breathe. Now, i did exclusively bf dd until she was 9 mo and weaned herself. DS was born 3 weeks early and had a tight frenulum that wasnt discovered until he was 3mo, too late. I could never get my supply up. Anyway, obviously i want to do what i can to make it better this time, other than having his or her freunulum checked right away, is there anyhting i can do/take now to encourage good supply? Even if its only something little, and extra vitamin or something. I think if i were doing something to potentially help, i might now be so worried abt it. BC i know worrying abt it will only hurt my supply more.
thanks for listening.
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Glad to find others in the same big boat. I'm just jumping in because I don't know that I have the energy right now to read all of the 10 pages prior to this one.

My son will be 5 mos this week and we've been nursing with the SNS since 3 weeks old. I tried Domperidone but the difference it made in how much formula we needed to use was negligible (sp?), it mostly made me leak overnight. As it is I have enough milk to nurse him in bed in the middle of the night.

Look forward to your insights.

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I love your sig. You're right--it's about MUCH more than breast milk.

We used the SNS and Lact-Aid for about 9 months. It was a hard road. But we stuck with it and my little guy is still nursing strong at 14 months.

Hang in there, set small goals, and keep your chin up. You're giving your son an amazing gift!
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I feel accepted...I spent so much time crying about having no milk in my son's first three months of life. I felt betrayed by my body also as another person has mentioned. I was angry at everyone who breastfed with such ease and were able to provide for their little ones, I was angry at people who had milk and didn't use it .....I kept hoping for success I saw lactation consultants, numerous doctors, and reading what I could. I took drugs, I ditched the drugs, I took herbs, I ditched the herbs, I pumped, I cried, I tried positive visualition etc. I felt alone, sad, betrayed and judged especially by the local LLL. And finally I woke up and said my son does not deserve a sad Mommy and we will do the best we can. Which was nurse for comfort and formula for nourishment. A kind doctor told me that not all benifiets from nursing are from the milk itself and that I could still provide all the other positive stuff from nursing by bottle feeding like I was nursing.....Yes, I am sad sometimes but we do what we can and I bottle feed like I am BF (holding close to my body, taking our time, his hand is often caressing my breast, I switch sides even, never propping the bottle and when he looks at me I am looking at him) I worry about allergies but I feel in my heart that we will do what we can and that will be the right way for us.

My difficulties are from the same hormonal problems that led a doctor to tell me I would never get pregnant with out intervention. we tried for years with no success and gave up hope 10 years after our initial visit I became pregnant! In the grand scheme of things not having breast milk was yes really upsetting but dwelling on it was no way to honour the birth and miracle of my baby boy....Life has been so much better now that I am able to be realy present for my son.....
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Hi, I am so frustrated that I have barely the time to post here or even to read all the many pages of posts in this category. I have had a long struggle with my milk supply, and was finally making some progress when suddenly my baby went on a nursing strike. He has two ear infections and bronchiolitis and that is probably the reason (I'm hoping). He started antibiotic last night and hopefully once he's better he'll return to nursing. However, it's been like 3-4 days now of no nursing, and I've been having to constantly pump to try to keep up my supply. This morning, I finally got about 7oz instead of the usual 4-5oz in the morning, and I was so excited but then the subsequent pumpings which were every 2-3 hours, I could only get 2oz each time! I have never gotten so little unless I had decreased frequency. I don't know what this means. I am so stressed that I worry that it's the stress, but then again, I've had stress all along and usually get more than that. I am so worried about not making enough for my baby who is still on this nursing strike. Meantime my dh is spending all day trying to get milk & food into him, using a dropper for the milk. The sippy cup spilled too much and the dropper seemed to work well. However, I am really stressed that this strike will cause my supply to dwindle to nothing, or that he will never return to the breast.
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Oh, I forgot to mention that I work full time and pump every 2-3 hours at work. Sometimes I only get time to pump twice and that is when the supply decreases. I'm taking fenugreek and pumping after I nurse him (before the nursing strike started) and was also pumping an extra time during his nap. In the mornings I knew I had more so I was pumping a couple of ounces before feedeing him. Howeve,r now I'm worried that pumping before feeding him might have been part of what caused the nursing strike -- I just don't know. Any advice on getting him back? I already read everything on the LLL site and everything I could find on the internet and am trying everything I can.
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do you have the option of hiring a lactation consultant? many health insurances will cover them. if you birthed at a hospital, they will certainly have one or more on staff.

also, i might recommend you take him to a holistic chiropractor who specializes in working with infants and children. we've been working with one for about four months now and i think she has been a great help for our little guy. she notices the slightest tensions in his body and helps him to be able to relax, especially his jaw and cheeks.

check out the www.kellymom.com website for more thoughts on nursing strikes.

and victorian, tell her about N.'s nursing strike and his return to the boob after two weeks (more? less?).

sending you lotsa hugs...

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26 days! I pumped for 2 weeks and then gave up when I was out of milk! He went back to the breast and the milk came back too. I tried everything...finally got him to nurse in his sleep. He opemed his eyes and got the most dreamy happy look in his eyes and was back to 7-10x a day. He had hand/foot/mouth disease and had sores all over him mouth.

Don'y give up! How old is your baby? Do you know a IBCLC? would your doctor prescrip Domperidone?

Claudia - glad to here M is doing well. Hope to see you soon!
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