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That is wonderful news Elisabeth! I'm so glad things are working better for you now!
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Redsmom, Emma loves YOU because you are doing what a mom is supposed to do - give your baby milk. Sometimes we can't choose where it comes from.
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I am so happy for you elisabeth. I can only imagine how exciting it is to have a full supply. Do you have to continue to take the domperidone?

I am sad though, I had to change my first formula poop last night. It made me cry. I do not want to bring everyone down, but I do not want to bother my friends with all of this feeding stuff so I have turned here(this would be the second time in two years they would have heard the exact same story same thing happened with dd #1). We went to the doctor and dd is falling below that stupid growth curve to the 5% percentile and my ped recommended that we give her some supplements. She is such a happy baby and now with the supplements she is even happier, which kills me! My dd is now actually sleeping after a supplement of 5 oz. I always thought she was just a light sleeper (she is 4 mo old and really only would nap for 45 min maybe twice a day, but she has an older sister who wakes her). But now she is loving this bottle thing and last night she would not nurse I had to get up and make her a bottle and then she played and laughed and went back to sleep. I feel like such a failure!! What would my poor babies have gone through if I did not have a bottle and formula to give them. Why is my body failing me - why cant I feed my baby. ugh sorry this is so down I am just torn up about this right now.

I have tried the more milk plus tincture and have been really sick with the flu/cold and I just feel my supply slipping away so fast.

thanks for listening everybody,
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Have you tried an at-the-breast supplementer?

I use the Lact-Aid (www.lact-aid.com) which gives my baby the supplement he needs, but keeps him at the breast.

Hang in there, we all know the rollercoaster of emotions and the heartache you're going through. In the end, though, we need to feed our babies!
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I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. Rest assured that if you fed your baby corn mush she would still love you. If you didn't have formula, a nearby woman would help you. Don't feel that you can not come here and cry on our shoulders, we are here for you. You are a good mama and a good person. I know that it hurts to think that they are loving on that bottle when your perfectly lovely breasts are sitting there like wall flowers. That said do you want some ideas?

Are you taking a decongestent for the cold? That will impact your supply.

Are you drinking A LOT of water? Drink more.

Do you have a SNS? Can you finger feed? Maybe your daughter is not one that can go back and forth easily. You might have to feed without a bottle (PITA)

not a popular idea here on MDC, but how do you feel about solids? Dr. Jack Newman that I believe is the BEST lactation advisor out there suggests starting solids to boost weight gain in older (4+ months) babies. If you are interested, I could find a link for you. I started DS on solids at 4 months. He still nurses at least 10 a day and takes the occasional bottle of formula or EBM if I have it. But, he is still a slow weight gainer.

I can't remember if you have tried Domperidone? Would you consider chinese herbs and accupunture? That really helped me. We have the Oriental Medicine College here in Portland so the price was reasonable (but boy were those herbs NASTY)

s again

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I do not have the SNS but I think I will try that and see how it works. I think about everything I do in terms of how it will effect my milk supply it is so trying. The mothers milk plus is NASTY - but I think I will contact a local acupuncturist and see how much that would run. I have not taken domperidone yet either so I will try to get a hold of my midwife and see if I can get an rx for that (we do not have insurance and I do not know how much that will cost - I went with the tincture first) Ugh thanks for the support.
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Are you in the US or Canada?

If you're in the US, you can order domperidone from New Zealand without a script. I use www.globaldrug.tv

Hang in there and remember that your baby loves you no matter how much MM you produce.
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Hi everyone. i spoke too soon and now I'm back. So here's my deal...IF I pump around the clock I have a fullish supply (30-34 oz.) but, if i let DD nurse It drops away almost completely. It took me a week to build my supply back up to where it is, and that won't be sufficient once she starts growing which incidentally she's not yet. She's now eight weeks and 1.5 lbs over birth weight. This is so FRUSTRATING. I guess we'll just be a bottle feeding family. I am giving it until she's three months but that's it. I'm totally neglecting DS to do all this pumping as it is and for what? She goes to craniosacral therapy as well as physical therapy and she still can't nurse. This is totally breaking my heart. On top of this we are filing for bankruptcy and selling our house to pay for her treatments which aren't covered by our polly-wally-crappy insurance. And I'm totally depressed and can't afford a therapist. Unfortunately the herbal stuff just isn't working. I keep telling myself it has to get better...right? It sure doesn't feel like it can get much worse. I'm glad that I can share with all of you. Thanks for all the good thoughts that came two weeks ago-they were totally appreciated.
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Hang in there momma! It sure sounds like your baby is having a tough time getting the milk from the breast. My son went to cranial therapist and then to a chiropractor. The chiropractor discover something that everyone else missed - dislocated hip and a rib out. Hard to nurse when you are in pain. Have you thought about seeing someone to rule out a neurological problem (don't mean to scare you, but I had a friend whose baby couldn't nurse and they later found a problem - so I thought that I would mention it)

I hear you about the financial crap! We figured that we spent about $1400 on lactation. But know it is worth the money! We are always teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, we also pay that price for the children. We both work part-time (dh more than me) so that we can have time as a family.

Have you tried MotherWort? It is an herb that my midwives recommended to me and I think that it really helped. I also can't live without Rescure Remedy and Emergence-C. Are you eating well and getting enough protein? I know that it is hard to take care of yourself with a young one, but if mama ain't happy then no one is happy.

I will be thinking of you, hang in there.

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just wanted to let you all know I'm still here- just very busy at the mo. Big, big hugs to Caroline, Elisabeth.... so much more to say, but I've gotta get the kids to swimming lessons. I ..... feel your pain so much...... it's just not fair, I want to throw a temper tantrum over this BF'ing business sometimes.....

I don't know how to word it so i'll leave it there..... something like it's okay if you have to use bottles, it's okay to use formula if you need to..... damn, that's not very eloquent.... it will all be okay.... be gentle to yourselves, you are important too......
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thanks for the kind words, amd Victorian-yes I've tried motherwort, vitamin C and I do eat pretty darn well. DD's problem (discovered by a chiropractor) is that she had a spinal injury from birth. Hence all the therapy. Due to nerve damage from disc compression her mouth doesn't open symmetrically and therefore she cant get a good latch. Her chin drops to the right, and there isn't a good seal and virtually no milk transfer. She's getting slowly better, but her therapist believes it will be a long road. Because of the injury her parasympathetic nerve system has been disabled and she doesn't digest food well. the bright side is that we kept at it and didn't just quit and throw in the towel. She needs whatever milk I can provide more than ever-even though she only takes about 20 oz. a day.
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Hugs all around

I am sorry that everything is coming down on you right now elisabeth, but we are all here to lend an ear and support. All this stess in our lives is probably a factor (along with everything else!) with low milk supply.
I have come to terms that we will be a bottle family. My husband has been away now for gosh something like five weeks and away before that for 3 or 4 weeks so it is nice not to have a hungry baby and a two year old to deal with at the moment. I am going to the midwife on Monday for some blood work but everyone (midwife and two lactaction coun.) have concluded that my problems are from hormones. I have cycled at exactly the same time with both dd's around seven weeks although exclusively bfing with supply issues directly following. They have all given me the option of domperidone (sp) but at the moment it just does not seem $ available and to be honest I am spent. It was just two years ago I was going through the same thing with dd #1 and at the moment we are moving/looking for a job for dh etc. So am pumping and putting her to the breast as much as I can and bottlefeeding the majority of the time, it is okay I have given and will give her what I can and move forward. It is nice to spend time with my girls now playing and interacting instead of stressing about feeding and taking treatments. Thanks you guys for all of the support and for listening and sharing your stories it means so much. I have typed and cried here many times!

ps. elisabeth I will keep you in my pumping thoughts and healthy baby thoughts and just know that we are here for you.
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Free49- . I found it so hard when I finally accepted that I too would be a bottle feeder (twice). It sounds like you have given it a lot of thought, & have come to a decision that is best for both you & your family..... I remember taht feeling with my 2nd child, when I finally started supplementing. I remember feeling like I could actually play with & care for my 2 yr old again, felt like I could leave the house without worrying that I'd get stuck in traffic with a starving baby ready for a three hour feed or something..... mostly though, he slept better & didn't seem so desperately hungry anymore.

Victorian mentioned starting solids earlier than 6 months-- just wanted to add that I did that too; 4 months I think for DD, and at 3 months (just a little) for DS. Sounds so young, but at that age he was sitting up, holding his head steady, & very engaged with the world. Don't know if I've told this story yet, but at Christmas-time (DS was just 3 mo) I had some cold turkey breast on my plate for lunch, & DS was sitting on my lap. He then leaned over & swiped a chunk of turkey off my plate & shoved it in his mouth. True story. I was stunned, but decided he was pretty clear on what he wanted, so i ground a bit up & gave it to him to taste. I supplemented with formula more frequently after that. Funny, he's still like that..... (not swiping food off my plate!) very clear in what he likes & doesn't like........
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Free49 - congratulations for nursing as long as you did. I know that you made a lot of sacrifices for that breastmilk. You did a wonderful job and your baby will be better for all the milk. (I am unsure whether you are weaning completley).. Your a bf success, you gave that baby all you could.

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Anyone use Bright Beginnings? I have a bunch of coupons. PM me your address, and I will send them.
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I have a BB coupon or two also that I'd be willing to send out.

I'm always on the lookout for Similac checks/coupons, so if you have any....
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I'm in this tribe too. I have an almost 18 month old DS who was born with a congenital heart defect and spent 3 weeks in NICU, 2 open heart surgeries at 2 weeks and 3 months...anyway, I never developed a full supply, and he did finally learn to BF (SNS, lots of practice) but we always supplemented. I took domperidone for 10 months but when I started getting just drops with the pump (instead of an ounce per breast) I stopped pumping and taking it, and just sort of gave up trying to keep my supply and switched to comfort nursing. At about 14 months we switched to whole milk and he's been doing great. He is still nursing, a LOT in fact, he just gets a few drops a day I think. I never hear him swallow. He has never taken a pacifier. I was only making about 16oz a day at my maximum. I was never engorged, so I think the consensus of the LCs I've talked to is that because of our traumatic birth & stress my body just didn't make the hormones it needed to make milk.

I do understand how awful it feels too--I took so many tiny little bottles with about a teaspoon in them into the NICU to feed him, and I felt like a huge failure. It was months and months before I could even think about BF without crying.

We are TTC again and I am so worried that it wasn't just stress, it was something wrong with me and I'll have low supply again Not to mention worrying about the baby's heart & health.
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Victorian, can you tell more about the acupuncture. I haven't tried this yet (have never tried acupuncture), but I'm interested.

Nosy, still limping along and supplementing my almost 4 mths DS
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Just a couple of things

Hope everyone is doing good we are in the process of moving and things are crazy, but I had a couple of questions for you guys.

First, I have been looking into the domperidone and I had one LC tell me not to order from New Zealand because she had a "bad experience". She commented that she used domperidone compounded from a local pharmacy and saw the increase within three days then went the less expensive route (compounded domperidone here is about $7.00 or 8.00 a pill) by ordering from New Zeland and saw no increase so she went back to the compounded version with better results. I know this is jumbled sorry the pills were the same dosage as well. Anybody heard of this?

Aussiemum, we are starting solids and dd is loving it! I am so glad you mentioned this and she was starting to try and swipe food from my plate so I tried (she was constipated from formula as well so...) I am working to maintain a meak supply by pumping and hopefully getting the domperidone soon and between solid food and bf and maybe one or two supplements I think we can make it we will see.

I had some other questions but I forgot them now so I will try to write later.

best regards

Tansi Nola 4.5 mo old and Kaelle Shea 2 years
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