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I'm glad I found this thread. My son I breast fed successfully, but I was a WAHM when he was born and could nurse him more. DD is a preemie and I was getting good milk while she was in the NICU but slowly it started getting less and less when I would pump. She nursed for a while, but is now on strike and now I hardly get anything. It's so hard to keep the milk supply up, it's not really convienent to pump at work.
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Hello all- had a bit of a panic yesterday with all this moving of the tribe threads. I sure hope the mods don't move this particular thread over to the breastfeeding boards- not sure I could cope with that!

Anywho, Free49, I hadn't heard of domperidone when I was struggling with milk supply- no idea what sort of compound the drug is actually.

Beaconlighthero- welcome! Just a few thoughts- have you tried any of the herbs used for increasing supply? I ask because since you were able to bf your first child, then maybe the herbs will be enough to boost your supply this time around?? You'll have to pump as well, but it might be worth a go.... tricky, I know, with work & all, but if you start getting that full breast sensation (from the herb boost) then it might feel more productive to pump at work, if you know what I mean.... does that make any sense??

finishing off with a big round of
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I have'nt tried the herbs. I eat oatmeal, but that is not doing much for me. I was put on Raglan or whatever and all it made me do is get really sleepy. The zoloft makes me sleepy enough, could not deal with it.
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Yeah, a good mate of mine takes zoloft, & man, she can just about fall asleep anywhere- so IKWYM! I think I used to make straight fenugreek tea, sweetened with honey, & that did help increase the full sensation in my breasts. I just never had much luck with extracting the precious stuff, but if you've got a good pump, I reckon it's worth a go...... Good luck with it, wishing all of you the best..... I'm bailing out on MDC for a while... who knows how long.... maybe a week, maybe a month...... maybe.... I'll be thinking of you all....
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Bye Aussiemum. you will be missed around here. I hope that you come back soon.

Is everything alright? Did something happen?

Hopefully you are just taking an electronic break.

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Hey all! I posted on here a while back about my breastfeeding struggles. I was on vacation for 6 weeks and during that time my dd self weaned. I know they say it is almost never happens that a babe under 1 will self wean but I think the formula supplementing did us in, just like I was afraid it would. I really wanted to go to 1 year and beyond, but 8.5 months is better then nothing, right?
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Hi Brandi!

Congrats on making it to 8.5 months! Think of all the MM your little one got from you!
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it is so wonderful that you nursed your baby for 8.5 months! Good job mama. You should be very proud of yourself!

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a little late but bye aussiemum... you will be missed I always appreciated your words... thanks again

congrat brandi ... my first self weaned at 8 mo and I agree it was probably because of all the supplements. My second is on the way to weaning and is only 4.5 mo some of it is me and some of it is her, but we are limping along although I had to give up pumping. We are moving and staying with relatives and the pump got sent ahead, which was not supposed to happen. The milk is going fast cry cry. See you guys

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Of course I need to join this thread!

I've had a horrible pregnancy from the start. I am hypothyroid with asthma and allergies. I had gallbladder removal surgery at 22 weeks of the pregnancy. I was 4 days overdue and because I'd had a broken tailbone in the past, I had HORRIBLE back labor and was just plain miserable, begging for induction. I tried all the natural remedies to get things going and nothing worked. :

When I did go into labor, I labored FAST. They asked me, during a contraction, how I intended to feed. I remember screaming "bottle! bottle!" but honestly felt so bad after I said it and the contraction came down. I even eventually latched her in the hospital. At 7 cm, I was begging for an epidural and actually got it. An hour or so later, i started vomiting profusely and my blood pressure dropped and they lost Amaya's heart rate. They all rushed in and eventually stabilized us but in the end she was face-up. I got to 9 cm and she slid back to 7 cm. I had to get an unplanned C-section.

She had meconium so they did vigorous suctioning of her.

I had her at 5:08 and didn't get to even touch her until 7:30 because I was so drugged and the NICU had her, then they gave her those horrid shots, bathed her, etc. At least my husband stayed by her side the whole time.

So they had her on RTF formula in the hospital, sent us home with powder. put her on Enfamil Lipil without asking me. That was the beginning of our trouble.

Now I'm trying to increase my supply, get her to latch (horrible task!), etc. I've had some horrible LC's advising me but i've kept it up and am starting to get enough now to give her a bottle every couple of days of it.
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I am such a drama queen. As if I could stay away from this place for more than a week. :

Mother2Amaya- wow, honey, you've sure had a rough ride.

I had a difficult birth with my first, though not nearly so tough as you, & it sure doesn't help, does it, when you're trying to establish a good nursing relationship? Hang in there & have a fair go at it, & be sure to come here for support when you need it.
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WELCOME BACK! Saw your posts in A&W&P. I knew you'd be back.....
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Hi! I'm Drema and I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter Kaylee. We have struggled from the very beginning with a low milk supply. We have tried everything from pumping after each feeding to fenugreek, mother's milk tea and countless other things that I've forgotten. Currently I'm on domperidone, but I think it is losing it's effectiveness. Has anyone found that it doesn't work as well for them after a while? My wonderful lactation consultant has loaned me the book "The Nursing Mother's Herbal" which has some recipes in it for herbal teas and such. I think I'm going to try those if I can find a source for the fresh herbs. I'm so glad I found this thread. It helps to know that I'm not the only one that has struggled so much with bf...not that I'm glad that anyone else has ever had to go through such heartache. I hope to make it to a year nursing, but some days when she refuses to nurse it makes me wonder why I'm still doing this. I don't recall who said this on the thread but I remember someone saying that they had hypoplasia or insufficient glandular tissue. I've been diagnosed with that also and I wonder if there was anything in particular that helped you increase your supply. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Drema, It is always nice to read other's stories and know that we are not alone. It seems like most of the stories I read are either those of moms with newborns or those with toddlers who overcame their low supply problems. i think you are the first I have read with a child slightly older who is still struggling. I am so sorry you are having these struggles, but it is good to see your story because I am in the same boat. My Adam is almost 5 months old and we have had problems from the beginning too. My story is too long to tell, suffice it to say that i too have tried everything (domperidome, reglan, fenugreek pills and tincture, blessed thistle, countless hours of pumping..........and so much else its all a blur) and nothing has worked. I have often thougth iwas insane to keep BFing but its like i an addicted, i cant stop. I have actually gone a few days without BFing here and there but have always decided to give it another go. His longest nursing session is in the morning, abt 10 minutes on one side and 5 on the other. I have rented a medela scale and found that he gets almost 2 oz at that time. thenrest of the day he gets less than an oz. At every feeding I just nurse him as long as he will ( which is never very long) and then i give him a bottle. Its very depressing, I am even on zoloft to combat those feelings. Luckily, I have a very supportive dh and very good friends who support and commend my efforts. But i still feel a bit nutty at times LOL
anyway, its all worth it, my feeling is that every drop our babies get is worth its weight in gold.
Please do let us know if those teas work. I may go looking for that book tomorrow.
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Hi Karen,

So our babies must be pretty close in age....my Kaylee was born Feb 7th. When was your Adam born and is this your first baby? As far as every drop of breastmilk worth it's weight in gold I totally agree. Something my LC told me a while back that keeps me going on days when I feel like Kaylee is getting hardly anything from me is that just 8 ounces a day gives her all the antibodies she needs from me. So I feel that if I can get that in her then we are doing great. Now that she is on solids twice a day I don't know if she is getting quite as much but every little bit helps. Do you know why you have a low supply? I think it helps me to actually be able to put a reason behind my low supply, but at the same time I hate my body for failing me....if that makes sense. I look in the mirror and all I see are these breasts that aren't adequate enough to fully feed my sweet baby. Oh well, she's happy and growing so that's what matters. Here is a link to that book I mentioned earlier: http://www.lalecheleague.org/NB/NBMayJune04p100.html It's a great book with some really good info in it..hopefully some of it will help me. Have a great night!

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Hi Drema,

A couple of thoughts:

1) What dosage of domperidone are you on? It's possible you may need to take more (and it's very safe).

2) Goat's rue is supposedly good for helping to grow breast tissue - it's available in tincture form at www.motherlove.com, either on its own or in the More Milk Special Blend.

3) Mountain Rose Herbals is an awesome source for organic herbs - I just ordered a bunch. They have a great reputation. www.mountainroseherbs.com
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Quirky, thank you. I didn't know goat's rue was supposed to grow breast tissue. I think that's the only herb I haven't tried! I think I'll be ordering some.

Vixxen, welcome. My DS was born 2/26, and I also suffer from insufficient glandular tissue. We're still fighting the battle. We think he gets about 50% from me since he takes about 2 oz of formula after each feeding from me (he's only 13.5 pounds). I think I've finally accepted the formula, though some days I do still feel depressed and frustrated, especially with my friends for whom bfing has been easy. I have Herbs for the Childbearing Year, and none of her suggestions for increasing supply (aside from fenugreek) helped. I'm still on domperidone, and while I don't find the effectiveness decreasing over time, I feel an immediate supply drop if I skip a dose. I so wanted to wean off it, but I'm going to stay on it at least a few more months. I have hopes I won't have as many troubles with my next child, knowing all that I do now about increasing supply.

Good luck to you!
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Joining in here. DD is 8 months and our supply issues started about 6 weeks ago when I became pregnant again! First sign I was pregnant was that my supply dropped. Tried all the tricks I know, long story but now we are supplementing 8-12 oz of formula a day. I held off so long and when I finally told DH to get her a bottle she drained 4 oz in about 2 min. she was so hungry. In any case she still nurses 3-4 times during the day and we co-sleep and nurse all night. I am worried she will wean before I am ready, knowing my supply will get worse not better and I still will switch back to colostrum in a couple months. Hoping she will keep going. I guess I am just getting a good blend,LOL, DS was bottlefed, DD #1 was BF no bottles ever and weaned at a little passed 2 years and now we are supplementing with DD#2. I know this is the right and best choice, heck I'm not gonna starve my girl to not buy Similac you know, still feel sad when I see her with a bottle.
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Quirky~ I have tried goat's rue, but only for a short time. Is it something that I should notice an immediate change or does it take a while to increase your milk supply? I just went to motherlove.com website and noticed they have a More Milk special blend especially for women with special needs (ie adoptive moms, moms that have had breast reduction surgery, moms with PCOS). I think that is definitely what I would need so I will probably order it and see if it helps. I just got off the phone with Motherlove and the lady I spoke with said that you can usually notice a difference within 24 hours, but different women respond to it in different ways. I would be really interested to see if someone that has insufficient glandular tissue if they were any more successful with their second child than the first. If there is anyone out there like that please post and tell us your story.
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I love your real name and your screen name!

Hugs to all you dedicated mamas! You are all heros!
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