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Cramps in Pelvic Area? Twinges?

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Hey all!

I know cramps are supposed to be normal in early pregnancy, but since this is my very first pregnancy, I'm a little on edge about every little twinge and pull. I've got a strange twinge in my lower back / side right beneath my left rib, not to mention the occasional cramp around the ovary area now and then. I'm guessing it's just another normal twinge to feel, but I guess I just need some reassurance. Is anyone else as jumpy as me?
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I just found out... last pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage on Christmas Eve. I don't want to feel jumpy about everything... but I can see it happening. lol I'm trying to remain very, very ZEN this go 'round.

And I've got the twinges by my left ovary, I'm assuming that is the ovary that released the egg and perhaps it's burrowing deeper (implantation), getting comfy. At least that's what I'm visualizing.

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Very normal! This is my second pregnancy and I just think of it as everything rearranging in there and hunkering down for the next eight months. So feeling all the pulling and stretching makes me happy.

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I'm getting those early pregnancy twinges already, had them last time around too. For me it feels like a fullness and kind of like ovulation pains. They're normal, and it's also totally normal to feel jumpy at this stage of the game! I try to ignore them and remind myself that it's all that extra blood flow and the embryo settling in for a long stay!
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Thanks for the reassurance! There's a total rational part of me that knows my uterus needs to stretch and re-arrange to get ready for the next 8 months, but the other half of me jumps and wants to run to the bathroom every time I get another little cramp!

Congratulations to you all too! This is such an exciting time!

*hugs to Nic* So sorry to hear about the MC. I'll try and remain zen with you!
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I could have written this post exactly...in fact, I had logged on to do exactly that! I am having one little "stitch" or cramp on and off and on and off, and of course my mind jumps to the worst possible conclusions...I think we need a pregnant after loss thread...
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I am having lots of twinges, but not cramps. It almost feels like the first baby kicks. I tend to feel these kind of twinges when not pregnant, but somehow when pregnant it is more significant, eh? I too am imagining an little embryo getting very comfy. In fact it is good reminder to stop and pray/meditate on what is happening... and feel greatful, I should say.
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Yes, I've got this going on too, and sometimes it's very sharp and painful! I do remember this from last time around so it doesn’t bother me too much. When it happens though I do take it as a sign to slow down a bit and take it easy. With as much movement and change that is happening down there we're bound to feel something.
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Same here! And, since my last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, I'm nervous...of course, there weren't any cramps to warn me of that one, so it's kind of a silly worry. This is my fifth pregnancy. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but nope.
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3rd baby for me, cramps are always part of my ealry pregnancy until around 11 to 12 weeks! try not to stress
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I've been having that same feeling of, I guess, fullness, with the occasional twinge in the left ovarian area--wouldn't be so weird except I don't cramp during AF...I keep telling myself not to read too much into it, but I can't really help it! Not testing until 3/6, so I've got a while to agonize...
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I have had two miscarriages and never felt twinging or pulls with them - just heavy, heavy cramping when they started (like a heavy period). Even light cramps and spotting can be normal. If you have concerns your midwife can also address them with you
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During the early weeks of my pregnancies, I always feel a twinge near an ovary when I sneeze. It's a total oddball symptom, but for me it is more telling than a POAS. I sneezed at 8 dpo and told DH I was pregnant... it wasn't until a day or two later that I confirmed it with a POAS!
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I've been feeling some ovary-area twinging, too, although on both sides. Usually when I cough or sneeze. I also have had two previous miscarriages, and with those, I didn't have these twinges, so who knows?
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I am having this, too. I did with my last two, so I figure it's normal now. It almost feels like I'm about to start my period, so I freak out and run to the toilet and it's fine. The twinges almost feel like movement-but it's too early for that, so I assume it's just my tilted uterus moving around and gas bubbles?
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I was just thinking of posting the same thing! I've been feeling lots of twinges on my left side near my ovary and I keep freaking out! I've had to mc's before DC2, so I'm a bit paranoid. Trying also to remain zen about it all.
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i am having these too! and since losing Aquila i am finding myself more jumpy than my past pregnancies.i can't wait till my ultrasound on the 1st!!!
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my crampiness has subsided... i do recall around 10 weeks right in the middle of bad MS that i had some more crampiness with my second daughter.. i dont remember any crampiness with my third..its all so different~
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I have it too...although my twinges are midline, so more uterus than ovary. Good to know Im not the only one
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I'm having it really badly. It is different from my miscarriages, though - so that makes me feel better. I have a lot of twinges and pulling. If I have any bloating, gas, or intestinal discomfort I notice that it makes it worse. This is #4 for me, and I've read that it gets worse with later pregnancies.
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