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AF's Return

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Just wondering if I am the only one fortunate enough to get a returning visit from AF already?

Here we are, eight weeks pp tomorrow, and AF has shown her ugly face, right on schedule. At 4 wks I had all the symptoms, but only slight "spotting" type discharge (and believe me, it was AF, not pp stuff; for me there is a big difference). So, I thought perhaps the tandum nursing might just keep AF ayt bay for longer than usual. But, NO! I would not be so lucky.

You would think that with nursing two babies, almost constantly, day in and day out, I would get some sort of break.

I gusee not!

Perhaps I am along in this lack of break. But kinda hope not. It's no fun.
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Wow! I'm surprised with tandem nursing that it's arrived already! I usually still have my pp bleed at 8 weeks so I couldnt imagine (although this time around I've been taking encapsulated placenta so at 4 weeks it's pretty much gone).
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SO my pp bleeding stopped at 3 weeks, then at 4 there was some more, and some cramping that I haven't had in a long time, so I wondered if it was AF.... which would be weird since my body sucks nad can't seem to ever sort it self out. hmmm. Now I wonder.
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me at 5 weeks and its most certainly af. i'm bf too
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No AF yet, but I ovulated a couple of days ago, so AF will be around the corner. *sigh*
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no af for me yet...I didn't get mine back last time until I was about 6 or 7 MONTHS pp. I didn't know a ft bfing mom could ovulate so soon!

That is so unfair.
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Yep, pretty sure mine returned at the end of last week. I had bleeding one day, then none the next and then again the day following. My husband had to remind me that my cycle usually presents itself that way (how does he remember when I forgot?) But, I do believe he's right. We'll have to wait and see what happens next month. I almost see it as a blessing, though, as we decided that if we are going o have a third child, we want to have it soon. We'll see!
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no AF, but how did you know you ovulated, Mandie? I've noticed that this time around I have been a lot more, juicy, shall we say? Today I noticed what seemed like fertile cm. Yikes! I'm not on any BC, we are relying on the old tried & true pull-out method well, it so far has been tried & true! it does make me a wee bit nervous. What are y'all doing for preventing if you don't want to take birth control pills?
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im not doing anything to prevent. when dh starts insisting on wearing a condom then he will. in the meanwhile i would be thrilled to get pg right away,so we'll see in april if i do or not.
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My mom was the same way, as am I. I got AF 2 months pp with DS. I'm assuming it's around the corner now. Even though I breastfeed on demand, etc. etc. etc.

This is probably why my mom had 15 kids. She also didn't use BC though. She and my dad TRIED to use Natural Family Planning, but they were obviously not very disciplined . I for one am glad they were not discplined, because I am the youngest.

My husband and I, on the other hand, are fairly discplined about using NFP. You chart your fertile symptoms and abstain when you are fertile and don't feel it is a good time to conceive a child. It's not always easy to abstain but it does make your reunion after the fertile period really special, and it makes pregnancy a really great time because, well, you're already pregnant and can have fun anytime!

I like the method for numerous reasons... but one of them is that it's 100% natural and very effective (I think about 98% or more?) when used correctly. It's also free.
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BOO.... AF returned today 6.5 weeks PP.
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the nurses asked me about birth control and I'm sure my OB will ask at my PP visit. I don't understand why they should ask when I am a 32 year old woman, married and obviously able to make my own choices, but that's my gripe. Anyhow my answer is that I don't want any and their eyes always get big. Heh. Then I tell them that both of my babies were conceived with infertility treatments. If we do have an "accident" baby I will be overjoyed. But I don't see that happening, although I guess if it will happen it would be now while my body is all acting normal, until my real hormones kick in.
I wonder who's going to be first in our DDC to announce a new pregnancy?
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Well, I for one and kinda hoping I am not the first. Not that I mind having another little baby, they are so cute and they are such a blessing. But, with my complications of the last two, I am determined to get things under control before I get pg again. I do not wish to go through all that again, nor do I wish to put a baby in danger by "creating it" in a potentially hostile enviornment. Honestly, I want to make sure I am around to see all my living children grow up!

OTOH, I guess we shall see what God has in store. Espeically since I most definitly am fertile again, already and I do not use BC. Besides, I just have to wait until '12, otherwise I will mess up the numbering.
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Originally Posted by Dea View Post
I wonder who's going to be first in our DDC to announce a new pregnancy?
probably me lol i'm ovulating next weekend
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No AF for me at all yet - not a whisper. But I have noticed a return of cervical mucus, which I didn't see really at all until last week - very dry up until then. Then, it was like "hey! There's something going on down there..." so we'll see. I am breastfeeding a voracious eater on demand so I'm really not going to expect a return to fertility for some time. Honestly that might be a good thing, because I'd be tempted not to avoid...lol! Awful isn't it - I've had two pregnancies with a little less than six months in between, and I'd still do it all over again! I bet a third in a short time would be really tiring though.

So, let's hope my AF doesn't return for several months...

Actually I jokingly said "when can I 'ave another?" to my OB when he asked me if I had any questions, and he said we'd talk about it at my annual physical the middle of July...lol! So I am going to be a good girl and be sensible at least until the summer! I think. See with my history and me being the way I am, I feel kinda compelled to have a bunch of kids, you know?

Plus I LOVE, I sincerely LOVE being a mama to Isobella. It has made my life!!!

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Considering you have to have sex to have another kid I can say with 100% accuracy that I will NOT be the first in this DDC to have another! Positive about that one.
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In usually get mine back about 6wks pp, but last time it was 4mos. I'd take that again!

We don't use BC for religeous reasons, but I am sorely tempted to this time. I really need a good, long break. I guess I'll just pray real hard. Really, though, for us the injunction is on the male using birth control so technically there are a few things that I could do to prevent. I may talk to the doc tomorrow at my pp visit.

I feel so bad every time I make the decision to prevent. Like I refusing a blessing from God. I just don't think I can do this again so soon. I would be happy if this was my last (I think). My dd gets married in June and they will not prevent either so I could be a grandma in a year!
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Originally Posted by AfricanQueen99 View Post
Considering you have to have sex to have another kid I can say with 100% accuracy that I will NOT be the first in this DDC to have another! Positive about that one.
I'm with you on that one right now. No desire at all here. Hope it comes back at some point!
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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post
I'm with you on that one right now. No desire at all here. Hope it comes back at some point!
DH is biding his time, but as far as I'm concerned I am. just. fine. without it.
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Well mine has come back at 5 weeks. With my first in came back at 8 months, and with my second it was a year.

And let me just say I think we would have conceived
DH: we don't need condoms, you aren't ovulating yet, you're bf'ing
Me: better to be safe
DH: yeah, we better

So yeah I would deal but it would be verrrry hard for me
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