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Oh boy - Today is the day. Too bad. I'm in. AF returns, with a vengeance.

The ONLY upshot is that it IS easier to chart for NFP after I've gotten my period back. And now we can stop wondering if we're pregnant again so soon. We're not, and that is good for now. I'm exhausted with these two little ones . I can wait a bit for the 3rd.
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I was just wondering if I was the only one....AF returned yesterday, today is exactly 6w pp. I love the idea that I could get pg again, but I was SO looking forward to not having a period for some time! guess not!
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Back for me too. Eff it. Nursing 2 babes around the clock and I really thought I'd make it more than THREE DAYS past the end of postpartum bleeding.
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Right, maybe I jumped the gun a bit because it's gone after one day... Now I'm just confused.
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Originally Posted by Astraia View Post
Right, maybe I jumped the gun a bit because it's gone after one day... Now I'm just confused.
I had the same thing and I seemed to have fertile CM prior to the bleeding, so I was sure it was just a screwy period.

I feel for you, though. I would be irked to have my period while nursing TWO.
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im 8 weeks pp now pumping full time havent had af yet that i know of, i bled for about 4 wks one week no bleeding then bled again for 1 day so i dont think it was af. my husband and i arent really actively ttc but not stopping it either, if it happens it happens. just wondering if any of you know, if i do become pregnant is there any way to tell since i dont have af or will i just have to take hpt every month?
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Ummm... okay.. I think I'm joining this club which is messed up for me! After ds, my af didn't return until 10 months pp. Now here I am 7 weeks pp, nursing TWO little ones and am having af cramping and some spotting. How is that even possible?!
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1st baby --returned at 13 mos.
2nd baby--returned at 11 mos.
3rd baby--hopefully not for a long time!!
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