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Please excuse me if this is not the right place to post.
I am building an online business (affiliate marketing) but that will take some time.

I've reduced my monthly budget to $3700 per month, includes day care for my 2 year old, $3000 without day care
Now I am pregnant with my second baby (super happy!) so my urge to stay home is even greater.

I was thinking, could I get a clerical at home to pay $3000 a month?
I am not particularly fast typing but I am very careful and responsible with what I do.[I just measured myself online, I did 37wpm.]

I found this one on a job board:
difficult to believe, they claim you can make $300 a day by working 1 hour a day???

What is realistic?, Any tips ?
Or maybe another idea?
Compassionate insight is appreciated!

Baby #2 is due September..