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Who's going to Washington?

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Anyone planning on going to the protest/march at the end of March?

I'll be there again this year - only this time with DH and our boys!
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Way to far for me to go
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Moving to Activism.
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I'm going! I'm so happy to see a thread here about it on MDC. I'll be there w/ my dp and our 5 kids. Hope to see more mamas there! Spread the word! Can we post a link to this in the DC tribe? I really think this should be shared w/ them in case they don't know or would like to attend.
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Dena, I just realized we are FB friends too and can not wait to meet up w/ you there! Hope more mamas are going..come on mamas!
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This got moved to Activism from . . . .where? What are we protesting?
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We are demonstrating for the equal protection of male children from genital cutting that females enjoy in the United States.



I will be there.
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I will be there! We are staying at the Embassy Suites and hoping to hit up the zoo and the museums on saturday and then the march sunday

I was there with Dena last year! can't wait to go again this year with the fam!

If it rains it will probably change plans to just me going Sunday as usually, but for now we plan on the whole crew.
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I am not really into protesting but I'll pop in if anyone is interested in meeting, to say hi, and see how things are going.
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I wish I could go.
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I really, really want to go. I live about 4 hours from DC and have tossed around the idea. Not sure about the logistics of traveling with my 3 year old and 6 month old - particularly keeping the 3 year old entertained while there. DH can't come due to work.
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I still have not decided my plans. I will be there on Sat and Sunday. I might stay overnight or drive home.

If I stay, I would be willing to split a room with someone. I will have my 21 month old baby with me.
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Woohoo! I just saw this, but I am only 35 minutes or so outside of DC, and this sounds like a great thing to do. I am not sure what day yet, but I'll be there. When is everyone else going to go?
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We will be there saturday March 27th-Sunday March 28th
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Me too Carrie.
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subbing... we are coincidentally planning to be in the DC area at this very time! What's the word mamas? We are a road-schooling tribe of 6 coming that way... we'd love to be part of what's up
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SIC society will be on the west capitol lawn from 9Am- late evening each day of the demonstration. You can just join in! you won't miss us...there will be lots of banners

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Originally Posted by carriebft View Post
And plenty of literature to hand out.
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Fantastic! I'm so thrilled that this will be one of the FIRST things we'll get to experience together in DC. We really want to create the right vibe for our kids while visiting our nations capital... what better way than to raise our voices together on such an important issue.
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Would love some news of the demonstration! I'll be there Saturday.
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