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Lawyer Recs. in MA? Car accident

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Hi, DH was in a pretty bad accident in December. He is ok thankfully, but still in a lot of pain, and going to the chiro 2x/week. The accident was 100% the other guys's fault (DH was stopped, the guy rear-ended him at about 35mph). The guy had no insurance, so ours has been covering the bills. DH spoke to a lawyer, he said he would make sure the insurance paid everything, and they would turn around and sue the guy once everything was said and done. Now we're getting bills b/c our insurance limit has been reached. DH called the lawyer to ask what we should be doing about the bills and he was pretty rude. Basically told DH not to bother him until his chiro either 1) decides he is disabled for life, or 2) decides he is cured and no longer needs treatment. He wouldn't even get into the whole issue of the bills. Anyway, I'm thinking we need to find someone else, who will at least answer our questions! We're in N. Central MA, can anyone recommend a lawyer? TIA!
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I'll ask my friend. He's a lawyer but is now living in FL. I think he still has contacts around here, though.
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Not sure if you found someone or not but I used Shawn BAily in Clinton on High St. He was wonderful, very calm and dealt with all 3 of my car accidents, dealt with Dr's, insurance co, etc. I highly recommend him!
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Sorry, my friend seems to be having email problems. I hope you found someone!
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