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How do u co sleep/family bed with twins?

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We currently have an Arms Reach co sleeper with one DD and the other DD sleeps in our queen size bed (they rotate on and off depending on who is nursing). Is it safe to have both DD's in our queen size bed now that they are 9.5 mos old?

Another question, do your twins wake each other up in the night and do you tandem nurse? Right now DH takes one baby downstairs and just holds her while I finish nursing one baby. I am thinking of having both babies sleep with me, one on each side, and they when they wake they can nurse.

What is your nightly routine?
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Mine are 4 months old and they both sleep with me, dh sleeps with our son in another room because I he sleeps too hard to sleep with wee one. Mine are still swaddled so they don't really wake each other up but sometimes I hear them banging heads when they get squirmy. I have one baby that needs to nurse very frequently so she sleeps right next to me. The other one nurses every 2 hrs so she sleeps next to nursing baby. When she wants to nurse, I just lift her and drape her over my side and then lie her back down. If they are both sleeping good, I will nurse whoever wakes and stay that way until the other one wakes, then scoot back and bring farthest baby closer to nurse...and on and on it goes until I run out of bed. I have even had to then leap frog over them to start on the other side. It's so hard with 2 eating so often but this is the only way I can get any sleep. I am too tired to try to get them to stretch out sessions.

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At that age we had a bed rail on my side of the kingsize bed. So it was bedrail, baby, me, baby, DH. And then if they woke up to nurse, I'd just lay on my back and let both nurse at the same time. They'd keep each other awake if they slept together so I'd have to be between them. Sometimes I'd lay on my side and nurse one and let the other drape over the top.
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we have a king size mattress on the floor. not fancy, but functional. the bedroom is totally baby-proofed with a basket of toys and some books (our way of buying more time to sleep in in the morning )

they have always slept one on either side of me (with my husband on the outside). although, now I get them to sleep and later we actually get to sleep next to each other!!! imagine that!! never had too much of them waking each other up, but we have an air purifier that we run at night to drown out noise. i tandem nurse laying down each in the crook of my arm, cheeks resting on chest, if that makes any sense).

they have always been frequent wakers-to-nurse, so it was easiest for them to be right there ready to go, because i would have been too out of my mind tired to find them if they were somewhere else!

by the way, just in case you needed it.
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