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We are going home for a month 4 Mr - 4 April

anyone there
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Wish I was! Maybe next year... My husband's family is from Oderin Island going back 400 years. My FIL was born UC at THIRTEEN POUNDS in the Ferryland courthouse (his dad was the RNC officer for the area). On that side of the family there are also two sets of natural triplets who all survived past infancy so birthing and Newfoundland are topics always spoken of together in our family.

We go back every few years and I can't wait to take take the kiddos to Oderin. We'll camp out if we can brave the ghosts. Hope you are having a great visit.
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Yeah! I just joined this board...but we are flying home on Monday for a week, I cannot wait! Although my sister said Sheila's brush is well under way, they had bad weather tonight.
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