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I just wanted to know if you see us gaining custody of one or both and if so what kind of timeline?

Thank you for doing this!
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I get the strong feeling that there will be custody of one, but I cannot see a timeline. I keep hearing September, but that feels like it has to do with the other one and that doesn't necessarily mean custody. This is a hard question to answer like this b/c I can tell there is a lot of "junk" in this situation. It's not cut and dry and it involves several people, their opinions, each individual situation, the overall situation etc etc.
I want to also tell you that I keep hearing and seeing dogs. Just wanted to throw that in there, b/c it is being loudly shown to me. There are a couple of dogs, and they look like yorkies or some similar small dog.

*You were talking about ppl though right? I think the dogs is separate.

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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you.
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Yes, people.

I have no idea where the dogs come in. We are definitely dog people, but NOT little dogs.

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