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How often do you wash your CDs?

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We might be moving to an apartment with no in-suite laundry and will be doing our laundry in the communal laundry room. Right now I wash her dipes every two days.

If I get a few more and do a wash every three days would that be a problem? Would i have to do anything differently?

We use FB.
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doubt it. I think it would be fine. In the summer you may face more stink issues or you may want to invest in a diaper sprayer if stains bother you but I think you should be fine. As long as you get good airflow and they are drying out, the stink won't be bad and you won't be getting mold. occasionally leaving he lid off the pail might help with airflow
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I sometimes go 4-5 days between washing and I have never had an issue with mold of overly stinky pails. Depends on how busy I get, sometimes I was every 2 days and other times its longer like 4 or 5. I have enough I could probably go 2 weeks! LOL
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I wash every other day, but have gone up to 4 days without any adverse effect on the diapers. By day five, though, there were some serious stink battles.
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for over a year I washed 1x a week at a laundromat. I had pf, fitteds, pockets & aios. I used only top loaders (3 washers) & allen's naturally. I only ran 1 hot wash. I did not have any problems.

now that we have our own washer I wash 2x a week
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Great feedback, thanks!
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Every third day is just fine. If you are using pockets just be sure to remove the inserts out of the pocket once you take the diaper off your baby.
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we use mostly fb and wash every 5-7 days. (we do have a diaper sprayer)
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I would suggest getting as much poo off the dirty diapers as you can. My dirty FB don't do very well if I let them sit too long. I normally wash every 2 days but sometimes go 3.
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Currently we're back to every 3-4 days. Right before DS2 was born and I just had DS1 I could go as much as every 4-5 days (had/have 40 bg 2.0s) But with a lil baby again who pees/poos all the time, but also with only one in diapers (YAY!!), I'm back to my old every 3-4 day wash routine. I use planet detergent and wash once on cold/cold on the longest setting, then again on hot/cold w/o detergent (both times w/ an extra rinse). I don't rinse out DS2's diapers, though once he really starts solids and his poop changes I will have to again, thoug I do of course always take out the inserts
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