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Zoloft (brand) vs Generic

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I just started generic Zoloft (Sertaline-i think or however spelled). I am on 50 mg. Im just curious about anyone noticing differences if you took both the generic and brand name. Also am i just lucky that im not experiencing side effects? Ive been on it for 3 days and really nothing. I do feel better and not as "high strung" but not sure if drug already or just knowing that i am taking steps to make myself better. Also did it affect you breast milk supply? i seem to be making less
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no one has nothing to report..i know the generic is given more often than the brand name
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When I took Zoloft for ppd after my dd's birth, I tried the generic for a while. (My therapist's general rec was to start with the real stuff, then once it was at the right therapeutic level for you, try the generic, so you'd know if it affected you differently or if Zoloft just wasn't right for you.) I went back to the real stuff, because the generic gave me a near-constant low-level headache. It was weird, since I was expecting it to either be no change from the name brand or not work as well mood-wise, not give me headaches!
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I think I've always taken only generic, and it works great for me. I did have side effects, most pronounced in the beginning, and it never impacted my milk supply. I hope this is a good fit for you!
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I have experience with both. I took Zoloft for a long time before, during pregnancy and after DD was born. I was on a high dose, much higher than what you are taking. I had tons of milk, so no supply issues.

When the generic came out, I switched to that for financial/insurance reasons. However, it didn't work as well for me. I have used lots of other generics for things and never had a problem. I had my doc put me back on regular Zoloft. But I had been on it for years and eventually it even started not to work that well.

You said you've only been on it for 3 days. It usually takes 2 weeks before most people notice it working. I also felt better because I knew I was finally taking steps I needed to get better.

I hope you start feeling better soon. Did you doctor schedule a follow-up to check in with you?
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