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1st time mom, hospital birth, no interventions

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OK everybody here's mine! Better late than never

Relatively uneventful though pretty uncomfortable for all the usual reasons. Did all my prenatal visits with a hospital-based midwife practice. I had Braxton-Hicks on and off pretty much all the way through the last month and they were rather painful. Lost my mucus plug slowly over a Mon-Tue-Wed, went into labor on that Fri evening at 38 weeks 5 days.

Night before:
Went out to dinner with DH. Had lots of (what I thought were) more B-H. Was browsing in a bookstore after dinner and felt really bad, had to keep stopping and holding onto the bookshelves. This was around 8:30 PM.

Went home and tried to sleep. Kept getting up about every hour or two to have series of contractions. Still wasn't positive this was labor, kept waiting for them to subside like they'd been doing. Tried to do my Hypnobabies but ctrx hurt so much I was unable to concentrate enough to do the imagery. DH slept on and off too, massaged my back in bed when I asked him to. I had a bout of diarrhea around 3 AM.

Early morning:
Around 4 AM things were getting more painful. I figured I was in labor but thought it might still be a long time. Got in a warm bath which felt amazing. I think DH ran it for me. Ctrx were horrible. Poor DH tried to play some soothing classical music which sounded absolutely grating and I yelled at him to turn it off.

At some point I started screaming during ctrx. Puked around 5 AM. We were timing the ctrx but they were all over the map. We were waiting for '3+1,' 3 min apart and lasting 1 min, but they usually lasted more like 45 sec and ranged from 3-5 min apart. I tried to check my cervix but gave myself a horrible ctrx so didn't try that again.

Called the midwife around 6:30 AM. She asked if I could talk through ctrx. I told her I'd been screaming pretty well and she laughed and said I should come in so they could make me more comfortable. I thought she meant I should go in and get an epidural. That sounded good to me but it made me think I had lots more time. We called my mom and told her I was in labor.

I knew I had to go in but couldn't stand the idea of getting out of the tub so kept delaying. DH asked if he could take a shower and I said fine. While DH was in the shower I very slowly dried off and got some clothing on. Then I felt a head and an overwhelming urge to push. Cripe!! I screamed "Baby's coming!!!" Poor DH rushed out of the shower, grabbed my (half-packed) hospital bag, and somehow got me in the car. We were only 15 min from the hospital but laboring in the car was horrible and I screamed the whole way.

DH had to half-carry me onto the L&D unit with my bag in his other hand. Midwife was there waiting. As soon as they saw me they pulled out a wheelchair. I was never so glad to sit down in my life. We didn't have any paperwork or my insurance card, which put the nurses in a tizzy.

There were no L&D beds so they put me on a gurney in the recovery suite in view of the hallway, with a little curtain that was only halfway closed. I didn't care. DH kept trying to cover me up.

MW asked DH if he wanted to cut the cord. I screamed, "Don't let him down there!" He stayed by my head. MW said she was going to break my water
"because it's time." I didn't see why she needed to do that but I said OK, as long as it wasn't going to make the ctrx worse. She said they had already gotten as bad as they were going to be.

Baby was crowning but every time I pushed I could feel myself tearing. I was trying to keep the pushing to a minimum even though the nurse and MW were encouraging me to push harder. I told them it hurt too much. The MW put a warm pack on my perineum which made it hurt just a teeny bit less and I was able to push the head out, and then the body on the next ctrx. It was just before 11 am, about 45 min after we'd arrived at the hospital.

Next thing was a little cry, which was the best sound I ever heard. In another few seconds there was a baby girl on my chest! Eyes wide open and staring all around at the world. Hairy head, shoulders, and little floppy ears. Apgars 9 & 9. Amazing! Hello world!!
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Thank you for sharing your birth story! Even if it is a relatively fast and natural labor it is still an ordeal and life changing experience. Congratulations to you and big welcome to your LO!
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U did awesome girl ! I will remember you when my time comes...which should be anyday now.
Thanks for sharing!
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Awesome, mama. Congratulations
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Thanks for sharing your story and CONGRATULATIONS!
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Congrats! Amazing job mama, I have a floppy eared girl as well.
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