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DH keeps harping on "she'll be sleeping with us when she's 10" - Page 2

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Stick to your guns, mama, because co-sleeping only gets sweeter when they are older and intentionally snuggle, or wake up and hug you, etc.!

I convinced my DH about co-sleeping the same way you did, but now at 22 mos he is bringing up the he need's his own bed bit....argh. I think he caving to outside pressure. But it is great that your mom is on board. My parents think I am making a big mistake and also asserting that there way was wrong since they didn't do that with their kids. I agonized over the decision and finally went with what felt right.

Maybe you could show DH some studies about the benefits of co sleeping, such as James McKenna's, that can be found on line? Pretty impressive in my opinion.
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I probably would have stayed in bed with my mom until I was 10. I got my own bed when I was about 5, in an adjoining room to hers and I continued to ask her to sit in my room and talk to me until I fell asleep until I was about 8 when she said that I was old enough to go to sleep alone. I felt sad and lonely without her and listened to music in my room to help. So maybe some kids would stay in bed with parents until they were 10! Now I'm an adult and I still have trouble sleeping if my husband isn't in bed with me. I guess I'm a cosleeper for life
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Ha! I asked DH last night, after I told him I posted about my concerns (he's knows I'm addicted to this community) if he sleeps as well when I am not in the bed with him. Answer No. Does he fall asleep easily without a fan running? Answer No.
So why oh why is it so crazy that DD needs us to fall asleep easily. I told him he is an adult co-sleeper with me! He tried to shrug it off but I think I definitely got the point across.
I know that co-sleeping is something that might continue past the point where he is comfortable with it but he is an adult and I am more concerned about DD's well-being in the night because I know he will be just fine!
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I co-slept with my parents as a baby, I had sleep apnea problems and it stressed my mother out if I wasn't right where she could hear me breathe. Not sure exactly when I started sleeping in my own bed, but it was before my brother was born when I was 3.5ish. I can still remember waking up to nightmares and crawling in with my parents, but being told that I was too old for that around 5.

On the other hand, I spent every weekend with my grandmother starting around that time and slept in her bed (my grandfather spent weekends at his camp) until 14-15. It was just less hassle than setting up the fold out couch, and I really hate sleeping alone anyway. To this day I hate it. Sure I can do it, but I feel 100% better when DBF is in bed with me!

My brother was the opposite by the way, wanted his own space before he was 6 months, never slept well even with animals in his bed. He just likes his own space.
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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Baby › Co-sleeping and the Family Bed › DH keeps harping on "she'll be sleeping with us when she's 10"