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Comic books for 6 year old?

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DS (6) has started reading the comics in the sunday paper but it's not enough for him... he wants more! He loves reading (reads at about a 2nd-3rd grade level). He is requesting comic books but I have no idea what would be appropriate. We don't do violence so spiderman/etc are all out.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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I found a couple calvin and hobbes books at goodwill that my son has loved for 4 years. I'm not a big fan of the comic book store variety, they are way too mature though he has a couple star wars ones. I hope someone else has good ideas, I'm eager to see them!
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My ds is also 6 and he's enjoyed graphic novels which are like comic strips but in a longer story. He's liked the "Owly" ones and there are some super cute ones about a girl and her mop like creature friend... I wish I could remember the name! He also likes "Bone" but check it out first because it might be too violent/ scary.
We love reading Calvin and Hobbs too though most of it goes over his head but it's not inappropriate/ violent.
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Check out Bumperboy, which is a graphic novel. Be careful with Calvin and Hobbes. We have the entire collection and have been reading it with DS. A lot of them are WAY over his head, and Calvin definitely has a bad attitude about school and girls, for instance. Don't get me wrong, DH and I LOVE C&H. But you may want to pre-read.

There are Scooby Doo comics -- maybe those? If you don't do super heroes then it's a little tough.
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Mercer Meyer has a series of graphic novels, which seem pretty good

DD loves Phonics Comics, but I think they might be a bit below the 3rd grade level (nto sure though)
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Thanks for the ideas! I think tomorrow I'll run out to the bookstore and see if I can see any in person. The Phonic Comics look cute

I love calvin and hobbes... but if I remember correctly there is quite a bit of negativity to some of them.

Bumperboy also looks cute... will look for that one!
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DS just got this Geranimo Stilton graphic novel out of the library, might work for you as well (I'd guess it's third grade reading level; DS can't read it by himself):
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My oldest boy (almost 7) absolutely loves Garfield comics. He has quite a few books of just Garfield comics... he sits up and reads them every night after he's been tucked into bed.
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Owly, Babymouse, the various books-turned-GN stuff (Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Boxcar Children), Sam and Alex, Jellaby...there are so many good GNs for kids! Warriors also has a GN series now (it's cats, but I guess there is kind of fighting that goes on). There's a cute series called Knights of the Lunch Table too.

For those that don't mind something a little scary or with some fighting, I love Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Beautiful, beautiful art. I would say that's more for older kids though. Amelia Rules is good for slightly older kids too.

GN stuff for kids is hot! I help manage/put together the GN section of our elementary school library, so I've been up to my elbows in it!
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My son likes Spongebob comic books.

There's a also a Disney comic, if you allow that.

There's Ben 10 but that can be violent (defeating mean aliens).
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Some good suggestions here! My daughter also likes Salt-Water Taffy -- two brothers' adventures while on vacation at the beach.
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My 9 year old lOVES garfeild.. not so fond of heathcliff, but worth a shot
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I like the post because comic books are very useful source of learning and getting right information for kids. Often kids like to spend their time with Tv screens and gaming activities. If your kid is a good reader and like read books then encourage him to read comic books for health and diseases, education, entertainment, communication and so on.
For my kids, I like KidzComics, a quick resource for explaining disease awareness like leukemia, diabetes, Swine Flu, Aids, HIV and more for kidz.
For more details visit : http://www.kidzcomics.com
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My 7 y/o ds is all about comics! The graphic novels are great. Has Babymouse been mentioned? It's a little pink, kind of girly, but cute as well.

Does your ds like the straight comic books? There are a number that are geared toward the younger reader that you can find in the comic book section at the big box bookstores. My ds has started asking for a monthly subscription to these!
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Korgi, Owly, Johnny Boo. (all found here)

the clouds above by Jordan Crane is a wonderful book.
The Adventures of Sparrowboy
http://toon-books.com/ seems like they have some neat things.

A kid I babysit for swears by "Captain Underpants" (gross kid-humor)

Support your local comic book store and ask for recommendations. I know that not all comic books stores have this reputation, but the stores here in the bay area are well stocked, have special children's sections and very are staffed with very helpful and knowledgeable comic book enthusiasts that are happy to help you find what your looking for.
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Moomin by Tove Jansson (I think I have the name of the author right). This was a comic strip that is now available as a complied book. We all love them!
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steph i dont know how 'chick' comic this is but my dd absolutely looooooves baby mouse. the moment it enters her hands she has no peace till she has finished it. you might wanna check it out.

also if you go to the bookstore you will see a whole section on graphic novels.

even though the actual humour goes far above dd's head (though i AM surprised at what she is catching on) she loves far side. she loves the drawings and what it represents. and the key is she sees humor where gary larson didnt intend it. she has always loved the graphic part of it and tried to tell her own story.

ooooh and my absolute favourite - asterix and obelix there are hidden funny sub plots that dd loves.

and the adventures of tin tin.

off beat - if you can find them - try comics from different countries. dd loves epics from india and i think thailand. they are in english.
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