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Hey mamas.
Well... We have all been sick with a cold around here for the last 2 weeks or so. My son who is 3 had been having a little runny nose but nothing really notable until Tuesday when he started having a fever. He has since gotten a really yucky greenish snotty nose, alot of congestion and a junky sounding cough. His fever seems to come and go, but has been high today and for a while yesterday. He will not let me near him with the thermometer so I cant acurately judge what his temp is. He is acting normal and has good energy levels and is up to his devlish little self still.... this gives me some relief. But its clear he feels like crap, he has been throwing up from the mucous coming down the back of his throat. The fever is my concern, when it gets to feeling high I give him tylenol which I have had to do 3 times since Tuesday. Should I just wait this out? How long should I wait until I call the doc? This is the first real sickness he has ever had and its manking me a little nervous. What would you do?