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4month old teething

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It has been a good none-stop crying here for these last few days. I can clearly see a white tip coming up from the bottom, front of his gums. The only thing that helps is this infants' mapap concentrated acetaminophen, recommended by our pediatrician. it only helps for about 25/30 minutes, and can only be used every 4 hours. when it's not working he is crying continuously. i can tell it hurts because he gets tears . i let him chew my knuckle, i have some teethers, i've tried a pacifier, my own finger, and just various little things to try and help. i've tried walking around, rocking, bouncing, ect... to sooth him. nothing seems to be working .

any advice that MAY help? otherwise i know this is something we just have to get through. poor little man.
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Awww, poor little guy. Teething seems to affect some children more than others and it sounds like your DS has it pretty bad. Have you tried a frozen washcloth? Or ice? Good luck I hope he gets better soon.
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You can also give ibruprofen/motrin alongside acetaminophen. Alternating doses every three hours often helps. However I can't remember if ibru is from 4 or six months.

You could also try a topical teething preparation.
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Poor little guy. Have you tried any of the teething tablets?
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Teething with my son was definitely worse than with my daughter....I broke down last week and bought Anbesol cause he was crying so much....try not to use it but on days when he's chomping on my nipple its worth it!
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Hyland's teething gel helped my LO. Also, just rubbing the gums with your finger or washcloth provides counterpressure, which helps. A frozen washcloth or some other stuffed toy that you could wet and freeze might also be of some use. Ice would be a choking hazard on its own.
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A cold wet washcloth for him to bite on. If you have any frozen breastmilk, that might help too...we did that one later on, out of desperation, when he was so so so hungry and I was so so so scared of having my nipple chomped off, LOL. He loved it!

We used homeopathy...Hylands sometimes worked, but usually getting out my homeopathy book and matching his exact symptoms to a remedy worked better (as long as I had the remedy).

DS teethed nearly nonstop from 4 months until he got them all in (with tooth loss in there from a table/head smack at 6 months), and we never once had to use western medicine, b/c the cold stuff and remedies worked so well.

And now he's coming up on 6 and is teething again...getting his first permanent molar and two front teeth are loose...I had to forcibly remind myself of how cranky he used to get, and I realized that that was why he'd been such a pain the last few days, once we noticed the molar!
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My DD is 2yo now. She started teething around 4mo also. I bought her an amber teething necklace once the massive drooling started around that time. I also used the Hylands and Boiron teething formulas often. She now has all of her infant teeth, including the 2r molars, they came a few months early. I have to say that teething was easy with her. I am a first time mom also and don't have anything to compare it to. I would love to say that it was the teething necklace, but I was never brave enough to take it off of her cuz if it was working, why would I want to put her and myself through the misery that would follow? I tried the frozen washcloths, cold carrots, and several other things, and all of those would be tossed aside a minute later.

She has worn it around her neck pretty much 24/7 since I first got it, and hasn't had a problem. I know some people aren't willing to put something around an infants neck, so you could always wrap it around an ankle if that is more comfortable for you.

I do think that teething is an individual thing and you just have to find what works for you and your DC. Best wishes, and happy teething.
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