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Advice? Anyone BTDT? Sympathy?

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Ugh. Okay, here is my financial tale of woe

When I lived with my STBX the phone/internet was in my name. When I left him, I called them and they told me that I could give them permission to transfer the account in his name and take my name off. I did that and he called them the next day, gave them his SS# and I got a refund check in the mail because I had paid it up to date. I called twice to confirm that my name was no longer associated with the account.

Well I got a bill for one month's service- it was actually from a collection's company. I was ticked because I didn't owe a bill, but I paid it right away to avoid having credit issues, then called the phone company.

I was transferred to a total of 12 people. They said I could not have gotten a bill because my name wasn't on the account.

I got another bill. For the same month's service that I had paid the collections company for. STBX had a cleared check as proof that he had paid that bill as well. So basically they collected that one month's bill from him first, then they got it from me.

He has also proved up all of his cancelled checks for every month since I moved out. So he has proof that he has indeed paid them all.

My Mom called them pretending to me me *unethical, yes, but I have to work and I had missed so much being on the phone with them* and they assured her it would never happen again, etc. Oh and she was transferred to 17 people.

Most of the people refuse to help us because- get this- MY NAME IS NOT ON THE ACCOUNT

Well I got a collection's notice in the mail AGAIN today for that SAME freaking month's service.

I swear, if my credit gets dinged for this, my head will

I just honestly do not know what to do at this point. I really don't. I am at a loss.
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Send them a letter, certified mail, asking them to validate the debt within thirty days. This means they have to provide you some proof that this is your debt. If they cannot do so, they have to stop contacting you and will have to remove it from your credit report.
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I would contact the Better Business Bureau. At this point I think you have done all you can with calling them on your own. I'm sorry you are going through this
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File with the BBB, send a letter to your state's Attorney General, then sue them in small claims court. I would ask for the amount back that you paid X 3 and include the collections agency in the lawsuit. This is a ridiculous way to conduct business and you deserve to get this settled.
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Is this for Verizon? There are two collection company scams going on right now, one from Solomon PC and the other from Allied State. They create fake "past due" accounts with Verizon and then send collection letters.

We got one from each and I sent a "validate the debt" letter. Never got a response -- SCAM.

Send a "validate the debt" letter (Google the term to see examples) certified mail, return receipt, and don't accept phone calls from them or pay anything unless they send valid proof of the debt.
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That is not the name of the collections company. But thank you all, I am going to try to validation letter!
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