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Need help finding a midwife west of Chicago

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I am so disappointed. For my first pregnancy, I went to Midwest Midwifery (offices in Addison and Elgin), which has since been bought out. Three of the midwives went to another practice now called Midwest OB/Gyn & Midwifery. Well, I thought I would give that a shot and go for my first visit last week at 9 weeks. From this one visit, I will say that Midwest OB/Gyn & Midwifery is a far cry from what Midwest Midwifery once was in both philosophy and practice. I'm not even sure I would consider the woman I met with a midwife. I'm really not even comfortable going back there. But, I'm kind of stuck not knowing where else to go. I've heard great things about West Suburban Midwifery, but they deliver 40 miles from my home! Not sure I feel too great about traveling 40 miles in a traffic-heavy area while I'm in labor. I'm also not really comfortable with a home birth. Anyone anywhere have suggestions for midwives and supporting hospitals in the far west (Elgin area) of Chicago? Has anyone worked with midwives and had a natural birth out of Aurora (either Mercy/Provena or Rush-Copley) or with Sherman in Elgin?
Thanks so much for any advice. I'm not sure where to schedule my next appointment. I had a very positive natural birth in a hospital setting my first time around. I am hoping for a similar experience the second time around, but I just don't know if it's possible with my current options.
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I delivered last September at Sherman and I absolutely adored the midwife who delivered me. I had been seeing a different midwife (same practice) but my midwife was out of town the day I delivered so the midwife on call delivered me and she was simply delightful. So sweet an accomodating to me that I still get teary eyed thinking about how grateful I am to her.

The practice is called Associates for Women's Healthcare. It is by no means a "fancy" office, they see mostly hispanic Medicaid patients so there's mostly spanish flying around the office, but all that glitters is not gold, right? I switched to them from a hoity toity overmedicalized practice when I was 25 weeks and was MUCH happier.

Anyhow, there are three midwives and an OB. The OB is Dr. Michael Riermaier. He is dry and a little bit weird-ish but quite natural minded as compared to other OB's and the two midwives who work with him that I saw are Diane Smith (for my prenatal care) and Glenda Embry (who delivered me).

I was happy with the care I got from Diane. She was open to what I wanted and didn't want. She was generous with her time. She was friendly, funny, and easy to talk to.

Glenda walked into my delivery room just the cutest thing and right off the bat I loved her. She's a mother of 6 and not only was she perfectly in alignment with my simple birth plan, she went above and beyond it to make my delivery a wonderful birthing experience.

My plan was:

To remain mobile and able to use my birthing ball (provided my own and signed a waiver). Not to be offered an epidural, though I might ask (and I did, at 6 cm. and I got it FAST), I asked to not be told when to push, so she simply told me when I was complete and told me to let her know when I felt like pushing. I asked for no episiotomy and was not given one. I tore in two tiny places but neither was bad. One she stitched because it wouldn't stop bleeding, one she didn't. I asked for her to delay clamping the cord, which she was glad to do, and even went a step beyond and HANDED me the umbilical cord and asked ME to tell HER when I felt it had stopped pulsing.

But what really sold me on her was the fact that she guided my hands down as my son was crowning and let me help her deliver the baby and helped me use my own hands to guide him to my chest. It was just beautiful. A fabulous delivery from start to finish. I went in at 5 cm. (I allowed a few checks, though I am sure she would be okay with no checks if you didn't want them? Not sure...) I labored there for about another hour and half before I got my epi at 6+cm. It was a fabulous epi. I was not too numb but not in a lot of pain, either. And I was complete 2 hours later. I pushed my nearly 10 pounds son out in just 24 minutes of pushing with Glenda cheering me on with such positive energy.

I feel the need to add that the LD nurses I saw at Sherman we also INCREDIBLE. I got the same nurse who helped me deliver my daughter 6 years ago and her name is Angel. A fitting name for sure. Sadly, my personal friend who is also a LD nurse at Sherman was not there when I delivered, as she was out on maternity leave, but if you're lucky enough to get Giovanna Vandiver, consider yourself in good hands, too!

I know this is turning into a book, but I also feel the need to let you know that I saw Glenda again 5 days later when my blood pressure skyrocketed to 160/100. She sent me right down tot he ER from her office (at that time the hospital was still in the old location and her office was upstairs) and I was so scared. She hugged me and held my hand and was so comforting.

She was just an all around loving and delightful woman to me. I don't know exactly what her "limits" are on natural delivery... but she was perfectly accomodating to my desires and went above and beyond to give me the kind of experience she knew I wanted.

Here is a link to the OB info... you have to gt to her through him because for some stupid reason, Sherman Hospital does not list their midwives on their "Find A Provider" search engine:


Hope that helps! If you need a suggestion for a fabulous Pediatrician in Elgin, PM me! I know one of those, too!
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I had a VBAC with West Suburban Midwives at West Sub hospital in 2007. I *loved* the midwife practice - changed to them at 28 weeks and they took me on like an old friend. I birthed with Julie who is still there and who was absolutely wonderful - very calm, positive, supportive of my wishes and changes in my wishes. The relevance for your situation is that I live an hour from Oak Park in GOOD traffic. Once labor was established, we drove in to Wright Inn (hotel ~10 blocks from West Sub) and I labored there with my doula all afternoon until transition then went in. I, too, hated the idea of a drive in labor. The decision point for me is that I'm a slow laborer, so it seemed manageable (and was - my labor was 27 hrs from waking up at midnight with the first ctx to the 18 minutes of pushing - I was in Oak Park by the time active labor was setting in ). It was a positive enough experience that now that we're TTC#3, I'm changing insurances in May so that I can go back to them.
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I had the same problem. I went to MM with my 3rd. For my 4th I went to maybe where you went? Was it in Elk Grove? Therese Doyle was my MW . . .but, my ins. changed so I had to go to OMG (do you love the name?) which has offices in Hinsdale and Bolingbrook. I went to the Hinsdale office.


I LOVED it. Therese Doyle is now there, too. Maureen McNamee was my MW and I felt like she was my new BFF immediately. She is so warm and friendly, and just fabulous. Penny saw me the day after I gave birth and she was great, too. Beth might be on maternity leave? I met Dr. Daube and he was very laid-back.

Hinsdale was a good experience. I was only there a total of 20 min. before giving birth, but the nurses were extremely kind and thoughtful during my stay. While you can't give birth in a tub, they do have a tub to labor in. The food was sort of bad, but not a big deal.

I had considered West Suburban but decided against it for 2 reasons. 1. I am not comfortable with it as a hospital and 2. I have pretty fast labors.

We are doooone having children but I'd recommend OMG to anyone. It isn't MM (nothing ever will be) but it's a great option.
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