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**TTC in our 20's March**

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Conceiving in our 20's

conceiving #1
aballen (27)
*Christel* (23)
EricaDoula (22)
First_Shot_Photo (20)
Hesperia (23)
Hopefuljo (26)
ilovemaine (27)
katiedidder (26)
MrsD08 (24)
nintendork (28)
peak08 (25)
TheDivineMrsM (29)
ttcNumberOne (27)
Virginia884 (26)

conceiving #2
bumminbeachbabe (24)
filiadeluna (26)
ILoveMYBabyBird (27)
lawmama1984 (25)
mochelly (26)
OJazzy1 (24)
Rochelleann (29)
SparklesnDazzles (26)
Sweetmama26 (26)

conceiving #3
butterfly1001 (28)
EricaRN (23)
libranbutterfly (25)
mumma cop kaz (28)
Orly? (24)
trekkingirl (28)

conceiving #4
homeschoolmommy3 (28)

conceiving #5
SaraBravo (23)

March BFPs
St. Margaret

February BFPs

January BFPs

If you would like to be added to our group or moved please make your request in bold. In an effort to keep the list organized and up to date, your name may be removed if you have not posted to this thread in two months.

Monday Check-In:
Where are you in your cycle:
Symptoms if they apply:
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Monday Check-In
Name: Anjuli
Date: February 28
Chart: www.fertilityfriend.com/home/bumminbeachbabe
Where are you in your cycle: CD3
Appointments: Going in sometime this week for a prolactin level
Symptoms if they apply:
Thoughts: Thinking about trying to find an RE. My new ob is not cutting it. I don't see the sense in waiting for a year when my lp is not even close to sufficient enough for pregnancy to occur.
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Can you change my age to 28 please? Thank you

(Early)Monday Check-In
Name: Jennifer
Date: February 28
Where are you in your cycle: CD25 11DPO
Appointments: no
Symptoms if they apply: meh...I don't know anymore. I'm not really havng any pg or AF symp.
Testing: all BFN's so far...AF is expected around the 3rd/4th
Thoughts: 2WW seems longer than 2 weeks.
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Please add my chart to the list My chart

Monday Check-In:
Name: Lynn
Date: 2/28
Where are you in your cycle: cd20 4dpo
Symptoms if they apply: I'm trying not to put to much hope in these but here they are. I've had extremely sensitve nipples since 4 days before O. I've been cramping the past 2 days, just moderate cramps nothing to terrible.
Testing: FF suggests that I test on the 9th, I'll see how long I'll last.
Thoughts: I don't feel that we caught the egg this month. I'm ready to move on to the next cycle so that I can go back to temping vaginally, orally just doesn't work for me.
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updated to here
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Monday Check-In:
Name: Krys
Date: 2/28
Where are you in your cycle:CD18
Appointments: March 18th to have my Mirena removed!
Symptoms if they apply: None
Testing: None
Thoughts: Anxious for the 18th to get here so I can officially start to TTC.

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Sweetmama~I'd be proud too! Canada won a total of 14 gold medals for the winter olympics this year, which is a record!
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Monday Check-In:
Name: Melek
Date: 2/28/10
Chart: link on first post
Where are you in your cycle: CD24, possibly 5DPO (by temps, but I used OPKs too and may have read them wrong, so who knows)
Symptoms if they apply: super tired but I have been alone with DS since Thursday, so not putting too much stock in that lol
Testing: Probably will start POAS Thursday or Friday morning just in case I did ovulate on CD19
Thoughts: going out of town tomorrow, so busy getting stuff done for that. Not feeling too hopeful for this cycle, but trying to remain optimistic until AF comes
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Early Monday Checkin

Monday Check-In:
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/28382e
Where are you in your cycle: CD28, maybe 12DPO (not really sure)
Appointments: None. DH hasn't scheduled a SA yet, so I haven't been able to schedule any of the test my acupuncturist wanted me to get.
Symptoms if they apply: I had VERY sore breasts last week, but since Friday or so they've been reduced to mildly sore. I feel evil (like horrible PMS).
Testing: BFN on Friday morning w/FMU.
Thoughts: I'm so sure that I'm not pregnant that I had a big old Kentucky Sidecar and a glass of wine at my friend's birthday on Friday night.
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Monday Check-In:
Name: Jo
Date: 3/1/2010
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2b49ed
Where are you in your cycle: 16DPO, though I expect it to be CD1...
Appointments: Nope
Symptoms if they apply: Spotting for the last 3 days, but full-fledged AF hasn't shown up. No other symptoms (I don't get pre-AF symptoms, don't hate me!)
Testing: At 16DPO, you'd think I'd test, but my temps seems to say there's not a chance, so I'm refraining.
Thoughts: Last month I had an 18-day LP, and assumed it was a chemical pregnancy. This longer LP I can't explain, though. Bah. I'm ready to start a new cycle.
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Monday Check-In: Name: Rachel
Date: 3/1/10
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/TheDivineMrsM
Where are you in your cycle: CD21, 8DPO... I think
Appointments: n/a
Symptoms if they apply: n/a
Testing: March 9th, depending on temps. I don't want to waste my last test, and AF is still easier to see than a glaring "not pregnant."
Thoughts: Not 100% sure when I O'd b/c I was sick, but I'd be willing to guess it was CD13. If it was a day earlier or later, we're still covered. I had a huge pity party for myself yesterday, but I'm more or less over that now. I've got plans all week: baking, spending some time with family, and I have to finish "The Age of Innocence" by Friday for my book club. Hopefully this will keep me from obsessing too much.

Beachbuminbabe, could you add the link to my chart in the first post? Thank you!!
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Monday Check-In:
Name: Samantha
Date: 3/1/2010
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/babyd1
Where are you in your cycle: CD7
Appointments: March 30th
Symptoms if they apply: none
Testing: not this cycle
Thoughts: Just trying to find a place where I belong...
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Monday Check-In:
Name: Christina
Date: March 1st
Chart: n/a
Where are you in your cycle: CD 27, 11 DPO
Appointments: none
Symptoms if they apply: Have been horribly ill with a cold and a stomach virus. I'm thinking that would mask any real symptoms.
Testing: Tested this morning. BFN.
Thoughts: Not surprised at all. Certainly discouraged though. It's so strange to me that I was able to conceive my other two the first cycle we stopped preventing and here I am approaching cycle three of actually trying. I just want another baby! Is that so much to ask? haha... no really. It is discouraging... However, I know there are so many mamas who are still ttc number one. So in the mean time I'll just continue to enjoy and be thankful for my two little ones. I haven't been taking good care of myself at all the past two months. I'm wondering if that is why I'm not conceiving. As in not excersizing and eating a ton of crap. I think I'll bite the bullet and start taking better care of myself this month. Can't hurt, right? Sorry for the novel!
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Monday Check-In
Name: Kristin
Date: March 1st
Chart: N/A
Where are you in your cycle: CD29
Appointments: Husband dropped of specimen for SA this morning, Doc says we should hear back from him tomorrow (the Doctor actually calls me personally! I love this new guy!)
Symptoms if they apply: N/A
Testing: BFNs today, yesterday, Friday and Wednesday
Thoughts: My new doctor has told me to go ahead and stop taking progesterone since I have gotten negative tests. I really like and trust him so I stopped last night. I am supposed to get an HSG this month and they are going to up my glucophage and clomid. I am disappointed and nervous; the clomid made me very crazy last month so I was hoping to not have to do it again and I have heard the HSGs are uncomfortable. Fingers crossed for my hubby's SA, he is very nervous about it, and hopefully AF will start today or tomorrow and this will be our month!
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Monday Check in!

Name: Fern
Date: March 1st! my birthday
Chart: None
Where are you in your cycle: CD 29 of a 28 day cycle
Appointments: Birthday Party Tonight! not an appointment, but im excited! i cant remember the last time friends threw me a party.
Symptoms: No AF! No sign of her. mildly twingey down there, having to pee a lot.. hungry!
Testing: never, unless i get to the city to get a test
Thoughts: im hopeful and excited about the future! things are falling into place as they should.
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Happy Birthday Fern! Enjoy your party tonite!
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Monday Check-In...

Name: loonar
Date: 3/1
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/loonar
Where are you in your cycle: CD 16
Appointments: more physical therapy for my grumpy back
Testing: Got a positive OPK yesterday... I think I'll probably ovulate today.
Thoughts: I'm really stressing about work these past few days. I keep getting that awful adrenaline-surge stage-fright feeling, and I know it's bad news for conceiving, but I don't know how to ward it off. If all this panic scares off ovulation, ohman, I will be one angry lady.
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Originally Posted by MrsD08 View Post
Sweetmama~I'd be proud too! Canada won a total of 14 gold medals for the winter olympics this year, which is a record!

I know we did so well this year. We set the bar high this year. Considering every other year we've had an Olympics in Canada we've never won a single Gold... So very very Proud.
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Add me

Monday Check-In:
Name:Sara Fields
Where are you in your cycle:
Symptoms if they apply:
Thoughts: we r ttc my #3 and his #3 so that means # 5 together.
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SaraBravo, I'll add ya in. Can I add an age for you? You have 1 dd and 3 ds's between you, would you like me to add little baby icons in for ya?
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