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plantspirit I have to bow to your greatness....
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It has been over three weeks for me, and I love it. My dh even jumped on board.
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Ok, first to ask a question I asked on the other board Anyone have any tips for thinning hair? (besides going no poo since I'm already there :LOL).

So today my hair was outstanding! Fantastic! The best it's been in a long while (LONG while - poo or no poo!). Beautiful curls, a definite lack of frizz, nice texture, just awesome!

This morning I washed with one scrambled egg mixed with about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar and 1 tbs of honey (approximate amounts since I mixed it up in the bathroom). I rinsed well with water and then did my normal balsamic vinegar rinse.

YOWZER! Seriously, my hair was to die for today! I don't know if it was the "shampoo" I made or was it the tail end of friday's oil experiment? Well, I'm going to try the egg again once a week or so and see. I wish my hair looked like that every day

I think I'm on week 3 of no poo and almost 2 weeks of no BS, whoo hoo!

Cindi I hope your chicken pox'd guys are feeling better soon! Your maiden name (if you changed it) doesn't start with a W does it? (my best friend from grade school spelled her name with an "i").
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Just wondering why everyone is going Shampoo- and soap free? Aren't there healthy ones out there?
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I think different people are doing it for different reasons

The basic theory is that shampoo actually strips your scalp of oil so it over compensates by chugging out more oil, which you strip the next time you poo, and it throws out even more and so on and so on and so on . . . . .

And there are some people who worry about the definitions of "natural" and how some so called natural shampoos really aren't all that.

And then, there *are* some great natural shampoos but they cost an arm and a leg (like Aubrey Organics - nice stuff - too much $$$!).

Me, I'm doing it cuz I'm a nut ild and think stuff like this is fun :LOL

( I use soap though! I'm addicted to my yummy oatmeal soap )
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One of the reasons I am going no poo is that my son is allergic to shampoo, even the ones from the health food store. They have chemicals in them, most all do. He doesn't use shampoo except maybe once every four months, and I wanted to experiment with my hair using different things to see what can be done without chemicals. He just lets it get really greasy not washing it for months, and with bs and all of these other things, I am showing him that he does have options. His hair is long and flowing way past his shoulders now. When he does wash it, as he did yesterday, it looks very shiny and healthy though. Makes you wonder.
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Originally posted by 5talentservant
Just wondering why everyone is going Shampoo- and soap free? Aren't there healthy ones out there?
Soap is defatting to the skin and alkaline. Skin is a little more acidic than neutral, and so is hair. Soap and shampoo remove oil that is naturaly there and the body overcompensates by creating more oil to make up fo rit. We are trying to get back to the natural balance where our skin produces the oil that it needs. Amongst other things. I haven't found an all natural shampoo, though many seem like they are. The only thing that comes close is castille soap and Dr Bronners is making organic now. Still, it is drying and alkaline. Regardless of the better soap and shampoos out there, this is a better way to clean bodies. IMO anyway.
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Is this apple cider vinegar? Or what?
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It has been 3 weeks & one day no-poo for me! I love how my hair looks! My mom keeps calling me her "little greaseball"! But of course she's just teasing. :LOL I'm sure she thinks I've gone off the deep end, as I am the girl who for years got my nails done (acryllic pink & whites) and her toes done (alternate weeks). Mt best friend keeps asking "What happened to you? This is ot the Amy I know!" I just tell her that I've done some research & changed my life-style accordingly! Really, my hair isn't very greasy, just heavier than it used to be.

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Re: ACV?

Originally posted by yequanamama
Is this apple cider vinegar? Or what?
Yep, it's Apple Cider Vinegar. Diluted of course.

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Thanks for filling me in. I guess I really didn't see the stripping of oils. Then again I was never a wash my hair every day kind of person. I am lucky if I was it twice a week. Maybe thats why my mom says mine always shines.

For the mama that said

As for me, things are going well although using the Burt's Bees Herbal Treatment Shampoo threw my hair off for awhile (I was doing lice preventative!).

I use a shampoo that has Tea Tree oil in it. I know I said the S word. But for the lice treatment and even preventative you could probably just add TTO to your current regime
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you could probably just add TTO to your current regime.
When I worked at an afterschool program there was lice outbreak. My hair was down to my waist & I got lice!!! Ew! I got rid of them by combing TTO through my hair a couple of times a day, and never got them again.

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Ok, I've been shampoo free for a little over 2 1/2 weeks now. I haven't posted yet, but thought I would do so now to hopefully encourage those that are nervous to try this, like I was... I have (had) VERY greasy hair! It was so bad after having my son, that I had to rotate between three strong clarifying shampoos. I couldn't use the same one two days in a row or my hair looked greasy. I also couldnt' use any type of conditioner, even just on my ends, because it somehow made my hair greasy, even though the ends were rather dry. It has been tough, as a new mama, to get a shower in every day, but I HAD to, or my hair was practically dripping grease. It was way out of control. I was scared that the baking soda could never do as good of a job (HA!!!) as those strong shampoos I was using could. I don't know, in hindsight, why I was so worried, however. Even if it hadn't done any good, I could have always switched back to shampoo and been no worse off than I was before. I was simply amazed, however, when I used the baking soda, at how CLEAN my hair was. I had no oily patches after washing, like I often did with the shampoo. My hair had body and looked way thicker (I have very fine, thin hair). It was amazing! The next day, my hair was still a little greasy, but not nearly as bad as it would have been with shampoo. I could have washed with baking soda that day, but part of my goal has been to cut down on washing my hair as often so I could cut back on the oil production. In two weeks it has WORKED!! My hair, on a non-washing day, now looks better than the days I used to shampoo! The grease production has significantly cut back. I am down to just washing my hair three days a week (I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER thought I would be able to say this!). I wash on Sat, Mon, and Wed mornings. On Friday I'm looking a little greasy, so I've scrubbed with cornstarch and rinsed it in my shower. Oh, if I'd only heard about this years ago!! If you haven' t tried it yet because of fear that it won't work, do yourself a favor and JUST TRY IT! If it doesn't work you can always go back to what you were doing before, right? What have you got to lose?
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i love your recipe. i wonder if it could be added to the recipe sticky.
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I've always been a greasy haired, wash everyday or look like a bum type person too. I still wash more often than I need to because I have been a hair snob in the past and tend to really value my volume. :LOL
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littleone03 -

That is such an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing, and I'm glad this has worked so well for you.

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photo at 2 1/2 weeks

Here I am this morning, 2.5 weeks poo-free. My hair looks great. My bangs (which are mostly clipped back in the photo) are oilier than I like unless I do bs or something else to them at *least* every 2-3 days. I'm trying to go longer between bs but after a couple of days, the grease really starts bugging me and I'll go around grumpy all day. My hair is MUCH more manageable and touchable than it was before, I'm really happy with it.

Poo-free hippycrite!
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Aimee - Awesome! I can't even tell your bangs are oily.
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over a month for me and doing great. Soapwort if you can get it, is a good spreader. I dont have any, just read about it in a gardening mag. I was thinking of buying some.
I have a sister that is going no-poo now too, and another who does no soap(has pretty much always been no soap I heard to my surprise) Iam thinking of going no soap as well.
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For those who were concerned over the BS or lemon juice changing their hair color, I wanted to point out that shampoo lightens hair as well. not just artificially colored hair. Every shampoo is tested on real hair in wash after wash and the ones that lighten the hair the least are used for chemically colored hair. They test on colored and natural hair to compare. Of course hair that was lightened and had color applied lightens the fastest, but shampoo most definitely lightens the hair. In fact it dulls it in a yucky way. Just wanted to point that out, that no matter how you wash your hair you aren't safe from lightening.
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