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BlissP - I've been reading the online info on CurlyGirl too! That's how I stumbled upon no-poo and this forum too.

Rareimer: I think the 50-50 solution of apple cider vinegar is the benchmark - people add or not put as much water depending on their hair. Any stronger than 50-50 and I know that apple cider vinegar will make my hair super stringy on top. You might try the 50-50 if you think it may help your hair (you can always dilute it, right?).

I tend to spray more of the apple cider vinegar on the ends because I get the dry ends problem too. Sometimes, the ends still feel dry and I resort to using a lima bean sized drop of silicone-free conditioner (Suave Tropical Coconut is hella cheap, silicone free, and has hair and scalp beneficial essential oils like coconut and rosemary).

Other people wait til their hair dries and use a drop of olive oil, jojoba oil, or other hair-friendly oils in their hands and rub it in the ends of their hair.

You can also try an mister spray of distilled water and one of the following combinations:

- Essential oil only
- Conditioner only
- Essential oil and conditioner

Shake up your mister spray and you can spritz the ends of your hair and any other areas that feel dry.

I have a Burt's Bees Lavender facial mist that I use for absolutely everything, hair, armpits, face refresher, and perfume. It has distilled water and Lavender, Bergamot, and Cedar Leaf essential oils in it. These oils are great for promoting hair growth and is good for your scalp as well.

Because these oils are antiseptic and astringent, it's a great armpit spritzer and I don't use deodorant anymore (I just scrub my armpits with baking soda in the shower, rinse with water, and spritz my apple cider vinegar from my spray bottle, rinse again with water). When I get out of the shower and I'm dry, I spritz the Burt's Bees Lavender facial mist. I'm sure I can make my own as you can too - I NEVER find any bottles of lavender in any store, they're ALWAYS gone.

Hope this helps!
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BlissP - Are you doing the entire baking soda no-poo hair cleansing or just the CWC/conditioner only hair washing?

I find that the conditioner only makes my scalp oily. What tips and tricks do you have that works on your curly hair? I can't tell what type I have, but I think I have type 2A, 2B or 3A. My hair ranges from wavy to loose curls (especially at the nape of the neck). I used to have much thicker hair, but I have PCOS and a uterine fibroid so my hair's thinned out a lot
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i upped the acv in my rinse a bit today, and the results are great. my hair is much less dry and is softer. i used about 2 tbsp per cup. i'm going to try a little more next time. i'll just keep adding more until i start disliking the results.

it took a bit of time to get through the transition period and get used to the difference...but my hair is at least as nice now that i'm not using shampoo and conditioner, if not nicer. i think patience is the key...
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Absolutely - patience and the willingness to fudge around with the recipes.

I had some great luck using some orange essential oil in my baking soda solution today. Scalp feels super clean.
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Originally Posted by Mona
i have a really hard time combing my hair after i shower if i don't put some kind of conditioner in it. anyone else have this issue? does anyone put oil in their hair before they comb it? i put jojoba on my ends, but after i've combed as i don't want the oil on my scalp... the avc does not seem to "condition" my hair well enough. of course, my hair is rather long, so i suppose that is the issue.
This has maybe been answered already (still reading and only on page 12 or 13)... I just went shampooless the other day (last wash with suds was on Friday and I've done to BS/ACV washes since then) but have always had to condition. I'd shampoo and then condition and then when I was combing out my wet hair, spray it with a mix of conditioner and water (don't know the ratios - a good long squirt of conditioner into a Kaboodles spray bottle of warm water) especially on the ends and my front hairline. I've continued to spray it lightly even with these last two "washes".
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Originally Posted by ShannonCC
I only use BS every few weeks. I am *very* worried about lightening, so I use it as rarely as I can.
Does it continue to lighten indefinitely? After two washes with BS/ACV I think I can see a bit of colour change (blonder) but that's not necessarily bad. What can I expect in the future if I continue?
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Well the first time you do the baking soda/apple cider vinegar thing, you'll see a difference because baking soda gets rid of any old residues in your hair, including minerals and old hair products that dull your hair.

You may find some lightening, but no - it won't be drastic, nor does it damage your hair as long as you keep up with the apple cider vinegar rinses. If your ends are dry, you can use a drop of oil in the palm of your hands and rub it into your hair. Or use a silicone free conditioner (sometimes the really cheap conditioners have zero silicones and are actually better for your hair).

Most of us have healthier and stronger hair now with no poo!
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anybody have any tips like curly girl for people with straight hair? my sister in actually interested ( i can't believe it ) in trying this but hse has always had very very straight hair....and i wonder if there are different things one could do.
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Is her hair oily, or dry, or JUST right... Look at me.... I might as well be writing Goldilocks & the 3 hairs.
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oily, but i partway suspect it is because she is always cleaning cleaning and stripping her natural oils
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I'd just start out with the BS and a lighter ratio of vinegar to water then.
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Janebug, a lot of women on the LongHairLoom Forum have straight hair. They have some nice oils and methods they use. Check their forum out.
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thanks, will do!!!
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