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Queer & Pregnant: March, April & May 2010

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Welcome queer and pregnant folks!

This is the list for March, April & May.

If you want to be added, just post in bold with your due date. Also, if you have recently had your babe(s), please chime in with the name and birth date in bold. If your information is not correct or has changed, please also post in bold so that I can get it corrected!!

Queer and Pregnant

May 2010
boolery, due May 25
DJK, dp due May 30

June 2010
Sarah, due June 1
Eryn, due June 2
jjnoho, due June 24

July 2010
Megincl and Ktcl (Megin and Katie), due July 3
sparkjen, due July 9

August 2010
Osker, due August 18
Megan Sacha, due August 25

September 2010
mpkgoddess, due September 2

October 2010
Lyndzies, due October 4
Heinleinesque, due October 9
FTMPapa, due October 10
Mistral, due October 17
Quasar & Smartycat, due October 26
Monarchgrrl, due October 28

November 2010
erthe_mama, due November 4

December 2010
mtnlisa, due December 9
kimlyn32, due December 12

ksdoulamama, Grace Elizabeth, born 5/17/10
pleasantlyfurious, Leo Sebastian, born 5/16/10
kelly, Asa Brent, born 4/29/10
wishin'&hopin', Henry born 4/10
Indigoscot, son born 1/24/10
kjm, Kale born 1/12/10
Carmen358, Skylar born 12/30/09
Kelmendi, Simon born 12/23/09
babyfatty, Henry Earl born 12/9/09
Beth, Hazel born 11/19/09
Scalpel, Nathan Fisher and Maxwell Edward (Nate and Max) born 11/3/09
Denny_Zoo29, Dekaylee May Katherine Bond, born 10/29/2009.
Jodybird511, Asher born 10/9/09
Wazzmum, Baby Tate born 9/15/09
Raene & River, Baby Cedar born 8/30/09
DM630, Baby Amelia born 8/14/09
ninefirefly, Baby girl born 7/31/09
Serenekitten, baby Asher born 7/21/2009
QTRANDI, Baby Rudy born 7/7/2009
JennM1021, Baby Alexander born 6/29/2009
Lexbeach (Lex and Lena), Baby Leo born 6/26/2009
Heart-N-Bones, baby Ella Grace born 4/22/2009
Quasar (and dp Smartycat), Baby Raymond Joseph born 4/5/2009
Pranava, Baby Zion born 3/24/2009
Giggleblue, Baby A born 3/16/2009
Pigirl, baby born 1/30/2009
Starling and Diesel, Esme born 1/30/2009
2happymamas (Jill & Kerri), Colette(Coco) born 1/5/2009
Simcon, Baby G born 12/28/2008
MujerMamaMismo, Sebastian Felix born 12/21/2008
Tigermiep (and dp M), Anders Xavier born 12/11/2008
JenInMpls (DP Jo), E.W. born 10/24/2008
Becca, Phoebe Joy born 10/9/2008
Scalpel (Jess, DP Darcie), Alexis Jean born 8/29/2008
Venustx, Triplets!! Levi, Sage, and Jillian born 8/12/2008
AngelaM (Angela), Ocean Rae born 8/10/2008
mamimapster, Jocheved (Julia) Hadassah Bat Sara V' Miriam born 7/15/2008
kk_davey, Grier born 7/7/2008
MollyKenzie, Lucy and Edie born 6/18/2008
rightkindofme, Shanna Francesca born 5/24/2008
TheGirls, Alexandra Kathryn Stay born on 5/12/2008
thismama, Zelda born 5/6/2008
mamastotwo, Boy/Girl twins born 5/2/2008
msjodi, Delaney Cait born 5/1/2008
Jentina (Jen & Sarah), Ellis Thomas born 2/20/2008
NZmumof2 (Anna, DP Leah), Florence born 1/23/2008

Recovering from Losses, to Rejoin Us Soon
Snoopy13 (JD)
Miss Scarlett
Astropeep and FozzieBear

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Thanks for threadkeeping, JJNoho!
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Originally Posted by FtMPapa View Post

Thanks for threadkeeping, JJNoho!
you are welcome. i am putting all on notice now that by the end of may i will be preoccupied by the anticipation of the baby in june. so...one of you (many ) newbies will hopefully step up to the plate and take over for june etc!!
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Originally Posted by jjnoho View Post
you are welcome. i am putting all on notice now that by the end of may i will be preoccupied by the anticipation of the baby in june. so...one of you (many ) newbies will hopefully step up to the plate and take over for june etc!!
I wouldn't mind! Especially if someone reminds me closer to June....
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Thanks so much for the new thread! Mmmm... shiny new thread.

So, I'm basically huge. I can't believe how big I am already.

Here's my barely 10-week belly (9w5d).

A lot of the bloat from early on has gone away, I think (because it's feeling firmer), but I'm still left with a belly.


Insanity!!! I know that the u/s only saw one in there at 8 weeks, but I remain ever-so-slightly skeptical. The strangest thing is that I've actually LOST a couple pounds! I really wish I had a true "before" pic to show comparison of pregnant vs. non-pregnant me.

Whatever, at least I got to skip the "is she fat or is she pregnant" phase, I've heard about. I guess that's a plus.

Unless, of course, I'm just delusional and I'm not really looking pregnant, just fat. Lol.

How's everyone else doing?? Putting along??
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Yay new thread! Thanks!

Lyndzies- uh you so look pregnant!!! WOW! A cute pregnant, though.

I'm just hanging out at 6 weeks today. I'm starving all the time! Seriously, even if I eat enough, or a whole meal, five minutes later I'm starving. At least m/s hasn't started yet. I'm happy about that.
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Wow, I do not have a bump like that! It's so cute! It's not the baby though, the baby is way down below your pubic bone still. But it's still super cute.

I get to skip the whole fat or pregnant stage entirely and just be both!

I do have the same belly thing going on where there's not a lot of bloating but there's suddenly a hard spot where there wasn't one before and all my intestines and guts are getting pushed around.
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Very cute pic, Lyndzies! Who knows, maybe you'll end up with a Sophie Ellen and a James Joseph!
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Monarchgrrl - Thanks! And, I think it's AWESOME that you are starving. I started not wanting to eat ANYTHING around 5 weeks or so, though this weekend. I think I finally have my appetite back. So glad to hear that food and you are friends.

FtMPapa - From the lovely diagrams I've seen, I'm pretty sure between 9 and 12 weeks is when the uterus starts to pop up out of the pelvic area. I FEEL like I can palpate it, but maybe I just don't know what the hell I'm feeling for. Lol!

Regardless, I know my belly is not baby (it's only the size of a prune!) but by now the uterus is almost the size of a grapefruit and definitely pushing stuff up and out, especially since there's little room for any such goings-on in my short torso.

I'm glad to hear that most of your bloating has gone away by now, too... it was so uncomfortable, right??

AmandaMom - the u/s tech only showed us one at the 8 week scan... but I admit your suggestion (and others') are starting to make me wonder if maybe I should get the NT scan (even though we had decided we wouldn't) so we can get another peek. Lol.

Forgot to mention - Midwife appointment next Tuesday; I think she's going to give the doppler a shot! But I know not to be disappointed if she can't pick up the HB, because it will be early still.
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Not having too many signs over here still. I was 6 weeks yesterday. I went in for another beta so that the doctor could order up an early u/s. Hopefully I'll get those results today so that I can set up the u/s for Friday. I feel bad that I'm still not feeling as connected to this pregnancy as with our first. Hopefully once we see that beating heart, it will feel more real. Maybe it's just that I have an 11 month old cruising all over the house, that I don't have as much time to obsess over things as much.
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Hi all,

So glad everyone is doing so well!

Lyndzies - cute belly!!!

Monarchgrrl - the constant hunger is maddening, isn't it? Here's to hoping it mellows out for you and you get to miss the m/s portion of the program!

Quasar - it is very normal not to feel connected. Like you said, you have a LOT less time to stare at your navel in wonder, but too, you also know what to expect this time so it's sliding under your radar a little more. It's only been in the last few weeks or so that I've been able to get protective/nuturing/bonding with this one, mostly because we know we are DONE after this!

AFU - getting bigger but not (maybe not?) feeling the baby yet at 14 weeks. It's coming soon though and we really can't wait. For me, that's the best part of pregnancy! Spent 9.5 hrs in the ER yesterday as I haven't been able to hold food or liquid down or in since 1pm on Monday. Bless them, but not much happened in 9.5 hours, and the IV liquids actually made the diarrhea embarrassingly worse although the vomiting stopped with a dose of Zofran. I'm home today to try and get my body under control so I can go back to work!
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Doctor's office just called, and we have a beta of 29,954! Everything with that looks great! I was able to call and set up the u/s for this Friday. Hopefully it is all clear with the insurance, they seemed to be drilling me on the diagnosis code for it. I didn't have any trouble for DS, so not sure what the deal is this time.

mkpgoddess- I sure hope you're feeling better soon!
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Wow, lots of exciting changes!

Update: DP think it is in fact a yeast infection (argh) and has treated it with yoghourt. Her boobs aren't as unbearably sore as they were a couple days ago though! Yay! Nipples are still quite tender. Yesterday, however, she started feeling like something was invading her body and her decisions weren't entirely hers anymore... For example, she HAD to have gravy with our vegan lentil loaf last night. Also, she says her body just feels "different". Once the yeast is gone, we're going to start taking pictures monthly for My Beautiful Cervix website which should be fun. Also, we're seeing our TCM practitioner / acupuncturist for the first time since pregnancy on Saturday. Dr. Shi is REALLY excited. Also, our first midwife appointment is on the 26th, which is also the same day as my sister's bday party (which is at our place since she's moving in with us mid-month).
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quasar- Woohoo!!! Great #'s!!! I'm also feeling a bit detached. I don't have a baby to chase around, though. I think it's partly a defense mechanism for me right now until I'm past the worrisome 1st trimester. And the only thing I'm feeling as far as being pregnant is the bothersome stuff. None of the good stuff yet, that I know is coming like a big belly, kicking, ultrasound pics, shopping for fun stuff, etc.

Lyndzies- Yes, I'm definitely glad the m/s hasn't kicked in yet. Maybe it won't. But, seriously, being starving all the time sucks, too. It's that uncomfortable hungry. Not just empty stomach. STARVING!!! I'm just giving in to it and eating TONS of healthy stuff incase I can't eat much of anything soon. But I'm already a big girl. I don't need to weigh 600 pounds 9 months from now. I'll just re-read this post when I can't eat much and feeling horrible and then remember what it was like to eat a lot. The grass is always greener... I'm glad your appetite is back!
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mkpgoddess - Yikes, that sounds really scary. I hope you're feeling better very soon!

Sick and pregnant is the yuckiest combo.

I have a cold right now, and I'm feverish and tired and sleeparific. All I want to do is sleep and eat.

Monarchgrrl - EAT!

Erthe: That's really cool that you're doing the cervix pics! Hope the yeastie beastie is gone soon.

Quasar: Wow, great #s! for the u/s soon. Don't get me started on insurance. Hate this country's insurance system. It's such a hassle.
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Still here, anxiously awaiting. Barely 8 more weeks to go until LO arrives. We've scheduled our c-sec for May 5th. Made arrangements last night w/family to watch the girls for us while I (and dp) recover in the hospital. Think we have most things ready, just need to pack bags and wait. Made more food tonight to put in the deep freeze so cooking won't be an issue for the first few weeks pp. DP will be cooking more tomorrow.
Glad to see so many of us here, and congrats to all of you just starting out on this 40 week adventure!!
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We had our first u/s yesterday and saw that wonderful beating ! They dated us at 6x5d which is just a couple days ahead of where we know we are. So everything was perfect. Well.. except that it was quite an ordeal once we got to the hospital for it. I had gone on Thursday to pick up the order for the u/s from my doctor's office. I figured, ok the doc knows what needs to be written on the order, so I didn't worry about it. Well, she had 'forgotten' to sign the stupid thing. It took over a half hour while I'm sitting there with a full bladder for them to figure out how to fax a signed copy over. Even after they did, the doctor still hadn't put a valid diganosis code on it. The tech and the intake receptionist both were unsure what they needed to put for it. I don't know what ended up happening with that. Can't wait to get a bill that I'll have to fight with the insurance over.

We brought DS with us, because we figured it would be a quick in and out procedure like it was the first time around. Well, after now waiting a total of 45 minutes to get taken into the exam room, he started having a serious meltdown. He was hungry and bored. So I'm finally laying there getting probed while smartycat's feverishly searching in the diaper bag for a spoon to feed him. Then I start having a coughing fit and can't get it under control. I've had some persistent dry cough for the past at least two weeks and it just happened to get worse right in time for the u/s. At least it wasn't a transvaginal one.... Finally the tech turns the screen around so we can see the heartbeat. Smartycat almost missed it of course since she was over there feeding DS... The heartrate was 121 and was sooo awesome.

I'll be glad when we finally switch over to the OB for the rest of the exams after that whole fiasco. I don't know why my doctor's office is dropping the ball so much. It's not like we hadn't discussed the u/s beforehand or that she doesn't know how to write prescription.
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congrats quasar on the u/s and hearing that heartbeat

sounds like you had a comdey of errors that day!

hope all (at least in wmass area) are enjoying beautiful spring weather!! i love it and cannot wait for the cold weather to be gone.
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mkpgoddess: Sure hope you're feeling better soon!!

FtMPapa: Thanks! Maybe I should put them on photobucket in the meantime for all queer MDCers to see, hey? We took a pic yesterday, and it looks like her cervix is already taking on the blue tinge of pregnancy. Wow! And yes, the yeast is GONE. *whew*

quasar: Yay for the heartbeat!! Sorry about your insurance company though. Argh.

AFM: Sonja was battling major dizzy spells yesterday, but they're gone now thanks to a good 9-10 hours of sleep last night. We were out partying on Saturday night. It was our "dance-iversary"! Our first time dancing/partying together was at the annual "Dyke Night Out" party in our city, so we're making a habit of attending every year. So we figure the reason for the dizziness was that she didn't get enough sleep. I can't believe she marched for International Woman's Day with me yesterday feeling like that! She hasn't had any "vurps" for several days as well, and no nausea at all! *knocks on wood* Her nipples seem to be changing colour and shape every day though, and are still usually way too tender/sore to touch. They're always pointy too, which is interesting.
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So sleeeeeepy!

Just posting to say that I am finished with my progesterone! YAY! Made it to ten weeks.

I've got an u/s coming up in two weeks, very excited about that. I want to see my baby as a baby, rather than a blob with a flicker. I mean, that was good, amazing, even wonderful, but this is going to be even better.

Quasar: The best little flicker in the world!

jjnoho - don't get too attached to this spring business, I'm saying we'll probably have one more big storm this year. But I'm loving every springlike moment!

Erthe_mama: yeah, post 'em! The blue happens pretty early, 4-6 weeks or so, if I remember right.
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