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Originally Posted by wishin'&hopin' View Post
No baby yet...guess the appropriate response to the 4 days of prodromal labor (contractions 5 minutes apart for hours, check; bloody show, check; contractions painful enough to wake me, check) is
what a bummer! hopefully, everything will start up soon for you
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Hello everyone. I got my second beta done today and my hcg is 2272 and progesterone is 20 (double the first one). I felt so much better b/c my symptoms are different from last time. I get another beta on Thursday.

Wishin & Hopin - sending you vibes for an easy and comfortable birth.

Osker - congrats on the baby girl!

I hope everyone else is doing well!
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yeah Kimlyn!

AFM--contractions kept me awake until 1am and woke me again at 4am

I'm getting a bit tired of this schedule...I have an OB appt this morning and will see what they say about effacement and dilation. I hope I've made some progress. I also hope that next time we go to labor and delivery the nurse is a bit better about including DW in the conversation--I didn't realize the other night b/c I was a bit preoccupied that she wasn't addressing both of us

Okay, off to the bathroom...again.

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18 DPO/4 weeks + 4 days

so....i got my 3rd and final beta results today... so i am going to [cautiously] join you all...

12 dpo (evening) HCG = 68
14 dpo (evening) HCG = 124
55hrs doubling time
17 dpo (morning) HCG = 212
80hrs doubling time

it seems slow, for everything i have read... the doc isn't concerned enough to do a 4th though, i will have my first u/s on monday the 19th after work.

if everything is going well, my EDD is 12/17/10.
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Congrats Wehrli! Glad to see you over here! Here's to nine more months for both of us!
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congratulations wehrli! consider youself officially added to the list and welcome.
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Congrats Wehrli, I get another beta and ultrasound on Thursday.
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Congrats wehrli!!! And I think I forgot before, but here's congrats to Kimlyn32 and mtnlisa!!

wishin'&hopin'- sending you ELV's!!! Hope it gets going for real soon!

AFM- I'm just hanging out at 12 weeks, being irritable. DW works nights and I usually miss her but last night I told her that I was glad she had to work (in a nice way- hehe) because I just really needed to be alone with my moodiness. Everyone and everything is just irking me!
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kimlyn32 & wehrli: Congrats to you and yours on your new pregnancies!!

mkpgoddess & osker: Congrats on your baby grrls!
(I love how good news is coming in twos... lol)

Lyndzies: Cute belly pic! I bet you're excited about your scan.

painefaria: I am so sorry for your loss.

wishin'&hopin': Sounds like your cervix is doing some great work! I bet your labour will be nice and short.

AFM: Our lil butterbean is officially a fetus today!! YAY!!! No more sea creature... Sonja's breast soreness seems to have disappeared finally as well which is a huge relief. However, her eczema is still horrible... She thinks it may be the new carpet they installed at work. She still has a bit of nausea as well, but nothing that she can't handle with some breathing exercises.
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Popping back in to say hi...it's been a while. Nice to see so many new !

I am in the home stretch and the exhaustion is setting in. I had DS at 37 weeks and if this baby is ready I'd love to go at 37 again! I am so done with being pregnant. It's hard to think I have 3-8 weeks left. I am loading up on RRL tea and will start EPO in two weeks.
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We got to see the heartbeat yesterday! Pretty cool! She did say there was a little subchorionic bleed next to the baby--very small and I have had absolutely no spotting--should I worry?
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he'll be here today

at the hospital, dilated to about 8...so far so good.
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Just checking in...

Wishin & Hopin - that's exciting news! Sending you vibes for a peaceful birth.

mtnlisa - I get to see the heartbeat on Monday and I'm anxious to see it.

elismum1908 - hang in there. After all of this time, 3-8 wks is not that long.

Werhli - I'm hoping for good news with your u/s.

afm, we had an u/s thursday and saw the gestational sac and the beginnings of a yolk sac. RE said everything looked good. I have virtually no symptoms except fatigue, occasional heartburn and a little constipation. It would reassure me to have more symptoms but I'm happy for what I have. I keep reminding my self to enjoy the pregnancy.
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i guess i will not get to stay with you all...

take care all.
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Wehrli - I'm so sorry. Heartbreak. Take care of yourself, and I hope you join us again as soon as you are ready.

mtnlisa - I too had a subchorionic hematoma in my early ultrasound. It's the most common abnormality to see at an ultrasound - and only since routine ultrasounds have they come to the attention of doctors and midwives. I'm sure they will keep an eye on it, but expect it to resolve itself.

wishin'&hopin' - How exciting! Sending you ELV and the best energy!

How is everyone else feeling?

AFM - I'm feeling good. BIG, but good. We finally have everything we need - cloth diapers and carseat, etc - so we are officially just WAITING. I'm ready but not impatient. Yikes!
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wherli, sorry to hear your sad news.
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Wherli -

Mtnlisa - Me too, I have one, a fairly big one. They're incredibly common with IVF and injectable fertility meds, and pretty common otherwise. I have had some spotting from mine, but nothing to worry about.

Wishin'&Hopin'! Waiting for an update soon!!!! YAY!

AFM - I'm still exhausted. 16 weeks. I am the pregnancy sloth. I like to lay around in bed and watch TV and eat and not do too much else except nap. Lots of napping.
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I'm so sorry werhli.

wishin'&hopin'- How exciting! Can't wait to hear the details!

We're 13 weeks today. I listened last night with the Doppler and baby sounds nice and strong at around 140 BPM. And last week we sorta borrowed the ultrasound at work and checked to see what the bean looked like. S/he has really long legs! Looked kinda like Frogger. The baby looks like a human now though, unlike the little blob that it appeared to be on the first u/s. I was hoping to save a few pictures, but somehow the computer thing messed up and I lost them. I'm still somewhat nauseous, though today I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I actually have felt ok. I'd think that soon that part would be over with, but I hear horror stories of it lasting the full pregnancy for some people.
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wehrli - sorry for your loss. hopefully you will be back soon.
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Originally Posted by mtnlisa View Post
We got to see the heartbeat yesterday! Pretty cool! She did say there was a little subchorionic bleed next to the baby--very small and I have had absolutely no spotting--should I worry?
Congrats! I also had a small bleed on my first u/s, a tiny bit of spotting a couple of weeks later, but it never became a problem. I'm sure yours won't either.

werhli - I am so sorry for you. The very same thing happened to us our first pregnancy. I still grieve the loss of that baby - s/he is tattooed on my arm along with another we lost later on. I wish you peace during your time of pain.
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