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that's awesome Intertwined.

I also believe that we know what we need both before and during birth. So if one feels one needs someone there, or to be in a particular place, then it is right to act in accord with that. And during, if one is UCing, they tend to know when they need help in the process, and in most cases that i've seen, be able to get that help as well.

now and again, things just go haywire--like in any birth--btu for the most part, we are able to prepare ourselves.
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Originally Posted by TopHat View Post
Rixa Freeze did that. She even did a blog post "explaining" why she did it (http://rixarixa.blogspot.com/2009/04...o-midwife.html). Her first was a UC and her second was a midwife-attended homebirth because that's how she felt that birth should go.
: I was just coming in to post this link!
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My first birth was a CNM-attended hospital birth-- natural, no hep lock/continuous monitoring/etc., labored in a pool, caught him myself.
My second was a UP/UC all the way, didn't get a single prenatal and it went great.
I'm pregnant with my third and chose to see a CNM and get standard bloodwork, an anatomy scan, and am considering the GTT. I will be UP after 30 weeks and have another UC, but I didn't feel like there was any drawbacks to going in for all the tests this time (well, not all). I'm in a different state with a different climate where I can tell the midwife that I am planning a homebirth and there's no danger that she might call CPS or attempt to coerce me into a hospital birth. I have great insurance now and didn't last time.
I would consider having a HB midwife if we weren't moving back to our anti-homebirth state before this little one is born. If we were going to be here in Michigan, I'd probably have a midwife at the birth.
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