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Please move me to WAITING TO O

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Painefaria Welcome back! So glad you are ready to conceive again; hopefully, this will be the month! Four insems is a lot--fingers crossed for a STICKY pregnancy.

AFM I just did a digi OPK just to make sure...and I got a big smiley face, which made my afternoon. AMom I've also been thinking that maybe I will ovulate twice: big wide open cervix on my usual O day (two days after a faint OPK line) followed by a subtle thermal shift and a less open cervix; continuing fertile mucous and a positive OPK 5 days later... makes me wonder. I'm terrified of twins, so this is a daunting thought, but I figure I'll be super lucky if I manage to catch even one. I'd definitely recommend knitting, by the way.
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FTMpapa- Thank you so much for all of those words, I will go ahead and do all the tests. I started working with an RE because I was worried there was something wrong but she says that I have plenty of egg reserves and she wants me to try naturally for a while. I guess I was concerned because she wants to take classes on IVF and taking medication. This could just be a standard class they make everyone attend; I just don't know why I need to do it now.

painefaria- Good luck! That is so exciting you get to insem soo much! You are soo lucky!

AFM- Day 25 and I haven't spotted yet so the RE was probably right to tell me to go off all of my herbs. I am hoping to O during my spring break at the end of this month!
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Okay, 3 insems done, hooray for a mini-vacation! Starting to feel twinges in my middle so I should O tonight or tomorrow...still can't get a blasted positive OPK, though! I guess I'll try one more tomorrow at work, but I'm beginning to wonder...that's twice a day for the last three days! I'm really wishing I had gotten a watch sensor before AF started.
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11 dpo...........

Good morning everyone !

chiquitayy, painefaria, mtnlisa, Happy Marinating !! Best of luck for this month !

AmandaHope, I'll be watching your chart closely !! Horray for positive OPK's ! Have a good insem !

As for us....... Well, the time to test is near... I have no idea what DP's temp is yet because she is still asleep. I am hoping for a high one..... Yesturday, DP told me that she felt like AF was coming because she "wanted to clean the house" and had a small headache. Then again, she wonders if this is not a way to shield herself from bad news if we get it....... *sigh*.

FF says to test tomorrow but we will most likely wait until saturday... hopefully, AF doesnt show before that.

I'm really nervous.

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AMom, knitting is great!!!

max, sorry you think your RE will tell you to go off the herbs... mine didn't but i decided to anyway because i just wanted to try it his way the first time or two. i hope giving them up isn't too much a compromise for you...

chiquitayy, yay! are you doing another if you get a +opk? or are you done for this cycle?

afm, i broke my thermometer... i bought a new battery, and was going to replace it last night. well, first i was going to put the old battery back in and take my temp, then put the new one in and take it again, just to see if there was a difference... but after i put the old one back in, it turned to celsius and while i tried to figure out how to change it back i pulled the whole thing out of the housing and ripped the sensors from it. what a dummy... it was late, i couldn't find our other (fever) thermometer so no temp this morning. i'm going to return the battery and get a new basal thermo this morning...
on another note, i think that i am going to skip using my CBE monitor this month... doc thinks he will trigger me 4 days earlier than i would normally O and i don't know what the monitor will do with those hormones... maybe i will use it after all... i just don't know... i'm still holding FMU, waiting to make this decision since the monitor is prompting me for a sample... what to do??
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coco, where are you?? how's DPs TWW??? have you tested yet? i couldn't remember if you were early testers or not...
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post
coco, where are you?? how's DPs TWW??? have you tested yet? i couldn't remember if you were early testers or not...
you posted as i wrote this... how funny!
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11 DPO latest news....

Well.... DP' temp went up a tiny bit again today...... I guess thats not a bad sign ?
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post
coco, where are you?? how's DPs TWW??? have you tested yet? i couldn't remember if you were early testers or not...
Thanks for asking Wherli !

We are not early testers...... I used to be but those negative tests just get to me too much.

How are ya ?
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Please Move me Back to Waiting and figuring things out :(

Warning long and rambling...

So the Ob's office decided to finally call me today... We had an ultrasound on Monday and according to the tech the lining of my uterus was within limits and there was an area that had some increased blood flow but no-one seemed to be too worried about it. I requested that someone call us with results and called the next day, no return call. So we went ahead with our first insem. Well today I get an urgent call from the nurse. We need you to come in today and we need to schedule a D&C... Lovely, I am working, standing in the middle of a Sheetz on my cell phone with an individual that I case manage and you decide to drop this on me! After I composed my self I get kind of snappy and stated that "well you know you haven't even told me what is going on". I think that she was kind of taken aback and she explained that they think that I have retained placenta and that it was very important that I come in today to meet with the Dr and scheudle a procedure right away. Well now I am mad...they could have told me this the hour I waited to talk to a Dr on Monday, or lastr month after the u/s that I had or anytime over the last two days that I was home sick and I could have come in to the office at a drop of a hat. Now I have no more sick time, I can use vacation time but I really need to save that for an upcoming wedding in May, I am going away this weekend to baltimore, next weekend to Detroit, and the following to Providence, but I have to work with their schedules . And to top things off I was really looking at this to start bringing the happiness back to our lives and I have to re-live the M/C again. CRAP
Ok so Dp is really worried about the D&C and wants a second opinion because my HcG is neg. Has anyone encountered this? I am going to call a midwife that I trust to ask her opinion on things. I don't understand how the HcG could be negative and still have some retained tissue. I have no signs ie (irreg bleeding or cramping) and have had 2 totally normal for me periods. What would you do...
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painefaria I'm so sorry. I'd be really angry and disappointed, too. Not sure what else to say--we'll be right here when you are able to start again next cycle (ok--hopefully we'll have graduated, but still checking in, etc. ;-). I hope you can do something fun this weekend to create a bit of joy in the midst of this...and while you go back to waiting for a little longer. Sigh.

Coco Hey--a slightly up temp is NOT a low temp! Excellent! I don't know how you wait until after FF's test date, but I hope that whenever you are ready to test, you get a big, glaring, unambiguous positive. Thanks for watching my chart--for some reason, I find that quite reassuring right now.

AFM I had the positive OPK yesterday at 10:30am but can't do the IUI (for scheduling reasons) until 6pm tonight. I really hope that isn't too late. Past charts suggest that I do O on the day after the positive, and Brill and my current midwife claim that in winter and early spring, 90% of women ovulate in the evening (7-10pm), so here's hoping for a perfectly timed IUI! My 7-yr-old DD wanted to talk about names this morning. She has some strong opinions, especially given that I'm not even pregnant yet. She wants to veto the girl's name that DP and I are currently liking (Roxanne), because she is afraid that Roxy is cooler than her name (Zoe). Well...she does want to be a rock star, so the cool name factor could be a serious issue in the future.
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painefaria--that sucks! So Sorry! I hope that it works out soon.

coco--I'm not an early tester either, but I'm waiting on pins and needles to hear from you!

wehrli--my old therm went to celsius too, it says there is a way to change, but I couldn't figure it out--new year, new bbt therm i guess

afu--still negative (okay, I am an early and often opk tester) but I do have a tiny bit of CM so I'm hoping that the RE's estimation of O is right on (and also relieved that my opk is still neg since I am director on site tomorrow and cannot leave work at all!
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mntlisa, i'm glad everything is working out so far! i usually start poas/opk on the same day as my CBE monitor starts asking for a sample which is CD9 and i usually O on CD17 so i am a big fan of starting early... i wouldn't want to miss my chance if something in my cycle changed!!

AHope, your DD sounds cute! i think you will be fine doing your IUI tonight... how did it go? FX for you and hope the TWW goes by fast and there is a BFP at the end!!

painefaria, oh, so sorry for you... what did the midwife say?? i would def want a second opinion!

coco, i am well... making frozen yoghurt at the moment... YUM! thanks for asking. more high temps... that sounds good!

afm, i decided to go ahead and use the CBE monitor... only to find that i forgot to get more sticks... so i guess i'm doing without this month, but i'm sure that will be fine... my pregnyl came today along with the prog suppositories... $115 was our part after ins. ouch!
can't wait until sat for my mid-cycle follie check, and then DP and i are going to an indoor water resort hotel!
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Painefaria : I am so sorry about what is happening to you... Sending much care and support your way and a hug if you want it. Whats the news since you posted ?

AmandaHope : Thanks for your comment Wow thanks for the info about O time ! I am pretty surte that DP Oed at night looking at the temp curve and this *so* validates my decision to go in for a second IUI ! Thank you ! And good luck for your TWW. Oh and tell your daughter that Zoe is a veeeeeryyyyy cool name !!

mtnlisa : Thanks for watching out for our results ! I guess we are a bit different about not being testers ! For me it really came as time went on... now I am sorta avoiding the whole thing I think lol. I'd rather not know until AF or at least test only if AF is clearly late. I'd rather pretend longer lol. Hope your O comes right on time !

wehrli : Wow ! an indoor water park??? Is it the one in Northern NY ?? Here is to hoping for an optimal number of follies !

And about us..... well, still waiting 11DPO is already a good sign because DP's luteal phase averages between 10 and 12 days........ so 11 is already a step in the right direction. I am petrified at the thought that she will call and tell me that AF showed.......... Tryng to ignore that. Today I was giving a big conference and the stress of that kinda helped me forget about the ttc stress lol.... now its back at FULL FORCE !!! I am really scared this time..... ick !!

Good night everyone !


PS: Is there a chat on here ? Sometimes it would be fun to have chat time together..... anyone interested ?
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coco, it would be cool to chat... the indoor waterpark we are going to is in Gurnee, IL about 30 min from my home in Wisconsin. there are very many of them here in this state as well, however, this one is bigger and better than the others.
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Coco- Keeping fingers crossed for you!

AmandaHope- Good luck with the insems

Painefaria- I am very sorry to hear your frustrating experience with the doctors. I can really sympathize with how angry you must feel. I would be livid.

AFM, Day 26, AF should be coming tomorrow. I can't wait to get this cycle going!
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post

AHope, your DD sounds cute! i think you will be fine doing your IUI tonight... how did it go? FX for you and hope the TWW goes by fast and there is a BFP at the end!!
Thanks for the crossed fingers and good wishes--I really appreciate it! The IUI went well. The midwife said that though my cervix was wide open again and had clear cm at the os, there was also lots of cloudy cm this time...so she thinks that overall, Saturday's IUI was "better." But that hardly matters if I didn't ovulate afterward! She agrees, though, that I may be ovulating twice. If you google "ovulate twice in cycle", a Canadian study pops up showing that up to 10% of women may ovulate twice in a single cycle...which also may help explain fraternal twins (but never in my case--TERRIFIED of twins). Interesting! I have a really good feeling about today's IUI--the timing felt right, and I had my DP and DD there, which felt really good. My DD was curious about the sperm wash and insemination, darting back and forth from the waiting room to peek in and to hug me now and then. It was really sweet. She is so eager for a sibling and yet very patient at the same time. It just feels right...so we'll see. Boy, this process is a roller coaster. I went from excited/hopeful on Sat to miserable on Monday to happy and zen today... What a ride!

Coco So glad that there is still no sign of AF! Fingers and limbs crossed! And I'd definitely be interested in chatting, though I have no idea how.

SarahCecile How is the TWW going? You had such fabulous timing--I'm hoping for you!

Wehrli The monitor is trying to tell you to let go and enjoy the break from heavy scrutiny, I think.

AmandaMom Hanging in there? Waiting to inseminate is *almost* as bad as waiting to know, I think, since you know there is just more waiting to do afterward...but you'll be there soon! Knitting yet? Baby hats are a cinch on circular needles.
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and the roller coaster continues...

First of all thanks to everyone for the support I was totally a mess today...

Well we went to our appointment with the OB at 4:15pm today for our results. We were not really optimistic as the nursing staff had pretty much stated that we were coming in to schedule a D&C. When we got there the office was quite, really out of the ordinary for a practice that large, we were taken back to a room within 5 minutes of arriving. The Dr came in shortly and was great. She stated that there was so much in my chart that instead of "clouding the waters" she wanted to know what had happened. So we gave her the quick run down of the last few months. She showed us the U/S and the areas that had been a "concern". She stated that it is possible that it was retained tissue or possibly a polyp but she would not recommend a D&C at this time. She was concerned that they were looking for something that may not even be there. (the spot was so small) She also stated that at this point, 2 months post m/c, that if it was retained tissue that if I was going to have issues it would have happened. Since I have no pain, spotting, bleeding between periods, irregular periods, discharge, fever, beta is negative, etc that it was not an issue. We asked if it would increase a chance of m/c if there was retained tissue and she stated that it would not. She was cool and stated that if it were her that she wouldn't do the procedure for herself and this is how she makes her money . So we asked her about trying this cycle and she stated that she didn't think that there was any reason not to . She got a kick about "how" we were going to insem so we talked briefly about it and we were DONE , no follow up needed unless I have any of the aforementioned issues or can't get pregnant with in 6 months and at that time we can talk about a D&C.

SO we inseminated again tonight I tell you I don't know if I can go through another day like today.

Here's a link to my chart for you chart stalkers
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painefaria - What a ride you had today! I'm glad you don't need a D&C. That would really have set you back. It sounds like your body took care of everything without such invasive medical procedures being necessary. That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you about getting to continue with your inseminations, and I can't wait to hear about your BFP in a couple of weeks.

AmandaHope - for you still! Zoe sounds like such a cutie. She's going to make a wonderful big sis. BTW, you can tell her, although Roxy is a super-cool name, Zoe is definitely cooler.

Coco - Things are looking so good for you and DP. Your chart looks fantastic. I don't know how you both have the strength to not test yet, but more power to ya! We're all anxiously awaiting your news, so don't leave us hanging here.

mtnlisa - Got your dixie cups handy? I'm sure you'll get that positive OPK at just the right time. Thinking of you.

chiquitayy - I hope the next couple of weeks fly by for you! Maybe you can look into a watch for next cycle, but you probably won't need it.

max - Maybe we should both take up knitting. Doesn't this waiting drive ya nuts?
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