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Yay Painefaria! While it really sounds like a roller coaster day, it sounds like it ended better than it was as several points! Good luck with your insem!
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Sorry I've again been MIA for a few days. We're 5dpo and I'm just trying to keep my head down. I'm ignoring everything and focusing on the baby chicks we are getting this weekend to start our little backyard flock, getting the house cleaned, and working on the garden. My mind starts to slide over to "hmm, I wonder if I'm pregnant" and I try to bat it on back to where it belongs!

Painefaria - wow, that's crazy! I'm so glad it looks like it's nothing and you did get to insem. Fingersx crossed for you!

The progesterone is making me super super sleepy, so I am going to hoist myself up off this couch and get back to work!

Good luck to all of you in all of the stages of your cycles!
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Sarah--good luck--fingers crossed for you! My sister was super sleeping on progesterone too--she was only able to take it for one day because it interfered so much with her life!

afu--I'm surging!!!! I brought the cbe opk so i didn't have to deal with the cups for the cheapies and then i poas and i don't have the directions here so i had to look it up to see if I was just fading in or surging and I am def surging. I am so excited that I had to just tell everyone while it is my lunch break. I am waiting for the nurse to call me back at the RE office to see what to do next. I had an u/s scheduled for tomorrow but RE was hoping we would be able to cancel which it seems like we will!!!!!!

update, we will be doing an IUI tomorrow morning at 10 am (weather permitting, DP will be able to come in too!)
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Hi Everyone,

I hope your weather is as beautiful as it is here in DC!

Mtnlisa--Hooray for a surge! Good luck with your IUI tomorrow.

Sarahcecile--Baby chicks sound like a great distraction while you're waiting. What fun!

Painefaria--I'm so glad to hear that the OB was nice and that you were able to inseminate.

AmandaHope--Your IUI experience sounds sweet. It's fascinating to me that it may be 10% of women who ovulate twice a cycle--I had no idea the number was that high!

I'm plugging along trying to get everything ready for starting inseminations in a week or so. It continues to be amazing to me how much work this whole process is--there are just so many little pieces to deal with. My wife had to remind me recently about a comment she read on Mombian about how the military should be encouraging lesbian moms to join because having a baby as a lesbian is harder than moving a whole military. It certainly feels like that some days!
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sarahcecile - Awww, baby chicks! What a wonderful distraction that will be. You'll have to post some pics; I bet they're gonna be so cute! As for energy, I hear eating apples works wonders.

mtnlisa - Congrats on surging! Now you don't have to worry about ultrasounds or trigger shots... Your body is taking care of everything. Best of luck on your insem tomorrow! I hope DP gets to go with you. I'll keep my fingers crossed until we hear about that BFP!

escher - It's actually surprising how hard it is for us to get pregnant, isn't it? I'm constantly think how wonderful it would be if, completely by accident, through our love, DP could knock me up. On the other hand, I believe doing it the hard way will make us even more prepared to be parents, and we'll probably be better parents because of that!

AFM, I got my first look at my cervix today. It certainly was an... unusual experience. DP was a little upset I didn't want to show her, but I think I need to warm up to that idea. It was only my first look, after all! It should be interesting to watch the changes throughout my cycle.
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I'm throwing my hat in the ring again. I tried (probably too early) with a known donor about 9 months ago and would have delivered in the last couple of weeks had it "took." I'm kind of glad it didn't work out with that KD because they have since found out that his DW can't have any more kids.

Anyway. I'm jumping through the hoops to go frozen in april. ID release at 18. Yadda yadda. DP is really excited about picking out a donor. I'm quite excited, but not so into the picking out donors part. I still find it weird to design my kids. The doctor wants my heart checked out before I do it again (a murmur I never had before, wants to make sure it's nothing more than a murmur), so I'm getting an Echo on the 30th and I should be inseminating a couple of weeks after that. So right now I am mostly waiting for my period so I can order some sperm (guess I have to pick out a donor first, dang it) and I am somewhat waiting for a go-ahead.

I have been charting 4 months, but only religiously the last 2. I seem to ovulate on day 16 or 17. Thankfully the OPKs seem to turn positive predictably the day before I ovulate.

So yeah, waiting for something. That's where I am.

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12 DPO... and no we haven't tested yet LOL

Good evening everyone !

seraf : Welcome back ! Hope your stay here is short and sweet !

AmandaMom : Cool for the looksy at your cervix... we havent tried that... do you have to use a speculum ? I hate those.....

escher12 : Yup, it sure is ALOT of work..... and to think that some peeps just "get pregnant by accident"...

mtnlisa : Hope your IUI goes great ! Fingers crossed for you !!!

painefaria : I am very happpy that things turned out OK and that you dont have to wait !! Yeehawww !!! Happy TWWing !!

About chatting.... we could always use a system like AIM or... is ICQ still in service ??

And about us..... Still no AF. Temp went down some this morning but still well above the coverline. DP has been having unusual cramps since yesturday...... she doesnt usually get cramps until AF is started already..... We went for a walk tonight to buy a pregnancy test and kinda got caught up the hoping....... so we are testing in the morning at 13 DPO........... thats the day AF would be due. Wish us luck...... I am nervous as hell.... After so long..... is it our turn ?

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Originally Posted by Coco99 View Post
Good evening everyone !
.. Still no AF. Temp went down some this morning but still well above the coverline. DP has been having unusual cramps since yesturday...... she doesnt usually get cramps until AF is started already..... We went for a walk tonight to buy a pregnancy test and kinda got caught up the hoping....... so we are testing in the morning at 13 DPO........... thats the day AF would be due. Wish us luck...... I am nervous as hell.... After so long..... is it our turn ?

More personals in the morning...but I wanted to wish you, Coco my very best wishes for testing in the morning. I'm so very hopeful for you and DP...and also want you to know that we'll all be here if it doesn't happen to be BFP time quite yet. Fingers and limbs crossed!
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wehrli--I really think that standard opk's don't work for me, as it's obvious to me that I ovulated yesterday and I never managed a positive one! That was it, trying-wise--KD and wife live about 3.5 hours away, so I can't really hop over on a moment's notice. I'm just keeping fingers crossed that work keeps lining up like it has these two months! I say forget the monitor, just go with the flow for the month--the fact that you don't have the strips is telling you something...

coco--you're making me twitchy! Ack!

painefaira--Hooray! I'm glad the D&C didn't have to happen...

AHope--I personally think that Zoe and Roxy are equally excellent rock star names. And I also think that you were probably not too late, timing wise. I love that your DD was there with you! I vote stay with the zen...

mtnlisa--sounds like everything's falling into place! I'll be thinking of you later this morning!

max--hooray AF! Don't hear that one very often...

sarah--sounds like a plan to me! I'm trying really hard not to obsess this time, I think that's a better idea for me.

escher--lots of work, yes, but it'll be worth it all in the end!

seraf--welcome back

AFM: 1dpo, hooray! Testing 3/31 if AF doesn't show. My goal is to NOT obsess over everything like I did last month, since it didn't go so well then. Luckily the friends that know are a lot less nosy this month as well--this is why I limited the list to begin with. I told ex-DW's mom...I'm deciding how to break the news to ex-DW still.
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Originally Posted by chiquitayy View Post
I told ex-DW's mom...I'm deciding how to break the news to ex-DW still.
Hey.... I have that issue too with my Ex-DP... she knows that its "in the air" but I am a bit worried about having to tell her that it worled if we have a positive test tomorrow...... At the time of my breaking up with her, we were actively TTCing... I dont want to hurt her... hum.


PS: oh yeah... it really is 2AM... I am way too nervous about tomrrow to sleep...
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Crossing my stuff for you Coco, best of luck for lots of lines!
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Well... it was an obvious BFN.
Temp is still a bit more down too.... but still above coverline.
No AF yet but pink tinge on TP this morning..... unusual but....
DP is not believing it.... she is usually the skeptical one, but those cramps had convinced her that it was going to be a bfp. I just dont know.... 13 DPO is late to hope for a false negative...

We'll see....
I am expecting DP to wake up with AF.

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Coco - Stay away, AF!!! It's never too late for a BFP; I've heard some people haven't gotten them until 15 dpo. Since you asked, I did have to use a speculum to check out my cervix. It was WAY better than at the doctor. I was very slow and gentle, which made it very comfortable. I now believe doctors are definitely too rough when using the speculum on patients.

seraf - Welcome back!! I hope for your sake you're not with us long. Good luck picking out your donor. It can be fun and stressful, but I'm sure you both will choose the perfect one! During that time, I had all kinds of crazy dreams about men I know and perfect strangers being the donor for my baby...

chiquitayy - From the looks of your chart, your timing was great! Those stupid OPK's are just to generic to work for them to work on everyone, but I'm sure you won't have to worry about that next month.
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painefaria, so happy that you got your insems in!!!

coco, thinking of you and DP... s

chiquitayy, hope this TWW goes by fast and there is a BFP at the end!! G/L!!

seraf, glad to hear opks work for you! i try not to think of frozen donor as picking genes... we have mostly just looked for someone that looks vaguely like DP and has the best numbers! we've used 4 different donors and have become very unattached to "who" the donor is... good luck picking out the best donor for you. FX that all is well with your heart!

AMom, i'm glad you got a look at your cervix... we had a hard time locating mine... i really hope that you and DP can connect better on this issue, i know it was very important for my DP to be as involved as possible in this since she is feeling a bit disconnected and left out in this whole process anyway. although it was a little awkward at first, once we got past that, it was invaluable to both of us for DP to see my cervix.

escher, sounds like everything is starting to roll along! it is so much work, isn't it? everyone that knows we are TTC, recommends that we just relax and it will happen, but how can you relax when there is so much involved. from charting to ordering to the stress of timing. not to mention the disconnectedness between alot of partners in this process... are you using KD or frozen? ICI or IUI?

lisa, how did your IUI go??? is this your only?

sarah, FX for you that you are able to stay distracted [until your BFP]!

afm, i had my mid-cycle u/s this morning... my lining was a little thin, i had 2 follies on the R and 1 on the L, one on the R was 13mm, and the others were significantly smaller... my RE has me going in for another u/s on wed morning for another check... so i guess this cycle won't be as early as previously thought... oh, well... it's relieving/relaxing to know that everything is being monitored so thoroughly.
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Please move us to Waiting to Know!

I apologize for sharing every little detail of our TTC journey this week--we're still in that so excited phase because we haven't had any disappointments yet. The weather here was awful last night so DP went to work early (she works nights about an hour from home), was able to leave early, and pick me up (in the 4WD vehicle) and we were only a few minutes late for out appt. The nurse who performed the IUI was Awesome! She said that the catheter went in really easily (wide open cervix!) and everything went perfectly! Also she said that our sperm had a 18 million motile count and that that was good too. We are officially in the TWW. I will be on vacation at my parents house for the second week so we probably won't test until April 3 at the very earliest & the RE has us scheduled to come in for a blood test on the 5th in the absence of AF!
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Coco- Sorry to hear about the BFN. darn.

AmandaMom- I actually crochet, but these days I am working so much it's enough to keep me pre-occupied. Look up amigurumi, these are so fun to make.

AFM- AF is teasing me. I thought I started yesterday but it turned out to just be spotting! Man, I never wanted AF to come so bad! Let's get this party started already!
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max, amigurumi! they are so cute... i crochet, as well... i think i may give these a try the next time i'm trying to distract myself!

lisa, no worries about giving us every detail... that's what we are here for! and yay for being excited!! enjoy the excitement

afm, k... we are heading off to that indoor waterpark i mentioned the other day... won't be back [on mothering.com] until the morning... i'll update roll call again, then.... take care all! out
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Well... we are officially out. Damn...
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Coco s for you and DP - so so sorry.

- Sarah
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