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painefaria, thanks for the instructions!

tigerlily, you have been moved... good luck!! i'll add your test date if you'd like... FXFU

afm, going crazy obsessing... dang it, i really didn't want to do this but the frequent urination is really getting to me... maybe i should go get an urinalysis to rule that out.... here is my chart, if anyone cares to take a gander...
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Wehrli - just looking at your chart and I think that it looks a lot like my Oct chart... the one that I found out that I was pregnant
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Thanks for the GLs everyone.
wehrli - FF gives me a test date of March 17th . We'll see if I get that far...
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Really waiting to O

I'm delurking as we are hopefully, possibly going ahead with this, new-as-of-today cycle! Like several others have posted, we have to go through a counselor consultation. There is a good chance I will O before then (march 25) so then this cycle will be out, but my cycles are irregular to begin with and now with about six weeks of accupuncture, more weird than ever. On the plus side, at the initial RE visit the doc said that my ovaries looked like those of a teenager on the u/s--so we are very hopeful! I'm fairly busy all the time, but planning to try and keep up better so that hopefully we can find some cycle buddies among us to share the ups and downs!

good luck to all those in the wait!!

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LibraryLady - I'm incredibly sorry about your BFN. I could tell you to cheer up, there's always next cycle, on average it takes 4 to 6 cycles, blah blah blah... but like I said before, sometimes you just need to mourn.

wehrli - Your chart and symptoms are sure looking good! Still crossing my fingers for ya, and looking forward to the happy news on Tuesday!

tigerlily1 - Hoping this cycle is the one!

mtnlisa - I can relate to your long, irregular cycles. A 28-day cycle would make this so much easier and more predictable! Good luck this cycle; hopefully everything will work out so you can inseminate now that you're ready.

AFU, we had our final consultation with the RE today. He was happy with the counseling report (better be!) and answered our questions... Everything is a GO for my next ovulation! I also found out his office will store up to 3 vials at a time, which is such a relief. I was super worried about timing the shipments right, and now that's one less thing to worry about.
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LibraryLady -

Day 12 here and my LH still hasn't surged. Hoping the signs are more apparent tomorrow!
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I'm here, I'm here! I've been working for the past two days, trying not to obsess quite so much. Not particularly successful. Didn't realize Target tests aren't so great. That's what I've got!

LibraryLady...I'm with painefaria. It's not over until it's over.

for everyone that needs it!

AFM...No AF today...since last May all I've had are 25 and 26 day cycles, so...today would have been 25. I haven't been temping because I worked nights until last week, but I was hot the other night at work, checked my temp, and it was 99.1. I've been keeping an eye on it, and I've had that low grade fever since then. Hmmm. Still cramping/twinging...still crazy creamy CM. We'll see...
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chiquitayy, stay away AF, stay away!!! are you still waiting until tomorrow to test? you have a lot of self control!! good luck to you!!!

max, when do you normally O? i hope your LH surges and all your signs line up soon! GL

AMom, yay! so when is O supposed to happen for you?

mtnlisa, i hope your cycle is more predictable this month! when is your appt/O?

tigerlily, FX for you... hope your tww flies by!

painefaria, thanks! your chart gives me hope

afm, this tww is making me crazy... i was up all night using the bathroom, i swear.
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Wow! Lots of activity going on! Congrats and much luck to everyone new in the wait~ even though I was disappointed, I bought more tests and am going to test again tomorrow just in the slimmest of possible cases. This progesterone is a witch!! My af won't show up until I stop taking it, so the fact that it's not here doesn't mean anything. BUT it's also given me all kinds of cruel side effects. I've been totally queasy this morning and my boobs are huge and painful, so all the misery of pregnancy without an actual baby to show for it. Still, we're going to do one more test before we give it up for this time. Being here with you has helped a lot, so I do thank you and still have everything crossed for everyone else!!!
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chiquitayy and Wehrli and tigerlily and LibraryLady Fingers crossed for you all! Wehrli--with those symptoms, I can't believe you aren't testing early. I'm impressed by your willpower and optimistic for you! (those are supposed to be crossed fingers ;-)

AMom and Mntlisa So excited for you that you are ready to go! Yay!

No news here. Just hanging out on CD6. I'm actually impressed at how the first week (almost) of my cycle has flown by. It is probably because of work, and now I'm on spring break, so I'll have more time to obsess and slow down the feeling of time passing.
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Day 13, I normally O between Day 11 and 13, this month with the new puppy and some added stress I'm wondering if it has thrown my cycle off. My temp dipped a little yesterday but hasn't gone down completely and my cervix is not as open as in previous cycles. I'm wondering if I should try to return my baby juice and wait for next cycle.
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AHope, i think about testing about once an hour... i have never really had the desire to test early... i still don't want to partly because i can't stand seeing a stark white spot anyway and partly because DP really likes to wait to test... but we shall see...

max, FX that that OPK becomes blaringly positive very soon! maybe it'll just be a day or so late... how long have you had the tank? can you refill and keep it a while longer??

afm, i'm ready for the week to be over! happy friday everyone!!!
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wehrli - Your chart is still lookin' good! You have such strong willpower to not test early... I don't know if I can wait that long to hear the news! Since you asked, I should be ovulating around April 4-8, but that's just a guess. My cycles aren't very predictable.

chiquitayy - Still no sign of AF? I've got my fingers crossed you get a clear and obvious BFP tomorrow morning!

maxK - I'd wait a couple more days before sending the tank back. O could just be a little late, especially with the stress you mentioned. I've heard a little humpy hump can possibly help, so it wouldn't hurt to try it.

for all of you in the 2WW!
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BFN this morning but only some spotting last night, no real AF. Time will tell... for everyone else waiting!
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chiquitayy, so sorry to hear that... you are right, only time will tell. do something nice for yourself today. thinking of you.
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chiquitayy--still crossing fingers for you

AFU--starting clomid today--the doc didn't tell me when to take it and my nurse isn't in again til monday--does anyone have any thoughts about taking it morning or night? I'm wondering if the effects are different on different schedules?
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Originally Posted by mtnlisa View Post
chiquitayy--still crossing fingers for you

AFU--starting clomid today--the doc didn't tell me when to take it and my nurse isn't in again til monday--does anyone have any thoughts about taking it morning or night? I'm wondering if the effects are different on different schedules?
Medically, it doesn't matter.

In terms of managing the side effects, it might work better for you to take it at night. Personally, I never had a lot of side effects from Clomid, probably because it really wasn't doing what it was supposed to for me (jacking up my hormone production), however some people who have a lot of experience with the hard stuff say that Clomid was the WORST as far as mood swings, hot flashes, etc. go. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by mtnlisa View Post
AFU--starting clomid today--the doc didn't tell me when to take it and my nurse isn't in again til monday--does anyone have any thoughts about taking it morning or night? I'm wondering if the effects are different on different schedules?
this was my 6th month on clomid. my side effects were pretty bad the first month, i think i may have hyperstimed. days 6-10 that month (i took clomid days 5-9) i had terrible cramps, the worst lower backache in the world, and i had hot flashes day 7- O day. months 2-5 [taking clomid] i had hot flashes days 7 - O day and lower backache right before and through O, that lasted about a week. this last month [month 6 taking clomid] i had virtually no side effects. the first 5 months i took it in the morning, doctor's instructions. the 6th i took it in the afternoon because i didn't fill my Rx until late in the day the first day.
so i conclude that i think taking it later in the day may have helped me, as i think i slept through more of the side effects.

Good Luck!
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afm, my temp went down a little more today, but sleep was really irratic. dp was sick all night and kept me awake. otherwise, i'm still using the potty frequently and i would swear it smells stronger and different, offensive really. i really want to test but i just can't bring myself to do it. i can't really explain why... i guess i'm afraid of it being BFN and then i'll just have been super crazy...

how is everyone else doing today?
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Hey everyone !!

Wow ! Lots happening here !!! Best of luck to all those TWWing ! We will be joining you tomorrow !! after last month's anovulatoru cycle, its nice to be back in action !!!!

I have a timing question... we had a negative OPK this morning at 630AM and then had a positive OPK at 130PM. We are going in for IUI tomorrow morning... the question is should we also go in on monday or is that a waste of money ??

I originally thought to go twice since OPK means DP may O in 24 to 48 hours and it would cover most of that period if we go in the morning and the next day..... your thoughts ??

Thanks !

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