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coco, thanks for your words. and i am sorry to hear about those stupid legal obstacles...

Library and Dana, thinking of you...
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Hey gals~

Sorry to vanish, but it was a pretty tough weekend. We kept trying peesticks and thought we were getting faint pos lines, then AF showed up and after that I didn't want to do anything. Sorry about the other bfns on the boards, and continuing luck and good wishes for everyone who's still in the game at this point. We're desperate to have another try, but have used up all of our sperm money and aren't really sure how to proceed at this point. This would be one of the times when it'd be good to have a kd, but that's just not an option for us. Still feeling low and wishing I could make some sort of positive action. UGH UGH!!
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for Wehrli and LibraryLady. Hang in there.
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Oh Library Lady I am so sorry .
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Hey gals~

Sorry to vanish, but it was a pretty tough weekend.

We're desperate to have another try, but have used up all of our sperm money and aren't really sure how to proceed at this point.
Hey there.... I am very sorry that it didnt work for you this time... and very sorry also about the $$$ issues..... sucks when that has to be part of the baby-making equation...... I remember a friend telling me (before I started TTC) that her two kids cost her over 20 000 in fertility treatment and I was like "no way"... well, DP and I are close to that and still no kid.......... its like having to send them to college before ever having them.....

Can you get family support ? I am lucky, my folks would help if we get to that point...

Take care......

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wehrli and Library Lady

Coco- I have always loved Canada and sometimes idealize it, I’m sorry to hear they have stupid laws prohibiting you from having frozen sperm at home. That’s sad. I know why you feel stuck at your clinic now. Can you request a different nurse? Perhaps there is one good doctor at your clinic and you just have to find them?

AFM, My missed ovulation was on Monday I think. That puts me back at the drawing board after missing this cycle. I feel more prepared though; every month is a learning experience. I will never return sperm again, I'll hold out till I ovulate! I am making an appointment for another round of blood work and to have another ultrasound using salt water.
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wehrli - I am so sorry about your BFN. It's awful you had all those symptoms playing tricks on you.

Library Lady - A big hug for you It's hard when money is such an issue in TTC when so many people can do it for free. I've heard of people taking out big loans, borrowing from family, mortgaging or getting a second mortgage on their home, and even selling theirs cars or other possessions to pay for sperm... and now that they have their kids, they don't regret it one bit. I'm sure you will find the money somehow.

Coco - Hopefully you won't have to head back to that awful clinic for IUI's anymore! Fingers crossed for you for the next two weeks!

max - Sorry you missed out this cycle, but it sounds like you're prepared for next month, especially with the good news from your RE.

AmandaHope - I wouldn't read anything into one low temp. It could be a fluke. What are your follicular phase temps usually like? Do you get a sharp rise after O? That is usually a good sign. Did you chart when you were TTC #1? Maybe you could compare.

AFM, just waiting for AF to show up. I came across this site yesterday. It's an updated version of the movie they showed us in health class. Still very interesting!
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AMom, thanks for the link! i love PBS and NOVA!!! i'm gonna watch it later today.

max, glad it wasn't anovulatory or anything... if our charts could only "predict" things like O...

library, so very sorry... which bank do you use? midwest is the cheapest i could find and they come washed with all the supplies to do at home IUI... is there anyway you could take advantage of that?

afm, i have a half day off of work today and have an appt at 4pm with the RE... i'm excited and nervous that we won't like him... any advice??
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Everyone is so quiet around here !!!

Hey Wherli... How did that appointment go ??

About us.4DPO and nothing to report... temps look good so far, at least we know for sure that DP ovulated and our timing seems ok... other than that, I am trying not to look too much at our chart, the last cycle we tried, our chart was just too perfect to be true and we ended up with a BFN anyway !

Here is our chart just for fun !


Hope that you are all doing well !

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coco, DPs chart looks good, but i know what you mean about obsessing about how good it looks, and of course it is too early to tell much except that she def O'd and looks like your timing was great!
my appt went great! much better than i could have anticipated. no issues about being lesbian, he is doing everything in his power to make this cycle work, he even is more than willing to use our sperm bank (which the sperm is prewashed) and take the cost of washing and analysis off of the bill. and insurance is covering almost everything. i have an ultrasound this afternoon and will probably start clomid today, and have another u/s around next friday and will be triggering sometime soon after and then he does one IUI 36 hrs later. i am going to try really hard to let myself relax and let the doc do his thing and not worry about opks, and timing in general...
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wehrli! thats great! It seems like you had the appt on the right day of your cycle to get everything going quickly! the signs are lining up for you!

afu--hsg today and u/s on tuesday to see how i reacted to the clomid
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Sorry to be MIA, I've been trying hard not to obsess this cycle, and my cycles are so long that I usually have 3 weeks to wait before it's time to do anything.

But weirdly this morning I got the cue that I'm ovulating on my fertility monitor as well as a positive OPK, this is a full week before I usually ovulate. I'm startled and feel really unprepared. But thankfully our KD is available and his sweet wife is very accommodating about setting things up for us.

We were planning on trying to insem. once before I got a positive OPK and then the day of and the day after, but I guess not this time!

I'll be back later with personals.

- Sarah
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Good luck sarahcecile, mtnlisa, and wehrli!

Coco - Great timing this cycle! Hopefully this is the one.

AFU, we had a big disappointment yesterday. We finally got all the necessary paperwork and signatures to get registered at TSBC, but when I went to order the swimmers, it turned out our #1 donor choice was unavailable because he had met his family limit. Apparently ten women are now pregnant with his sperm! I was very upset, to the point of tears. When we checked a few weeks ago, he only had 8 pending pregnancies, but in the back of my mind I guess I thought this might happen. He's got some strong swimmers! We got to looking at our #2 choice, and he isn't so bad. I had them send 3 vials to my RE's office, and we will be inseminating in about 3 short (ha ha!) weeks.
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Insemination 1 of 2

AmandaMom Sorry to hear about your #1 donor being all done! I can imagine how incredibly frustrating that must be. You put so much thought and energy into picking someone, and you *know* that the swimmers are great...and then you have to make another choice. Congrats on getting over that hurdle and going with #2. So exciting that your RE will soon have it ready and waiting!

Wehrli Wonderful to have a plan and to be able to release some of the stress of ttc into the hands of some experienced medical professionals. Good luck!

SaraCecile What a surprise! I'm glad you have an accommodating KD (and KD's wife) and can get going. I'm sure if you do one insem today, you'll have covered your window pretty well. Fingers crossed!

Coco Your timing looks fantastic! Best wishes to you and DP!

AFM, We did our first at-home insemination today with fresh KD sperm sent through the mail, using NW Andrology and Cryobank's version of BioTranz. My DP was great--even though she is decidedly less excited about the second kid than I am, she was really wonderful. O day SHOULD be tomorrow (haven't done the OPK today--too nervous--last month, I never got a positive, but I did O according to temps, so I'm afraid that if I get a negative, I'll second guess my plan for this cycle...). So we'll do an IUI tomorrow with the frozen stuff from the same donor. It is so funny to get shipments of our KD's stuff in two different forms and packages.
I did have one of those "yuk" (combined with "oh, yeah--I remember waaaay back to that") moments preparing the insem this morning.

I'm feeling excited and hopeful...hope the rest of you are getting some of those feelings, too, even amidst the more difficult and painful ones.

update Argh! Negative OPK on day 13, when for the past three months, I've ovulated on day 14, and I never got an OPK positive last month. I'm restricting fluids and testing at different times of the day with two different kinds of reputable tests. If I do get a positive at 10am tomorrow, I could put off the IUI until Sunday night...so that's my plan...but why can't bodies just cooperate?!
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sarahcecile- I have heard (I think it's in the Brill book) that some women ovulate twice a month, so they have one that comes when they are not expecting. You may want to pay attention to that, you might find you are ovulating twice.

AmandaHope- Good luck with the multiple insem!

AFM- Just waiting for my next cycle to start! I'm excited.
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max, yay for being excited... when does your next cycle start?

AHope, opks don't always work for everyone... they only work some cycles for me trust yourself on the timing thing, i know, easier said than done.

AMom, sorry you didn't get your first choice in donors... i feel your pain, we've been through 4 so far because of availability or lack there of it's exciting that they are on their way to the clinic, though!!

sarah, good luck with your insems

mtnlisa, how did the hsg go?? i thought it was cool to see the xray of my uterus!!

afm, i had my first ultrasound this afternoon... it was vaginal... it was unexpectedly uncomfortable... not awful, but i guess i didn't expect him to move it around so much... now i see why it is called the dildo-cam.
i called and ordered the swim team, started clomid tonight, i have a mid-cycle ultrasound next saturday to have a follie check, trigger shot is arriving via ups on thursday, if follie/lining check is good on sat then trigger sun morn and iui monday evening. WOW! it's all happening so fast! i am used to Oing on CD17, inseming on CD16 and now we will be inseming CD13 (our lucky number). WOW! and now i can just sit back and relax... well, try to anyway.
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Max--I'm excited too--I'm hopeful that we'll graduate soon...

AHope--hope you get a + OPK right on time

Wehrli--the hsg was NOT fun, but at least it was brief. My cervix was shut very tight and apparently folded somewhat so she had to clamp it, ugh. But...it was great to see that my tubes are open and everything looks great! all signs are still pointing to a possible insem this month. Lets sit back and relax together!
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mtnlisa, glad to hear your tubes are open and everything is looking good for this cycle... sorry it was so uncomfortable.

afm, i had lab work again this morning, the one where you have to have your blood drawn, then drink "glucola" (which is probably about the sweetest thing i've ever drank), and then wait for 2 hours (at the clinic) and have blood drawn again. boring!
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AmandaHope - I agree with wehrli, OPK's don't always work for everyone; follow your intuition! And good luck!

mtnlisa - cervix clamping does not sound fun! Glad everything looks good though. I hope you and wehrli are able to just sit back and relax.

AFM, AF is here! I never thought I'd be so excited. This makes it Day 1 of the cycle of my first insemination, and Day 1 of the cycle I get pregnant! This will be my last period for many months! I'm all about positive thinking and visualization.
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Two inseminations done--time to marinate!

Second insem (IUI) done...so now (to use Lyndzies' term), I'm marinating (done inseminating, waiting to O)! I'm doing lots of visualization of the egg dropping into a cloud of healthy, vigorous sperm...here's hoping!
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