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anyone shopping yet...what r u getting?

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just looking, mostly. and since this is #3 its not like we need much.

my list is a carseat (maybe) and some of those big muslin swaddling blankets. maybe a bouncy seat too.

so whats everyone want this time around?
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Definitely a new carseat since we don't have one and the boys are using the 2 we have... I am definitely buying an ergo and I would like a new swing and bouncy seat since I'm sick of what we have!!! And maternity clothes... I have never been pregnant thru the summer and now we are in Louisiana so summer maternity clothes are definitely needed!!
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i'm needing to buy a new bouncy seat because ours broke and i'd like another wrap, i'm thinking a Storchenweige in one of the new colors that just came out. i also want a new diaper bag, one of those big canvas totes that hold a bunch of stuff.
but, as far as needing to buy, just the bouncy seat, some snappis, new socks, infant hats, and i think i'm going to try one of those Halo sleep sack and swaddlers. Our new house is really cold in the winter so i'm trying to get stuff to keep the baby warm. although, my husband is installing new insulation and stuff this summer, so that will definitely help too.
i love shopping for baby stuff but since this is my third, i have all of the diapers and everything that i need. unless this one is a girl, then i'll get to buy girl clothes for the first time.
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i am so not a "buy new stuff for the new baby" kind of person. the only thing i'm ever only concerned w/ is stuff for the birth, but i haven't even begun to go there yet. a rocking chair is extremely important to me, but luckily that's a one time investment (of which i purchased long ago).

i saved the baby bucket (aka carseat) and figure i'll begin thrifting for a few pieces of clothes once i find out the sex. other then that, i've got all my slings, and the boobs are ready, albeit on loan atm.
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I'm just thinking about what we'll need and looking around a little.

1) I'm trying to decide whether to buy a double stroller. Specifically, I'm looking at a B.O.B. Revolution Duallie...and they're really expensive. I ran with DS in a similar sort of single jogger/everyday stroller all spring/summer/and fall. And, since DS will be home all summer for at least the first summer this baby is around and probably most of every summer after that...I suspect I'd get similar use out of the double. Plus using it when we're out with both kids or when traveling (for places like the mall, either baby will be in a carrier and DS in the stroller or baby will be in stroller and DS will walk - the duallie is too wide for places with doorways/aisles/etc!). DH is not convinced, so this may be something we purchase when I've said 30x after the new baby is here how much we need a double stroller or double jogger. lol

2) I will probably need some new maternity clothes, but I'll buy them secondhand.

3) I'm very much hoping we'll be able to borrow a swing, high chair, and exersaucer from friends who are in between kids. We had them offered for DS, and now I don't want to buy those things because this is our last baby so they won't get re-used.

4) I want another My Breast Friend. That thing was awesome, and I don't know why I got rid of it. I must not have been thinking.

5) I will buy the Ergo infant insert and/or a ring sling or something similar - basically, I need something I can nurse the baby in while I'm out at the park or wherever with DS!

I think that's about all we'll need.
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This is my first and I have NO IDEA what to get. I don't even have any friends with kids, so I can't even look around at what someone else uses and decide what would be helpful to me. All I can think of at the moment is maternity clothes, and even for that, I have no idea what sizes to buy. I'm totally at a loss.
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I went ahead and ordered a dopppler even though I won't be able to hear baby for a few more weeks.
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I am planning to get the infant insert for the Ergo. And summer maternity clothes since all I have that is appropriate from my winter pregnancy is 3 layering tanks.

We just bought the Baby on the Way book for DD #1 but haven't told her yet that there is a baby on the way. She'll also get some sort of special present once a baby comes.

Last time we got tons of gifts and hand-me-downs and hardly had to buy anything. Several months ago, a friend was about to donate 3 huge crates of "boy clothes" from NB to 4T that we jumped on. So we are completely covered.

I think that might be it for our shopping. Crazy.
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