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Gender Results

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I thought maybe we could start this thread since many are finding out in the next couple of weeks. So far we have:

Coffeegirl~is having a

momongeon~is having a

HaikuMommy~is having a

Finsmommy~is having a

momtoafireteam~is having a

seattlemamma~March 3rd is having a

colorbywords~March 4th is having a

Taylah~March 5th is having a

soul76~March 5th is having a

Evie's Mama~March 8th is having a

MJB~March 8th is having a

LindsayK~March 8th is having a

meredyth0315~March 10th is having a

matey~March 10th is having a

isras1~March 10th is having a

maciascl~March 10th is having a

AmyKT~March 11th is having a

Somegirl99~March 11th is having a

LZP~March 12th is having a

Holz~March 14 is having a

Fruitful4Him~March 15th is having a

newmommy7-08~March 17th is having twins. and

mamabearsoblessed~March 18th is having a

lisalulu~March 18th is having a ??

Woodland~March 18this having a

amyrobynne~March 22is having a

piratemonkey~March 22nd is having a

Leonine~March 22nd is having a

the elyse~March 23rd is having a

DreamsInDigital is having a

carrierenee~March 24th is having a

Stream~March 24th Twins. Baby A= Baby B=

MissMorgan~March 24th is having a

secondimpression~March 24th is having a

limette~March 26th is having a

MammaB21~March 26th is having a

franjapany~March 26th is having a

JamieFay~March 29th is having a

COgirl19~March 29th is having a

PixieLittle~March 29th is having a
jorona~March 29th is having a

andtay23~March 30th is having a

*Jade*~March 31st is having a

mamaflutter~April 1st is having a

detroitgirl77~April 2nd is having a

kimkim~April 3rd is having a

SteelerMom~April 2nd is having a

Grover~April sometime is having a

catlvr976~April 5th is having twins!! and

lunarlady~March 31st is having a

rlandnl~April 7th is having a

Elisabeth1017~April 7th is having a

emamum~April 8th is having a

Suka~April 9th [COLOR="Magenta"]is having a

thenaturefreak~April is having a

osker~April 9th is having a

nlhousewifey is having twins a and

CallMeMommy~April 13th is having a

trimesterdoula~April 13th is having a

meganlisbeth~April 13th is having a

Nicole Starr April 15th is having a

bendmom April 16th is having a

Pyrodjm April 16th is having a

Currently 27 and 39

kdaisy~March 19th

moumo321~March 25th
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Thanks seattlemamma for putting this all in one place!! Are you finding out?

I'll be (hopefully) updating my info on Mar 12... so close, yet so far away!
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OOoooh LZP~ only 11 days to go!!!
I'll find out on the 18th! Woot!

Thanks seattlemamma!!!
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Yes! I am definitely finding out! March 3 at 1:00 central. The clock seems to be ticking backwards!
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We find out a week from today! I cannot wait.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who is having a hard time waiting My big u/s is the 10th, and it may as well be in June, time certainly feels that way
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We're finding out too, but I'm not sure the date, so I'm freaking out trying to wait!!! I have an appointment with my backup OB on March 10th. But since it's the first time I'm seeing this OB of course they won't schedule an ultrasound until after that appointment. I hope I can get her to schedule it asap after that!!! Like, I'd be happy with the next day...
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Mine's a week from today, too! I wish time would move faster!
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Mines not until March 29th at the earliest, it is sooo far away!
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mine isn't till April 7th BOOOO! I want to know now! But being my child I know it's going to hide it's goods the way his/her big brother did and I will be waiting till August.
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Mine is March 11. Sounds like our DDC is going to have a lot of shopping grandmas after next week
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I am having a girl. Thanks for updating.
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I find out March 10th!
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WOOT!!! this will definitely make waiting till the 12th easier for me- I have all of you to follow until then!

I havent even gotten the script yet from the MW for the US, but I know (hope) she'll give it to us at our appt (which is the 11th, I was so on the same wavelength, MammaB21!)

maybe it wont be so long!

Seattlemama- can you update the list to include when the ladies who will be finding out are finding out, so we can all have something to follow? Sorry, is that rude?!
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Hoping to find out before March 24. US is sometime before then!
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I find out on Thursday! Our preliminary 12 week ultrasound, the tech said she thinks girl so we'll see if she was right! I hope so be ause we've been calling it "she" since it seems nicer than it!
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We find out the 18th which seems so far away!
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LZP-Sure I'll update the list. Good idea.
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I find out on March 5th.
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Okay, Ladies for those who are playing mamabearsoblessed's For those of us "finding out'... I made your U/S date pink or blue based on what you guessed. 1 1/2 days left for me.
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