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MDC Weight-loss Club: Monday weigh-in (March 1st)

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Another month, another week, another weigh-in!

I don't know how is the weither in your areas but here we can smell Spring coming!

Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 168 (158 on MDC)
Last week: 133
This week: 131
Weight-loss: 2 pounds
Total weight-loss: 37 (27 on MDC)

Babystep goal: 130
Final goal: 125ish - but I think I will have to reconsider this goal... I feel pretty good right now but my thights are still big and I want to tone and shape them to be able to fit in a size 7-8 at least (just bought new jeans and they are 9-10 - a size down since december ).

Here you go! Your turn! Come and share We'll with you or give you a big

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Way to go, Valérie!

I'm back on track after a couple weeks of being careless while we had visitors. My kids started back to school today and I took a nice long walk this morning! Feeling optimistic again, and hoping to get pretty close to my goal by my birthday in two weeks.

Started 11/10: 165 lbs.
Last week: 144
This week: 141
Mini-goal: 140
Final goal: 135-ish

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!
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Looking good, ladies!

Highest PP: 225
Start here: 215
Last week: 209
This week: 207
Mini-goal: 205
Mid-Range Goal: 180
Ultimate goal: 145
In My Dreams Goal: 130

Getting closer to that mini-goal!!! Okay, I need to admit something... I don't really feel like .... I can't believe this but I think once I admit it I'll feel better (or at least that's my hope). I feel like it's going so slowly.... I love that I'm losing weight but I hate that it takes so long. I mean, it took about a nanosecond to gain it all.... Anyway, I also hate that I feel so bad when I lost two pounds last week and there is an obvious, over time, downward trend. Why, oh why, do I always have to be so hard on myself????? Gggrrrrr.......
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WTG Valérie & Jill!

Mama Bee! You are doing great! YOU CAN DO IT!

As for myself, I'm getting so excited that it's almost spring! I'll be able to walk the kids to the school playground that's several blocks away, if I take the long way I can get some extra exercise and a bit o' sun!

start wt: 154
Last week: 149.5
This week: 148.5
Weight-loss: 1lbs
Total weight-loss since Christmas: 5.5lbs

Babystep goal: 145

Final goal: 125

(all weights are with clothes & shoes)
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Last week: 190
This week: 191

babystep goal: 185

Final goal: 160 or lower
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highest weight (right before giving birth) 175
started here 145 (I think I started in Jan)
last week 142
this week 140.5
mini goal 140
final goal 125

I am happy with the scale reading this morning but I don't really trust it. The last three weeks read like this: 140.5, 142, 140.5

But I am sooooo close to my mini goal. When I reach it I am going to celebrate by buying some more workout clothes.
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Softmama, what a great treat! I've been thinking about a treat, too, for my 199 goal (I didn't list that one- not really sure what to call it).... I'm thinking maybe a new pair of sneakers! Back in the old days it would have been a box of macaroni & cheese or lasagna!!!! : Isn't it great to see changes not only on the scale but in the way we treat ourselves!?
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Day after giving birth:210lbs
Started here at:195 lbs
Last week:187lbs
This week:183 lbs
Loss this wk:1lb
Total loss so far:27 lbs
Loss since starting here:12 lbs
Mini Goal:180 lbs
Ultimate Goal:140 lbs

Well, I'm discouraged...I hate to admit it...my ultimate goal still seems so far away!!!! But, I absolutely can't wait to be out of the 180's....I haven't been thinner than 180 in 5 yrs!!!!
I know it will happen, my progress is amazing, if I contunue at this pace, then I'll be at my ultimate goal by June...I'm trying to look at it that way...but, it seems so FAR AWAY!!!!

Well, I will continue with my progress. WHen I hit my ulitmate goal, I'm going shopping too!!!!!
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Hello everyone!
You are all doing sooo good!

I only got to work out a few times this week but the scale is still moving down.

Last week: 177
This week: 175
Mini goal: 170
Overall goal: 145-155

I switched to stevia this week! I heard that 1tsp refined sugar can disable your killer T cells for 6 hours. No more of that!

My big deal will be finding time for exercise. My house is so messy! I'm doing about 5-6 hours a week with my business and those extra hours really make a difference in the house. I'm thinking about hiring maid service to get ahead, I'm sure I have about 10 loads of laundry sitting in the playroom and hallway upstairs to do, a few days worth of dishes, and organizing my desk which is just piled with disorganized papers. I'm just overwhelmed and I know if I were more organized I could better plan my weight loss in terms of exercise and meal planning, also getting to bed earlier. Whew! Glad that's off my chest.

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Oh, and I can fit into my leather pants again!

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Well, exercise doesn't count for everything. Last week was my birthday and I did not exercise on Monday or Tuesday was really sick the rest of the week and still lost! While eating birthday cake and pie!

At birth: 195
Starting here wieght: 170
Last week: 161
This week: 157
Lost: 3 lbs
Total since birth: 38 lbs
Mini Goal: 146 (pre pregnancy weight) by May (son will be 6 months then)
Ultimate Goal: 130

The weather has turned warmer here and I am going to put my son in the Bjorn and go for a long walk this afternoon. Thank you all for replying and posting both success and failure. It really boosts me to read your replies and know I have support! Thanks a million!
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Oops, I lost 4 lbs! I am a little tired!
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I am always in a hurry when I resond to this thread . Anyway I love this thread because I feel so motivated reading everyone's posts!

Softmama, I know what you mean about not trusting the scale. What is up with that? One day I am 145, the next day I am 155!?!? O.k. the scale this morning said 148, so I am going to go with that. I like you Idea about the non-food treat. I used to reward myself with junk! Bad Idea for weight loss!

Last week I weighed 149,
This week: 148

start wieght: 150
Minigoal: 140
Ultimate goal: 128

Gotta run! See you next week!!

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I skipped last week because I was on vacation. Things are going well, alhtough vacation meant no real lose, but no real gain either, which I was happy about.

I have been posting on MDC since last month and have lost 7 pounds! On the 16th I posted in at 191, down 3 lbs from the week before!

Current weight: 188!!! (Thinnnest since high school!!)
Total lose since baby: 38 lbs
Total lose since September: 24 lbs
New mini-goal: 185
Larger goal: 175
Ultimate Dream: 170

Glad to read how well everyone else is doing. This tread is really great!

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Here we go - I am always the last one to this party! Great work girls!!

Also I think I need to revise my numbers a bit. I seem to not be doing my math correctly and (thankfully) cheating me out of extra pounds lost!!

Highest Weight While PG: 197
Highest PP: 177
Last week
Today: 157
Total lost since PP: 20
Next mini-goal: 155
Big Goal: 140
Ultimate-Dream-World Goal: 130

I am a little sad that I only lost a half a pound this week. I didnt excercise though.

I checked out Curves in my neighborhood but it is really small and seem a little cheesy!! I know another thread is going about this but any other mommas on this thread use it?
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Originally posted by goodcents
I checked out Curves in my neighborhood but it is really small and seem a little cheesy!! I know another thread is going about this but any other mommas on this thread use it?
I do! I've been a member since February 2000, but I didn't work out during my pregnancy with dd (at the advice of my OB) and had to take a break later that year when my MIL was ill. I worked out during my entire pg and went back to working out when ds was 4 weeks old. I would be in tip top shape if I resisted my cravings more often. :
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Well, I'm posting here after months and months of totally not even trying to lose weight. I've overall been eating healthy food...going more and more organic all the time. I was posting here back in fall of 2003 but when i started gaining some wieght back and letting things slide I kind of didn't post for a while =).
I had 232 as my highest wieght while pregnant. At the birth of Jakob last February I went down to 217lbs. In the next few weeks I went down to 203 for a few weeks, but ever since I have been between 210-220lbs, depending on the day and the scale.
So, I am ready to recommit myself to my goal of losing this weight! I feel awful...my joints are aching, especially my knees. I'm tired a lot...which has been my excuse for not exercising lately.
So my goals right now are: drink more water and don't drink soda when dh brings it home. Go on the treadmill 4 times this week, in the morning when dh can watch ds....go for at least 20 minutes at a good jogging pace. Resist my sweet-tooth, specifically the urge to indulge in something chocolately almost every day. Wish me luck everyone! Reading some of your stats has really inspired me....here I go....
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Starting weight 12/29/2003 183

Today 3/1/2004 176

I didn't remember when i began keeping track i thought it was only a month and was surprised to see it was 2 full months. thank you ladies for being supportive through this cold icy winter.Spring definitely feels close and i am 7 pounds closer to my goal of 160. I plan to exercise more this week, even if it is only a 20 minute walk in the afternoon between work and my daughter's bus. Good Luck to All Rudemama.
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New here

Starting weight: 170
Mini goal: 150
Goal: 140-130 depending on how I feel, look, and how muscular I am

I am four weeks post partum today, so I'm going to start exercising. I went walking yesterday. I will be starting some gentle yoga tonight (at home).
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I started at Curves in mid-September and I have lost 21 pounds (including re-losing the 10 pounds I gained back over the Holidays!). I love it (You can read more on the other thread).
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