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May '09 Mamas - Feeling Lucky in March!

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Welcome to March!

Last full month of deployment It's a good thing too because DS broke my glasses in half this morning
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my body gave in this morning. I only had one incident but my body is achy. Hope everyone else had a better weekend!
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Changed the thread title, thought that would be a better reflection of the month for all of us

Kelly - My kids are 20 months apart so roughly the same as your's will be. At age one we ended up moving him into a twin bed pushed against our bed to help transition him to a bed, and by 14 months he was nightweaned (Dr. Jay Gordon method) and started sleeping through the night. By the time Laine was born he moved to his own room and has been sleeping there ever since. So that definitely worked for us and allowed me to get enough sleep, co-sleeping with the two of them wasn't an option because they wake each other up. Hopefully you can find something that works well for you
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I feel so out of the loop, but it's been a busy 9 months for us here! We moved in with my parents for a while when my dad broke his hip, so we are just getting home and back into the swing of things here. Lily is a great baby, but she's a terrible teether! She's beyond cranky, runs a fever, doesn't sleep... the whole nine yards! I think we are over the worst of it though. She's got 6 teeth so far. Not crawling yet, but she sure wants to. Hopefully she figures it out soon! I think I'm joining the decluttering challenge. My house is too small to have this much stuff!
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hello may mamas!
Yay for your hubby coming home soon Katie! I can only imagine how exciting that must be.

We are officially moving out of our apartment in a month, into my MIL's (sigh thought I'd never have to live there again) for 5 months then when our apartment is done being built at my mom's house we will be living in Maine! I am so incredibly excited and ready for this huge change in our lives. We have been on Cape Cod for over 5 years and I am ready to move back to the place I love best, and DH is really excited too which always helps. My mom is literally building us a 2 floor huge apartment in the unfinished part of her house. We are going to have chickens and a garden and the kind of life that I want Della to be able to experience as a young child so this is a huge huge deal!!
Sorry I'm just so excited I have to brag about it

In baby land, Della will be 9 months in exactly a week and still no real words yet, just lots of dadadada and babababas. She also finally figured out how to pick up food and instead of just drop it, actually put it in her mouth so that is helpful in the feeding department. She has been cruising all over the place and is starting to be able to stand on her own for up to about 6 seconds. I don't know about other babies in our little group but I knew from day 1 she was really ahead of the curve but of course much less verbal than a lot of babies her age. It must be like that for a lot of babies though right? Super verbal and maybe not physical or the other way around?

I hope everyone has a wonderful March. I am going stir crazy and am ready to be outside a lot again. It snowed last night just as a reminder that we still can't be out playing really but soon! Oh yeah Della's sleep has suddenly become terrible, the dreaded 9 month sleep regression I am thinking. It literally takes over an hour to get her to sleep each night even though she's exhausted. I miss the days of easy sleep but some day I know they will come back!
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Hi ladies! I'm SO excited to be back online. My laptop has been out of comission. I'm happy to join back in on the conversations......

Katie- excited about the countdown for your hubby's arrival!
Ldavis- where in Maine will you be? Wonder if you'll be nearby?

I have 2 bits of news. Griffin has eczema. He has had this rash for months and the Dr just said it was a viral rash but its gotten much worse and so they said its eczema and to just lube him up, but of course I am going to get to the bottom of it so I have him on some really basic foods to see if its related. I got him all cleared up in a matter of 3 days and then gave him some crackers and its full blown again. So I am wondering if it wheat. Grr. So frustrating. Doc said that allergy testing is not that accurate at this age so they won't recommend that.

And I just got my first post partum period. Yuck. I had forgotten all about how horrid it is. And now I need to order a new diva cup because I hate hate hate tampons and I threw away my old one.
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April - I talked in the other thread about Liam having a milk allergy and I'm pretty sure Laine has issues with it as well. I started them both on digestive enzymes and probiotics about 2 weeks ago and Liam's eczema has completely cleared up. So that may be something you can look into to help.

Lauren - They typically do one thing over another until they perfect them. Liam was an early walker and then a talker. Good luck with your move!

I am very excited to get this thing over with. My MIL asked me yesterday if they could come down for his homecoming and I declined. I've let them come for every huge event and I feel like it always detracts from us spending time together as a family, as well intentioned as it is. Plus having adult relations when my IL's are down the hall is kind of weird for me So I told her it was a big adjustment period from us and if she wanted to come the next weekend or week after he gets back that'd be fine with me. I think she's mad about it because she didn't reply back to me, but too bad I guess.
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And BOOOOO for AF!! I'm in my luteal phase and my milk is starting to drop again, ugh.
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fwiw, there's a correlation between eczema and asthma. i don't have links but WuWei/Pat in the Allergies or Health & Healing forum probably does...
If you need some gluten free recipes, give me a shout, April. We're free of gluten, dairy, egg, (most) nut and a few other things. I've been considering trying some of my recipes with eggs but haven't yet. Mostly because I can't justify making baked goods that my oldest baby can't eat. I really want to do an egg trial for him though. It's been almost 2 years since he had an egg (or gluten, or dairy ).
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lotus we will be in the Fryeburg area as of August!
I haven't had a ppaf yet but today all day I was feeling really crampy and miserable and finally it dawned on me that it might any day now. Otherwise there is something else going on?? So I am just going to assume its my first ppaf!

Katie to the MIL---pffft she'll get over it. Enjoy your DH with your kids before the rest of the family swoops in would be how I handled it too!
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Our sleep has kind of been beyond nightmarish lately. What is the 9 mos sleep regression and does it go away? Someday? Eventually?

She doesn't want to nurse when she wakes up for the 9 millionth time or want her paci, she is just up and cranky because she wants to go back to sleep Im also up and cranky for the same reason!

I havent had PP AF and Im hoping to hold off for a while. I didn't get it back til 14 mos with dd1. Of course the tiny pregnancy paranoia that hits every once in a while is annoying but I don't think as annoying as AF.
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landlady just came up and said that someone is coming to look at the apartment to rent in April, tonight!!!

Soooo irritated, the place is an absolute mess as I have begun packing and organizing and sifting through stuff. DH won't be home til 5 and I am supposed to magically clean the walls in the bedroom with the oil marks from the humidifer over the weekend and everything else.

I know some mamas here have moved before either with a baby or kids how did you manage it! What did you absolutely have to pack for you LO? We are planning on packing everything but toys and clothes pretty much!
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We've moved a lot, both while pregnant, with one child at various ages, and with two children. It's easiest just to either pack with a kid on your back and enlist the help of others, or do it at night. It's good to downsize on what you leave out, maybe a week's worth or clothing and pajamas. I usually leave one or two big toys out and some smaller ones. You can wait until you're closer to leaving to pack some things as well, just prioritize one room at a time from least to greatest importance.
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I am sick with strep and cold. I remember reading countless times about milk supply dropping when one is sick.
Is it due to just the act of being sick? OR the medicines one takes during the sickness? OR because some moms may tend not to nurse their LOs as often for fear of passing on the illness? Does anyone know? Any experiences to share?
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You can get dehydrated when you're sick, and your body is using it's resources to get you well in addition to producing milk. Sudafed can reduce milk supply if taken frequently. It's actually a really good idea to nurse frequently when you're sick because the baby will get antibodies that can prevent them from getting sick.
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Originally Posted by Blessed_Mom View Post
I am sick with strep and cold. I remember reading countless times about milk supply dropping when one is sick.
Is it due to just the act of being sick? OR the medicines one takes during the sickness? OR because some moms may tend not to nurse their LOs as often for fear of passing on the illness? Does anyone know? Any experiences to share?
My supply never dropped when sick. I have only taken Tylenol or Tylenol Allergy. I always nursed as normal.
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