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Yay JPI ....do you have our first walker?

I have`a Q - are your LOs picky eaters? My DD is so picky - have to trial any and every food 10 times before she "may" eat some and most she rejects even then. Wonder what gives?
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Mine will eat ANYTHING. Probably varies baby to baby.

Em isn't walking, but every once in a while(twice today) she will let go and stand on her own for 5-10 seconds.
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Originally Posted by Blessed_Mom View Post
Yay JPI ....do you have our first walker?

I have`a Q - are your LOs picky eaters? My DD is so picky - have to trial any and every food 10 times before she "may" eat some and most she rejects even then. Wonder what gives?
Actually I think lotus_blossom had the first LO walking? Anyway last night Olivia was holding on to DH's shirt and standing, and she turn and saw me, let go and walked right over to me! I couldn't believe it!

I don't have a particularly picky eater, she loves eating and food and has eaten some things that surprised me. Other things take some getting used to. I think it has a lot of do with the texture and consistency. I still can't gether to eat avocados (much to my dismay).

ETA: She will also eat things I don't want her to, like paper and cardboard! I can't let her play with magazines or anything like that!
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Hey ladies! Yeah, my guy has been walking for a month now, but I think that j_p_i has the earliest walker! Right? Mine walked at 9m3w (he's a bit older than most of your LO's) Its sooooo fun to watch them pad around. When he gets going faster than usual he starts to walk sideways. And always with both hands in the air. He looks like a lil chimp!

G's ezcema has gone away Now to trial the foods I took out of his diet.... (corn/peas, dairy, wheat, eggs, etc...)

I have a strange complaint. When I hold G its like he's a sack of potatoes. Anyone else have a sack of potatoes? DS1- when I picked him up at this age he would jump up and his legs would grab my waist. He clung to me like a monkey but lil G just lets his legs slip down and after 30 seconds I'm hauling him around with my arm just under his pits. It makes it so hard when I am trying to carry him and something else in my other hand. He's almost 22 pounds already. I feel like when DS1 was at that weight he was already soooo independent that I hardly had to carry him. My arms are tired!
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Maybe so! She took her first steps around 8 months 2 weeks, and is doing a little walking daily at 9 months 2 weeks. She definitely still crawls most of the time, it's much faster
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Originally Posted by kdtmom2be View Post
If you went to MY doctor she'd be freaking out about his weight, like she does about DS's. He's barely pushing 18lbs at not quite 10 months. I'm not concerned about him though. He eats when he's hungry, when you offer him food. THAT is our major hurdle here. When I am at work he often gets put off with a wet washcloth to chew on for teething when really he is crabby because he's hungry. Or the bottles in the fridge aren't used because they are "saving them in case we really need them" URGH!!! He needs to eat!!!

DS is a trouble maker too JD. He is constantly getting into the dirt in one of the big plant pots and spreading it all over the floor, and eating it. And he is constantly trying to pitch himself off of or over things. He pulls up on the side of the tub and tips himself in, he pulls up on our dog (Bouvier, 100lbs) and tips himself over the other side, landing on his head and I just really don't trust him on the bed without a hand on him or I'm sure he'd throw himself over the edge. I don't remember DD being quite this bad! She was far more cautious, esp after she'd fallen a few times. NOW she is climbing on shelves and standing on barstools to get things off the fridge and I am a little frightened about how DS will be in two years time!!
DS2 only weighed 17lbs1oz at his 9 month, 28 inches long. He eats like a horse. My kids just have really great metabolisms. My oldest is skinny as well. The doctor always has something to say about it but then when I tell her what I'm feeding him,etc. she's always like oh well you are doing everything right,sigh. Those stupid growth charts are always way off on my kids.
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Yep - I have a sack of potatoes! I was thinking about that the other day - she has sooooo much more trust in me than either of my other DDs did, they latched onto me, but Anna just chills

Welcome Cheryllynn!
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I reckon I'm lucky that I have a clinging little monkey, not a sack of potatoes.... especially if we're in a new place, hahaha, she clings like mad.

As far as weight, mine was 17lb9oz and 30 inches at her 9-month checkup (born 7lb4oz, 20.5 inches). She's very long and skinny. It's a genetic thing (not me, haha, I'm short and curvy, but I've got a lot of beanpoles in my family, and right now I'm planning on her passing my 5'3" at about age 13, if she's like my sister). The dr wasn't worried at the checkup, I even said "is she gaining enough weight? She seems so skinny" and he said that breastfed babies at this age often lean out some, then pointed at her thigh and said "that's a perfectly good amount of chubbiness, don't worry".

My ped is so laid back anyway, I got really lucky (because when Em came early I hadn't yet picked a dr, oops, and just took a recommendation from the hospital, figuring I could switch if it wasn't a good match). He doesn't ask about stuff like if she sleeps in the bed (I've heard some peds give you crap for that), just if she's happy and doing well. He said he'd had patients who had breastfeed up to the age of four "and there's nothing wrong with that if you can do it and you want to" (without me prompting or even asking about this information).
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PK – seven teeth? What have you used to help LO with teething? We have homeopathic tablets but I heard someone found drops.

Jacqueline – Thanks for the note on the Thyroid thread. It’s still a challenge to finding things on this site. I hope someone is able to answer my questions there. It’s so long though. I doubt I’ll be able to read it all and hope I haven’t asked the same question the millionth time.

Katie – I’m a big supporter of our military and member of www.operationquietcomfort.com . I am very excited for you that your dh will be home soon.

Major-mama – I have a night owl too, DD is often awake at 10, although we start bedtime routine at 9. I liked your comment about ds fighting sleep as if it’s the ultimate enemy – I know what that’s like. DD is happy, smiley, good natured baby until we have pj’s on and her bedtime blanket, then it is crying, screaming, fit-throwing time. Usually she is so tired it doesn’t last long and she’s asleep in daddy’s arms.

j-p-i – sounds like you have a walker! Sounds so cute.

Kelly – Your baby sure is long & lean. I had my dd in for her 10 month weight/height check. I bring her in every month so that I can fill in her baby book that has these empty blanks for weight/height that compel me to do something to fill them in. At 10 months she is 18#10oz, 28 ½” She was born 8#6oz and 20 ¼”. She was hovering at 27” Dec, 27 ¼” Jan and Feb, then shot up an inch in a month. Sounds like you have a good Ped. Mine also was assigned at the hospital and she has been great on b/f too, not recommending any solids until after six months.

Olivia is getting over cold #3 or 4, I’ve lost count. I suspect she picks something up at Library time on Mondays and by Tuesday night she is coughing. This time though she had a temp of 101.4 and became a snot monster. I didn’t know so much snot could come out of such a little nose. Poor girl, she’d be fine one minute and the next the snot would be down her lips, chin and sometimes her shirt or floor.
She did her first cruising, from my chair to the end table to daddy's chair a few times over the weekend. She also stands hands-free for several seconds. It's fun to see her practice this and makes me wonder how she knows she's supposed to do something like that.

I traveled to pick up donor milk on Saturday. I’m finally happy with a freezer full between myself and two donors. We are expected to be completely weaned by next week and I have mixed feelings about it. We should have frozen breastmilk to last for at least six weeks until she turns one. I have dental and medical issues that I’ll finally be able to address, but I’ll miss our evening cuddle/nursing times.
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I don't have a sack of potatoes, she clings to me with her arms and legs like a baby monkey. I definitely have a gymnast nurser though. She prefers to stand in my lap and bend over to nurse, or she crouches down with her butt in the air. Kind of amusing but not always so comfortable. I have a long and skinny baby as well, though she's slowed down in the height some. She's wearing mostly 12 month clothing now because of her height.
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Hi, I'm new too! My babe was born May 14th. She eats EVERYTHING, has 5 teeth, starting to take a few steps, and is a totally awesome baby!! Umm, I do wish she'd sleep for longer stretches! She was born 8lbs, 6oz, 22" long, and was 30" and just over 21lbs at her 9 month appointment. She is definitely a monkey girl, crawling, pulling, and climbing, reaching into everything.

As for me, I work 4 days a week (my parents watch baby while I'm gone)...have 3 dogs, a great DH, and I'm 33.

Glad to "meet" you all!
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All this talk about weight prompted me to go weigh Lily. She's 9 months and 8 days and is right at 17 pounds. I don't know how tall she is though. New 9 month clothes fit her, but some of her sister's don't as far as length goes.
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Speaking of clothes.....I JUST got Griffin a pack of Gerber 18m onesies and I put one on him this morning and they just barely fit. As in I should have bought 24 months! At this rate, but summer he will be in Lochlans 2T clothing. I just wasn't prepared for a chunker!
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Is there room for another May mama and babe? I'm new to MDC and DS was born on May 7th. He's crawling like crazy and he pulls up and has recently started standing unassisted, but only for a few seconds. I can't believe how fast the past 10 months have gone!

No teeth yet, but I'm not complaining because I'm mortally afraid of being bitten while nursing. He eats everything he can get his hands on and insists on feeding most of it to himself.

He naps twice a day (which is what he's doing right now!) and sleeps pretty well at night--wakes up twice to nurse and once or twice to be patted. We co-sleep part-time, which is to say that he usually comes to bed with us early in the morning (5-ish).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to keeping up with this thread & getting to know you ladies better!
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Originally Posted by Novus View Post

Is there room for another May mama and babe?
Nope. We're full up here.
Kidding. to all the newcomers!
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I am going to wager that my DD will be the last May baby to get teeth here. Any takers?
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DD is teething BIG TIME and today alone she bit me at least 10 times . She asks for nursing by digging in my shirt and then bites down as soon as she gets a hold of the nipple. By the time I put her to bed tonight I was all tense, just waiting for her to bite down. Thankfully she didn't.
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Originally Posted by Punchy Kaby View Post
DD is teething BIG TIME and today alone she bit me at least 10 times . She asks for nursing by digging in my shirt and then bites down as soon as she gets a hold of the nipple. By the time I put her to bed tonight I was all tense, just waiting for her to bite down. Thankfully she didn't.

Ouch!! Darcy does this too when she's teething - bites down on the nipples, then pulls her head backwards while her teeth are still clenched. I have to use all my self control not to swear in front of her and my toddler, but it just hurts so bad it takes my breath away.

We've still only got 4 teeth here, but there are another 2 top ones which aren't far away from poking through. I put her amber teething necklace on her every day, and I think it helps (and it looks cute too!).

Some recent pics:
On Australia Day
On my back in the mei-tai
With her big brother Jambin

Playing with silk scarves tied together
Action shot
The first time she ever fell asleep on her tummy

I'm applying for a job at the moment. It's 12 hrs/wk, which is perfect for me since I only want to go back to keep my skills and professional registration current. It's only about 5 mins away too. Keep all your fingers crossed for me. I'm nervous about putting the kids in child care, but I've been out of the workforce for over 3 years now, and if I don't do some work soon, I'll lose my registration and it will be a PITA to get it back again.
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PP: good luck with your job application! Darcy is so sweet. We have a wood parquet floor just like yours and it drives me batty because the tiles constantly come unglued!
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AGH! Anyone having a regression in clinginess? Suddenly the last few days Anna just wants to be held! All. The. Time. My arms are killing me!!!
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