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CIN III Displaysia and LEEP

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Anybody have any experience with this?
In just three short weeks, I have had an abnormal pap (first one ever), a colposcopy that biopsied and showed level III or severe displaysia (pre-cancer) and am now scheduled for a LEEP/Cone Biopsy procedure this Friday.
I am absolutley scared to death.......
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I'm sorry you are going through this. I had CIN III many years ago and my doctor agreed to let me try natural alternatives while he monitored my cervix for three months. I ended up getting rid of it completely with a variety of supplements and general health changes. I worked with a naturopath. I can't remember everything I took as it was several years ago.

I do remember having 3 brazil nuts a day for selenium. Carrot juice for beta carotene. Indolplex (or something like that - I think it's a folic acid supp of some sort) and Vitamin A suppositories. And monolaurin which is supposed to support your immune system in fighting off viruses. If you want to avoid the LEEP, you could look into these things but definitely communicate with your doctor because this is obviously a serious condition.

I went all out trying to avoid the LEEP and although my doctor was skeptical he let me try and was impressed that I came back with a completely clear pap within six months. That said, I do know a few people who have had LEEPS and it wasn't *that* big of a deal. They went on to have healthy pregnancies and normal paps.

Good luck to you!
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Oh yes...I had the exact same experience and it is very scary but please (easier said than done, I know!) try not to worry too much.

Just about a year ago I was diagnosed with CIN III too.. and then had to wait 4 months for my LEEP. I was so nervous!!!

Honestly, it will be okay. The procedure was very quick, less painful than the colposcopy and I was home resting in no time. I didn't even fill the prescription for pain killers that he gave me. I didn't need it, I just took it easy for a few days ( But you know what I DID do, I was so nervous I called the nurse before hand and asked for a xanax for the procedure. She say yes, and it helped a lot the day of as far as anxiety)

My results came back clear a few weeks later, and that is pretty common.
They tend to have high success rates with the LEEP.

PM me if you have any other questions!
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I had the LEEP for stage III a few years ago. The actual procedure was very quick. Having a filling in the dentists office is more uncomfortable, and takes much longer. I didn't have any pain then or afterwards. There was some brownish discharge, very light, for about 2 weeks. I had to have followup paps every 3 months and they have all come back clear since the LEEP. Now I just have paps annually.

Don't worry, it will be so much faster and easier than you are imagining
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I had CIN III and decided to try the natural route as well, after 6 months of working towards it I came back with a clean bill of health.

I have not had a recurrence since then either.

I know many people who have had LEEPs and Cryo and both say that while it isnt a walk in the park it is really not that bad. Not nearly as bad as having a kid!!
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