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Nova Helen is here!

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Nova Helen was born at 5 am 3/1/10, 8lbs 8oz, 21 inches.

My babes seem to like the full moon, as DS's labor started with the full moon, too.
I had mild, but consistent contractions for about 36 hrs, then finally lost my mucous plug at 10:30 last night. Then the contractions started getting closer together. I wanted to keep busy, so I started tidying the kitchen until the contractions were coming too frequently to get anything done.
My midwife, her assisant and my BF/DS's person all came over around 1 am. Amazingly, DS only woke once, and had no interest in what was going on. At 2 am I was 5 cm and by 4 am I was pushing, she was born an hour later.
We had a breathtaking view of the moon the whole night. Nova is beautiful and very content. DS didn't even want to get up for the birth he did get up shortly thereafter and said she could be his "super dog's" side kick "super mouse."
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Congrats! Welcome to the world Nova!
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Great job mama!! Congrats and happy babymoon!
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Congratulations...your son's response makes me grin...kids are so sweet. Our son gave his new brother two of his "best" pokemon cards in the hospital...that's love in any language. Enjoy!
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Congrats! I love the name Nova!
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