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Appropriate movies for a 3 year old

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Hi everyone,

Ds just started to get into movies....we all hang out before bed or when he isn't feeling well with some popcorn and usually watch Tinkerbell or WallE...his 2 favorite movies. I am very particular as to what is appropriate for him to see. I will not allow anything violent or scary using any guns etc...no such words as "kill" "stupid" "hate" What I have found is that so many Disney movies are so inappropriate for a 3yr old. Ones I grew up watching. Anybody out there have some good movies that are COMPLETELY BENIGN?? Do they even exist? The only other ones I ok are the Polar Express, Nanny McPhee and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Movie. Any other moms in the same boat??
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Classic Musicals.

You have a short window to get your kid hooked on the classic musicals and you're sitting squarely in it. Start with Singin' in the Rain. Then on to Easter Parade, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Bandwagon.

Seriously, forget those dumb kids' movies and go for the gold. Yeah, he may not get the plot or all the dialogue. But what kid doesn't love singing and dancing?
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My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service are movies I consider benign and appropriate for a 3 year old. They're also quite good.
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I have to concur on My Neighbor Totoro. It's such a magical movie, and my two year old adores the story and characters. Ponyo is also very good and is coming out on DVD this week I think.
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Our girls (6 and 3) LOVE My Neighbor Totoro. We have subsequent movies by that animator in our queue (Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service) - all recommended here on MDC.

We don't own an official Disney movie. We do own all the Pixars. Toy Story is a bit more violent than Toy Story 2 (which the girls love); each has gone through phases of not liking Nemo as much (the theme can be a little dark but they mostly love it). The Incredibles is for older kids, IMO. Our six year old still doesn't like it (too scary). And there is quite a bit of violence in it! A Bug's Life is a little violent, but I think because it's ants and grasshoppers, neither of our girls have worried about it. Ratatouille was concerning the first time they watched it at the very beginning, but then they settled in and loved it. I haven't seen UP yet (so we haven't purchased it yet). And of course, Cars doesn't really have any violence or anything in it; they like it quite a lot too.

Our girls watch concert DVDs - several U2 dvds, plus Fleetwood Mac -- and also both are into trains, so we have several Pentrex train dvds that they like to watch together.

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DD is 3.5. LOVES My Neighbor Toturo and Cars. Didn't care for Kiki's Delivery Service, but I haven't tried it in a while. She also really liked Shrek.

I am looking forward to seeing Ponyo with her!
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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have never heard of My Neighbor Tortoro but after all the rave reviews I am very eager to see it. It seems to be brand new since I can't get it through the library yet. I will keep looking . Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated...I love coming across something special that I would have not known about it if wasn't for MDC
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I like Winnie the Pooh...the original one. So adorable! Its been awhile since my daughter has watched it, but she's almost 3 and still likes Pooh & Piggie
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I second the classic musicals suggestions! Also, I've mentioned this book in other posts, but it was such a goldmine for our family: The Best Old Movies for Families -- I especially love the old silent black and whites for the little guys. I'd also try Googling "Classic movies for families" -- you can get a lot of great suggestions.
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I agree witht he Winnie the Pooh movies. You there are so many - the classics and the newer ones. Pooh and the Heffalump Movie, The Tigger movie, Piglet's Big Movie, Springtime with Roo, Pooh's Grand Adventure are all favorites here. Mary Poppins is a good Disney movie that has nothing offensive.
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the wind in the willows!
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it may not fit your criteria, but my son could watch the Disney Pixar Cars every day before bed. Seriously. its all he asks for.
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Another fan of Ponyo here! DD has no idea it will be an option to watch it at home soon and she will be DELIGHTED. But I'm pretty excited too. She was a little bugged out by the father until we talked about how he seemed grumpy because he was worried about his daughter that he loved very much. We also love The Red Balloon (TOTALLY benign and really beautiful), Muppets Take Manhatten (there is some slapstick stuff that is borderline for us, but dd loves it and it's really all pretty innocent), Paddle to the Sea (really sweet story about a wooden toy boat's journey down the river to the sea). For short cartoons we like Kipper. They are visually simple and the stories are gentle and happy. I also think Kipper's voice is adorable.
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The Winnie the Poohs are terrific!

I think Milo and Otis is benign, but it's been a long time since I've seen it, so I may be forgetting something. My boys used to like that one when they were small.

If you have access to t.v. series on DVD, Fraggle Rock is good and David the Gnome.
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Originally Posted by tinybutterfly View Post
I think Milo and Otis is benign, but it's been a long time since I've seen it, so I may be forgetting something. My boys used to like that one when they were small.
I forgot that one! That's dd's other favorite.
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We aren't particular about movies, but both my kids love Milo and Otis, and it seems to be one that come up a lot as being very mild. I enjoy it as well -- it's pretty funny!

Cars is another favorite from when my son was three, but the characters aren't always nice to each other. Conflict and strife are pretty much required plot elements for any kind of story, movie, tv show, etc.
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We love My Neighbor Tortoro and other movies by Miyazaki. I don't think I would call all of them totally benign but they are all good. Dd loved Spirited Away when she was four. My Neighbor Tortoro is old, your library should have it. You might request it.

She also loved Nightmare Before Christmas But she did better with a bit macabre than anything sad.
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Yeah, we like Pooh, Mary Poppins, Fraggle Rock, the Muppets take Manhattan, Singin in the Rain.

I have been hearing really good things about the Tinkerbelle movies. That makes me happy, that there is a mainstream movie out there that we'll actually feel good about. DD already loves TB, thank goodness she likes fairies more than the princesses I can't stand (just some of them ).
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Dd loves the original Pooh, and also likes The Muppets Take Manhattan and the Aristocats (the Aristocats is fun, gentle, and non-violent--one character, however, is a Siamese cat and the movie uses some offensive Asian stereotypes--I think it was made in 1970 or something).

The Pixar movies are also good. I haven't seen Toy Story in ages, but I remember it being very tame. Dd just got into Monsters, Inc.--I think that one is a little more intense, but she handles it just fine, and she's a pretty sensitive kid.

Oh, and we love love LOVE Wallace & Grommit!

ETA: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original, Boris Karloff version) is fun any time of year!
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