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We went house hunting today and saw something we like. Now we have to make an offer and see if the bank will come through with the necessary $$$ for us...

My feelings are mixed. We are 5 people in a 900 sq ft apartment. We could use a little more space. Or I could go on a mission to become extremely efficient at decluttering. But DS2 is a whirling dervish that generates sooo much chaos that I barely manage to do much else except to keep him from imminent danger most days. Why, oh why does his idea of having fun involve making huge messes or destroying things (I've lost count of how many times I've reminded him NOT to rip pages in books, and he does the same thing later on the same day or the next day... )

A friend asked me if I might consider becoming a nanny to their 15-month old starting in the fall. I'll have 3 kids to manage every day from lunch-time onwards, as DD starts JK half-days in September. Still sitting on the fence with that one. If they accept what I ask ($15/hr), it would be a reasonable supplement to the family income.

But I was sorta looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of intense baby care stuff, and visiting my dad 600 km away every two months with my 2 youngest. Wouldn't be able to do that. Plus, how would I manage all the necessary dental and medical appts for my kiddies with someone else's kid in tow? Not to mention if any one of my 3 became sick...
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Originally Posted by Mommy2Austin View Post
Ok wise mommas help me out here.

My post-partum bleeding ceased at about 4 weeks completely. Here I am at 8 weeks postpartum and since I started back to work I'm bleeding again. It's not enough to call a period, but enough that I have to wear a pantyliner/ pad to keep from ruining my underwear and pants. So what could be going on?

Class starts on April 6th. I'm excited to start, but bummed that I'll be away from work for 4 months.
Low progesterone? That's what I'm dealing with .
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Originally Posted by smokeylo View Post
Low progesterone? That's what I'm dealing with .
I have no clue...it just disappeared the day after I wrote and hasn't returned. I started taking my Chlorophyll again so maybe that had something to do with it stopping?

DH took me to work yesterday so he could have the van. He told me he was going to pick up a few chickens (we want to start raising them for our own eggs and meat) and I was thinking I'd come home to about 5-6 hens. Nope.

He bought 22 hens/chicks (they are 90% guarenteed to be female)

I leave him for a few hours....lol

I did get to enjoy showing off my babies to all my friends at work They were a big hit!
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Sarah Lynne - I am so jealous. I would love to have chickens - however it is not gonna work any time soon for us.

In my news, I am really having a challening year.

My gramma passed away. My mums' mum. While she was sicky and sufferning at the age of 91, it does come as a shock. And she is in Canada. Her funeral is in a couple of minutes, and I can only be there in thought.

I feel all over the place emotionally. One day excited about maybe being pregnant, then mourning my grandmother. It's a bit much really.

So far I have had a BFN, so in a way I am now hoping it stays that way. I just need some peace and quiet - relatively anyway. I am going to stop worrying about child spacing, and wondering when I will ever get back to being a professional woman, beyond being a mum etc. I really just need to go with the flow..... make my life count and all that good stuff.

Thanks for listening ladies - I really need this space.
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I realize we are into April already, but in the absence of an April thread for our group, here's wishing everyone HAPPY EASTER!

Even if you're not religious and don't celebrate, per say, it's nice to have the kids around for 4 days straight to just hang out with family and enjoy the spring weather.
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