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indigolilybear, i'm having my blessingway this Sat too!
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I dont feel well mamas
My throat has been hurting the past two days now. It isnt like a sore throat its like on fire .. It doesnt hurt to swollow or eat anything just burns. I dont have any white spots in the back of it and it isnt swollen.. So I have gurgled with some warm salt water a few times today which seem to numb it a bit and for a little while. Thoat longes dont seem to help. I am hoping its just from the past few night of the horrible acid reflus and then being ran down and tired from lack of sleep .. and allergies. I have no fever and so i dont know what else i can do.. If it is still like this on the 9th i guess i will mention it to my dr. If i get a fever I will call him before that of course. im just BLUH! a fine time to be getting sick when baby could come at anytime huh:
:LOL lisa could you imagin all the business these restarunts would lose in the first trimesters of pregnant women if they had that rule of free food if you throw it up :LOL they would run out of money LOL.. with all the morning sickness out there BLUHHH.
well I am gonna head to bed its a little after 1130 now I hope i can sleep.. I just want spring to get here!!!!!!
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I hope all is still mostly well with everyone, kind of nice to know that we are not alone in our sufferring......
Today a wonderful woman who just had a 10.5 lb baby gave me all her nb stuff that never even got used. I feel like i can relax and know that I can at least dress my babe for the first week, after I get some diapers of course!!! My point is that yeah I feel like things are coming together and even though we are bROKE, things will be okay.
I am hungry again so see ys soon.........
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HI Mamas..
Feeling alot better today! Sore throat is gone YEA~ I just feel groggy like i have been slipped something in my drink today.. Kinda out of it.. Both my girls have a cold so thats prob what it all is.. :
Today it is rain rain rain.. I hate rain. cant wait for this storm to pass through. Then it will be in the high 70's near 80's this weekend and all of next week so they say! I am holding on to that thats for sure! I now feel this kid under my ribs.. We have had fun the last few nights trying to figure out what body part is what.. and to watch him roll in the tummy is a bit freaky for dh LOL.. ya know when the whole belly will move and its like WOW there is something really in there. I love it..
OHHHH i had a wonderfl dream this morning.. I got dd#1 up and out the door for school and dh went to work at the same time as dd left. So it was just me and dd#2 and she was still snoozing in the bed. So i crawled back in bed next to her little warm cuddley body and drifted off to sleep.. I had the most wonderful dream! I had a dream that the baby was here and I was breastfeeding him. Now this is new to me (breasfeeding) and it was so comfoting and put me at such ease. It was a wonderful dream! I woke up and had a wet spot on my shirt! My body is getting ready for this baby and is just as excited about him coming in to this family as i am!~
well we are having homemade tacos for dinner tonight. I need to go get some things from the store before dinner get started. I hope you are all well!
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Oh, breasfeeding is AWESOME! Hunter is the only babe I've every solely breastfed, and, wow, does it do wonders for your self esteem. I mean, think about it!!! Every inch of that baby came from resources in your body! DH gave half the chromosomes (i.e. the blue prints), but you gave all the raw materials and will continue to do so untill the babe can eat big people food! Neat thought, huh?

I went to the doc today. I've gained 5 lbs since three weeks ago . I about had a fit! :LOL Get over it, already!

I skipped abnormal psychology today because I am just plain tired. Enough!

I think I'm done. Yep. I'm done.
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Hi all I breastfed Kimberly for two weeks but quit do to sore nipples and she was not gaining enough weight. so I think I may give Chloe the clostrim but quit after that just bottle feed. but I will play it by year we will see what happens. I dont have a DR. appointment intil March 12th just think in a month we will all be having are babies how exciting is that.

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prenatal appt today...

which went well, i suppose.

my anemia suspicions were right...they want me to start taking an iron supplement. the last time i got anemic though, i just boosted up on spirulina and it worked like a charm.

gained 2lbs. baby sounded good. m/w thinks she may be breech at the moment, but wasn't sure. i'm going to start hanging out in those "turn baby around" positions just in case though.

i asked my midwife about some of the policies of the birth center where i will be, and one i wasn't too happy about was the fetal monitoring. she said they will want to hook me up to the monitor for 20 minutes every couple of hours. at the center where i birthed ds, they only checked me every hour or so with the doppler, and they always asked if it was a good time for me. i asked why they can't just use the doppler, and she said, "well then a nurse would have to sit there for 20 minutes holding it." : i'm nervous about having to hold my ground and be confrontational...i didn't have to do that at all before. any advice?
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Go away acid go AWAY!
I am sure the tacos for dinner didnt help or the three yea i said three ice cream sandwhiches didnt help:LOL So i sit and wait and see if sitting up for awhile will help it go away! Crossing my fingers... BLUH. I may just say screw it and go throw up and get it over with but i hate to throw up.. I remember towards the end with dd#2 i had to do that and dh would make fun of me saying i was a pregnant bulemic which i wasnt it was just gonna wake me up and gag me in the middle of the night as soon as i fell asleep.. OK as I have grossed you all out enough i am gonna get going.
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Hey all...hope people are feeling better.

Mamajubilee--hope your BW is great. I"m looking forward to mine though a little nervous since it'll be a lot larger than my ones w/ds and maybe not so intimate? Either way, it'll be good. Good luck w/the BC--is there no room for flexibililtly? Maybe you could suggest a different option and then convince the MW to sign off a paper?

Well, nothing new here. Feeling a little more hormonal and just plain tired. I do get freaked out a little realizing it'll all be over soon....but then I'll have a newborn! I always get a little overwhelmed this part of the pregnancy.....lkind of like "what was I thinking??" Of course, I'm excited too, for birthing as well as seeing htis little stinker.

Did my belly casting and it turned out nicely. I still need to fix it up and paint it but at least I got it done! I think we're almost ready. If only someone would come clean my house for Sat!!! :
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morning mamas.!!
Hope everyone is well and feeling good! Things are going ok here. I still need to wash some baby things but I cant seem to get around to it. I think its because I can get the things in the wash but to lean over and get them out i cant because i am short and the belly is in the way! So I usually wait for dh to be home to do laundry:LOL
Nothing really new to report here on teh home front Seeing how i am here at least a few times a day ! LOL
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tired constipated and feel sick I have been have acid reflex for the last week and it is upsetting my stomach anything I eat and I feel that my tummy and chest is on fire. I have so much house work to do and Iam so tired I dont feel like doing it. well Iam glad everyone else is feeling well.

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I just cannot sleep and oH is the pukey, hot feeling in my throat whenever I lay down ever going to go away?
I am fine when I am up and going, except that the lack of sleep is making me feel as though I am in an altered space and dimension.
The weather here is going to be in the 70s-- wow!! Please come to me spring.
So this weekend I plan on getting my 2 hb spaces cleaned and decluttered. Yes all those 1000 k'nexs need to be put away so I can put some cushions on the floor!!! And if i have the babe in my room, well, there is room for much improvement in there too.
Happy blessingways to you mamas having them this weekend, I am still undecided as to whether or not I want one this time. weird.

lets all hang in there moms and know that the times are soon to be changing. much peace to all--
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Geeze... I have now finished cleaning the main rooms of the house. Just have to do mine. The bed's made, but the computer is in here, too, so I got sidetracked!!! Gotta get the kiddos ready for school 'cause the bus will be here in an hour or so.

I don't think I"m going anywhere to day, I just don't wanna!!!!!

Hunter and Duncan are racing their cars and they way they start is "1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!!!" and off they go. Duncan always skips 4 and 5 for some reason! :LOL Natalie is "vaccuuming" the entry way. Lord knows it needed it! Since it's raining, we have muddy pawprints all over the tile in the entry way and the kitchen. Icky.

Well, I feel okay today, the end of the pregnancy is always the worst bit. I'd rather have morning sickness than acid reflux. Seriously. At least I get some benefit outta morning sickness (I loose weight!!!! :LOL) Acid reflux just makes me miserable...

Can't wait to see this little guy and see if he has dimples just like his older brothers do. I'm sure he does, but, sometimes God has other things in mind!!!!

Have a great day! I'm going to call DH and see if he's got our finances figured out yet!

Lisa et al
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Had my appointment this morning! Baby is head down, YEAH! I don't know why but i was getting afraid of a breech presentation.

I gained 9 POUNDS!!! uh oh! I knew it was going to be a big gain but I didn't know it would be THAT big! Towards the end of my pregnancy's I get a sweet tooth, normally I NEVER eat sweets.

I talked to my MW about the contractions I've been having, she said if I'm having more than 4 in an hour, that I need to lay down-lets just say that would put me in bedrest, because I have them ALL the time and definitely more that 4 in an hour, anyway she just said to try to take it easy the next 2 weeks until I get to 36 weeks.

Sore nipples are almost always caused by improper positioning! Maybe you could attend a LLL meeting before the baby comes?
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IM glad im not alone on the acid! It is the pits!!!
So happy baby is down for ya bellafinn.. Isnt t great news to hear that! I hope mine stays that way too.. He finally turned before the last appointment..
I keep looking at the calander! Its weird to think that in about 33 days or so this baby will be here. It just blows my mind My daughter has Spring break starting 20th and last until the 29th this month.. My mom and aunt are suppose to fly in for the birth and to help out with the girls when i go to the hospital.. So manything coming up this month and it will be over before i know it! So exciting!
I so need to clean .. But i just dont wanna.. My kitchen is a total mess. I hate to clean the kitchen.. Hayley and I need to shower so we will take a nice long warm one today.. So wish I had a bathtub it would be so nice to sit in that all darn day! Well gotta go shower!
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Hi everyone! I hope you all are feeling better! I am very lucky to be feeling good. My med. for the acid reflux works really well. Just a little uncomfortable at times... the Dr. says that I am "all baby" and that this baby will most likely be bigger than my ds was. My ds wasn't a very big baby so that's just fine w/ me! We talked more about my c-section and he has been trying to set me up w/ the anesisologist (sp?) but the hospital doesn't have their schedule yet. I gained another pound, so that puts me at a gain of 8lbs. after a loss of 10lbs... so maybe I'll come out of the hospital weighing less than I did before I got pg! (Wouldn't that be nice?) I only breastfed my ds for about 6mos. so I'm hoping to go much longer this time around. I had a WIC appt. today and they were going to give me info. about the formula and I was like 'no thanks' and they're like 'you're going to breastfeed exclusively?" and I was like 'yes'. Anyway... I've been busy trying to keep the apartment clean - its a never ending battle!
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Oh, tell me about it, Sarah!!!

I filled out a survey on WebMD yesterday and it said "I always knew I would formula feed. Breastfeeding is not for me." I almost :Puke ! What frustrates me is the wording. It sounds like the person isn't even supposed to test out breastfeeding. Give it two weeks and see how you do. At best, give it six weeks. With Hunter, I just kept on truckin'. Of course, after twins, it was a piece of cake.

I'm thinking, though, I have a thrush infection 'cause my nipples burn at the oddest time and sometimes I have a shooting pain in my breast. Oh, well, I'm treating it with some anti-fungal junk I had around the house. Still before its expiration date, so, there you go! Good stuff.

I have to take Connor to his Boy Scout meeting tonight... I don't really want to go to class, I'm feeling extremely lazy.... I just notice that if I spend all day cleaning, I'm useless for the next two days or so.

:LOL Duncan just asked Mac to give him some ice cream, and Mac said no. Then, Duncan asked me for ice cream. Just asking, I guess. That's too too funny. I guess I better get a shower or bath before I have to go to the scout meeting. I'm not sure which is worse, the meeting or algebra. I think the meeting!!!!
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acid and heartburn


When I was pregnant with my first son, my midwife gave me the ultimate cure for heartburn--digestive enzymes. The heartburn happens because digestion slows radically during pregnancy. If you take TUMS, it will cut the acid, but slow the digestion even further. Digestive enzymes speed things up when you take them with a meal, and then supper is history before you lie down for bed. I swear by them. You just have to make sure you get one that specifies ingredients to work on carbs, protein, and fat, not just the papaya ones that only work on protein.

I've been nesting like crazy, too Living room and dining room and bedroom are now spotless. Now to work on the guest room, playroom, and storage room. . .
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Thanks for the advice! As soon as I get to the store, I'll check it out!!!!!! My mom showed up unexpectedly at 3PM this afternoon and took the twins over to her house to play. They were so excited! : Hunter spent the afternoon running around wearing a t-shirt, prefold with a snappi, and the coup de grace, pink high heels. Gotta love a man with fashion sense! : Now he's running around the back yard looking for "CAT!" Oh, well, what can ya do?

Is there anyone else on this board just praying to go into labor or something??? I just am TIRED of being pregnant. I know this is my last baby and all, but I'm sick of this whole pregnancy thing and I am looking forward to the "honeymoon" after the baby comes.
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