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Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling

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Are you all aware that Sandra Dodd has a new book out?! I hadn't heard about it till today, or else I'd heard about it and it just hadn't registered:

Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling

And for those who might not have known, she's had another book out for some time: Moving a Puddle and other essays, by Sandra Dodd

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I have both of her books and they're great.
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I have this book and love, love, love it! It's pretty much the same as what's on her website, but in book form. I personally can't stand reading lots of articles at the computer, but love cuddling up with a good book like this.
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I was really hoping to love this book more than I do--I certainly do find it useful--but I find her stance way too rigid on certain things, like special needs kids, for example.
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I love the book! A must have to any unschooling parent.
One of those books to have on your bedside table and re-read
many times !
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as a right-brained unschooling mama, i find her books sometimes hard to keep with. but i feel like that a lot about unschooling books in general.
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I just got it last week, but I haven't started it yet. I can't wait to read it.
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I've been working through this book on my Kindle and just purchased a hard copy because I loved it so much! I'm going to put it in the bathroom for my DH to read It's the perfect topical bathroom reader.
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I agree it's great as a 'bathroom reader' in DH's bathroom where I hope that the short segments will entice him to read lightly here and there through the book.
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oooo, now I want it...I love her website.
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Just ordered it yesterday. I love, love, love the website but need a book form for all those times when my computer or internet connection might be unavailable.

Happy to report back when I get it and dive in.
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I got it and have been reading it. I have perused her website but find it hard to read a lot on the computer. I prefer a printed book. I sometimes have a hard time following what she's saying but it's making more sense as I live unschooling more. I'm really enjoying it.
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Got it! Ordered Wed...in my box today. Great, fast shipping. I like that!

Now off to soak in a good, long bath and dig in.
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Loving this book!

It is IMHO more manageable than the website. I say that because what the book contains are Sandra's pieces, not all the quotes and links from everyone else. Now, I like all those other things too, but for quick-digestability the book is a nice format.

One think I like most of all is that at the end of each short essay there is an address to show you where on her website to find more. That makes it easy to read a short bit and think on that AND know right where to go to read more on that one subject.

Once I get done going through the book dh wants to read it! That surprised me as did our really wonderful discussion about unschooling/radical unschooling over the weekend.

(that's 5 thumbs up for the book)
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