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need ideas for gift for stock the bar shower

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a cousin is getting married and i am invited to a stock the bar shower in a couple of weeks. Both these kids have millionaire fathers, and so its not like i could buy them anything they need anyway. But I always make gifts and this is the first time i have found myself stuck for ideas. I thought of wine glass charms, but i am sure they will have plenty of those. i dont drink myself, so i dont really know what items you would need for a stocked bar, other than alcohol. I guess i could just buy a bottle of something, but i would much rather make something, if i can think of a good idea. Does anyone have any suggestions? please and thank you!
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Just a couple quick thoughts.... if you are creative at painting how about 2 personalized wine glasses?

Can you make some unique coasters, possibly glass etching of some sort or again glass painting?
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i can't paint very well, am looking for something to sew. So far i can only think of cocktail napkins or coasters, which may be what i go with, although i would LOVE to have more ideas.
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Bar towels? Like you would use to dry dishes. You could make them pretty

ETA: Or a cute little matching set of napkins and bar towels.
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Martha Stewart had a show with glass etching. You could etch something with a do it yourself kit?

For sewing, the only thing I can think of is coasters or bar towels.

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If the etching interests you at all,I can tell you it's really easy.You can buy stecils made just for that at the craft store.You rub them on,apply the etching cream,wait a bit and wash it off.You could etch a martini shaker too.

What about a trivet or message board made from wine corks?

Some sort of decorative tray?

A picture frame(or even a light switch cover) decorated with something like wine labels or beer caps?

Homemade lemoncello?

As far as sewing...hmmm?What about a wine travel bag?or a cool aprons for when the couple is tending bar?
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How about theme sets of linens? Like a festa set for margaritas? A football set for beer? An italian chef (you know-the fat guy) for wine? Something sophisticated? Fun? Party animals? You could do your towels, napkins, table clothes, aprons... in those themes.
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OOOH, thanks, Zech....football theme is a good idea; i have a feeling that they will do a lot of football parties; i think that is what I will use for the napkins/ towels....either a generic football or maybe use their alma mater colors/ logo. Much more interesting than just a monogram, which is what i was thinking.

I am also interested in trying out the glass etching. Thanks for the reassurance that it is easy; I think I will see what I can find for blanks and incorporate that as well. Mostly because my dp collects glasses (and everything else) and etching is something i could do a lot with for him, and a craft that i have never considered. And expanding my craftiness is always fun!
Thanks for the ideas, mamas!
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okay; i decided what to do and am about to get on it. i hope to be able to show pix when i am done.
i have this black t shirt i got from my mom that has a large machine embroidery of different neon colored drinks lined in a row. each has a flower in the drink, too. i am going to use that for the center and make a fabric tray. i think i will do the sides all brightly patchworked. and then in the basket will be a stack of different brightly colored cocktail napkins. ANd also I am going to make some cocktail umbrellas and maybe try to figure out flower stirrers as well. I am wondering about making the parasols from fabric....
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