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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post
If I bring a book, is it likely I can avoid small talk with the other parents? Does it make me a bad person to even be considering this strategy?
Probably. I have done this. At a roller rink.

Run is not happening today. I'll go out tomorrow. Dh is home for a dental appt so I can leave early for Y and stay late at work, which means I can run long then. Turns out the legs are sore from garden work, the weather turned to blech, and there's too much fence and yardwork to do.

Callie, it is lovely. Good luck! I especially love the screened area between the house and garage.
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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post
Coconut oil temps vary on type. Extra-virgin can withstand low temps. Virgin -moderate temps. Just coconut oil - high temps like making donuts, etc. So either of the last two should be fine.
I used coconut oil in a batch of granola in Mexico based on your rec and it was great! Oh and Eksmom, that pumpkin seed oil is pretty tasty in granola too!

Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
My new fave drink: lime seltzer with a splash of grape juice.
Weird synchronicity here, we've been drinking white grape juice and lemon fizzy water here all week. It's our new favorite cocktail!

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
My sister has also started molasses. She says she thinks it is working.
What does that mean??
Any news about your ewe's babe? And belated for your amazing weight loss accomplishment! I'm very very impressed!

Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post
Okay, off to the party. If I bring a book, is it likely I can avoid small talk with the other parents? Does it make me a bad person to even be considering this strategy?
Hmmm, if the party is at someone's house I think it definitely will mark you forever as antisocial/aloof - you may not want to go that way. I'd try to suck it up and brave a little talk about the weather. But then, if the party is somewhere public, like a skating rink, you may be able to get away with it. Good luck.

Callie - Gorgeous house!! Good luck with it all going smoothly!

Mel - I think you're awesome at any speed!

RR: Ran 9.2 with RP nad a group that was doing 18. They were fast and I thought during the first half that I was going to get left behind but then they stopped at to get some water and I caught up and managed to stay with them the rest of the way. I was shamelessly drafting off of my RP but she didn't seem to mind . But, at one point I asked the guy with the Garmin what our pace was and he called it at 8:36!!!!!! Overall I think we were more at about 10:00/mile but still, for a long slow distance run it was fast for me but I did it!
Now I'm finishing off the Roo Stew a la Jooj. I've never used parsnips or turnips before and it's giving the house a nice new tangy smell. Can't wait to !
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Jenlove - and


Will someone please remind me why I run things like half-marathons when I am not remotely prepared for them?

I'm going to do a quickie race report because I have 2 hours till I leave for the airport and I have yet to start packing. (Mel - I am on my way, but I may leave the running shoes behind - trying to pack light)

I don't know what my finish time is - I'll post it soon - because I messed up my Garmin setting and also forgot to start it. Amateur hour.

I can say this: I loved Oakland today. For this being an inaugural race, they did a great job. The biggest hiccup I had was the bag check was a bit of a cluster, but I got to the start line in plenty of time.

I really REALLY wish I had something to take pictures with along the way. I was using my phone as both an ipod and a GPS broadcasting device, which ultimately killed my battery with a few miles to go. I saw so many cool things and the weather was so beautiful and plenty of city people came out to support the race. It was just great to see. Lots of art, music, kids, gospel choirs, drum circles - it was a great day for Oakland.

Meanwhile, I know for SURE my time will be slow. Y'know, per usual
But I really felt I went out too slow, but something told me that was the right pace so I just kept at it. I refused to look at my Garmin and I recall the very first marker I saw was 5 miles and I was so bummed - I thought I had cleared the halfway point

OK, I better scoot - I'll be back when I can. Mostly I will be flying over the next 14 hours though.

CONGRATS ALEX! Way to ROCK that race!!

ETA: I actually PRd but it's still not much to shake my tail feather at... 2:49
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WTG Poppy! I think you can totally shake your tail feathers at a new PR!!!! And very interesting about how it felt slow but you were listening to your body! and cool to hear about Oakland...

Plady - WTG on the "long, slow" run - that is speedy!!

La - donuts

thx for the about the house you guys!

Is there such a thing as playground bootcamp? IF so, that is what I did today

DD has started wanting to 'jog' - so we run over to the playground - ~1/4 mi from our house, and then do a 'race' she invented on the playground equipment - climb up a ladder, run over a bridge, slide down a slide, race back around to the ladder, rinse, repeat x20-30 times at top speed then jog home.

If this child is not a runner when she gets older, I will eat my Brooks

I'm counting that as my cardio and now going to do a tiny bit of arm weights and abs before finishing the lecture I have to give tomorrow AM
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Poppy - You should totally shake your tailfeathers at that....you just ran a 1/2 marathon!!!! That's awesome!!!

Just wanted to pop in with a quick update on my injured knee. It's starting to feel a little bit better, like I can tell that it's healing, though very slowly. I don't anticipate running on it for at least a couple more days. I am going to try it out in the pool tonight, see how it feels to swim. It hurts to bend it, and walking down stairs is pure torture, so I'm hoping that the flip turns and pushing off the walls in the pool won't be too bad. I'm going on day 4 with zero exercise since this injury and I'm starting to go stir crazy. My triathlon is in 3 weeks...I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do it now if this knee doesn't start to feel better in the next week.
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Oh, Jennie, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. It's just horrifying

Yee haw, Poppy! Well done Great PR. Have safe travels.

No real time for personals, I'm afraid, but back tomorrow.

Race was so much fun. DH made it a lovely day - with a surprise party (well, him, ds and my parents!) afterward. I posted pics on my blog and on FB...

It was a cold and very windy day, and it felt as though I was running up a hill a good part of the way. it was awesome when people came out of their houses to cheer, though!. The event itself was honestly a bit disorganized. There were no mile markers, no time keeping until the very end, etc, and without a garmin I had NO idea how far I'd run or how fast. I didn't go into the event feeling at all confident so I went off very slowly. I panicked around mile 3, though, wondering how I'd keep up any sort of pace, but by around mile 6 (the only marker!) was suddenly feeling very strong. My legs started to hurt (injury hurt) for a few miles towards the end, which slowed me down, but mostly I didn;t get passed, and I was passing quite a few people in the final mile. I think that if I'd known it was the final mile I could have really pushed it. As it was I had no clue where the finish was and sort of sauntered over the line. I felt much too good and fresh afterward so I know I didn't push myself. But, gah, I have NO confidence right now.

But I did finish under 2 hours! There are no chip times and I'm waiting for the results to be posted, but I saw the clock say 1:58 something. It took me a while to cross the start line so I am a bit bummed that I won't have a proper time. Still, my goal was to sub 2, so I should be happy.

So why must I torture myself and invite disappointment? I am so hard on myself and it does my confidence and self-belief no good. Must work on this.

Thanks so much for all the good cheers on FB! It meant the world to me channeling your energy and

Photos on blog http://usandpoppet.blogspot.com/2010...-with-raf.html
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poppy, WTG! Celebrate your PR! Travel safely.

Plady, molasses for iron. She went to donate and was denied. I shared some of my Dingo iron infos, and she said the lady at the blood center told her to put molasses in her coffee. She said that was gross. So she's having blackstrap molasses and an orange. Tastes good and she feel more energy.

We spent the afternoon putting up fence. We're splitting the pasture so we can rotate. It's big, so there's plenty of room, and that means a lot of woven wire and T-posts. And $$$. Whatever. Numbers in, numbers out.

Anyway, dh is home tomorrow so once I milk the goat, make lunches and get the kids packed for school, I can disappear until dinnertime. I will run.

No signs, bad or good, for the ewe. She seems fine, which is really good. Also, no new goat kids yet. And we collected 3 dozen eggs today.
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Congratulations! Now sleep!
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Yay Zubeldia! You did great! Congatulate yourself and relish it. That's an awesome time. And oh, yeah, you had a baby less than a year ago and you're working full-time. For the love of all that's good, pat yourself on the back!

Poppy, Way to go on the PR!!! You've had so many obstacles and you should be so proud of yourself! I like to *think* I can run a half-marathon, but really, all I can't run even half of a half. So, pat yourself on the back and enjoy some downtime before RAGNAR! And enjoy that time overseas. Yay for leaving the shoes behind.

Jooj, those are a lot of eggs. Building fences is a lot of work! What a day. Do you get to make up Spa day?

La, I recently read that one of my heroines, Emily Hahn, took books with her everywhere she went (which I do) but she actually read them at anyone's house. She had a reputation for taking breaks from conversations to curl up in a quiet spot and read before returning to the conversation. Give yourself permission. I would probably accost you if you were one of my kid's friends and you were quietly reading somewhere. Yeah, I'd probably ruin the moment b/c I'd want to be your instant friend! And yay for donuts in the family!!! That rocks!

Eagle, I'm so impressed by anyone who can flip off the wall. I've tried and tried and I have some mental barrier I think. Hope your knee heals soon.

Nick, I like the setlzer/juice idea. I've been good not drinking Diet Cokes, but all it takes is going to my mil's house and 1 DC and my body craves it. There must be something addictive in it.

Callie, that playground race with dd sounds fun. Reminds me of the obstacle courses my 2 boys like to create, only I like to make them do all the running just to wear them out.

DrJen, good luck with the new admin this week. Let us know how it goes. I'd be frustrated, too, with having to refer a procedure you can do perfectly well yourself.

(And I have nothing to report. I just wanted to say hi. )
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Zub and Poppy! GREAT reports!!!!
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jenlove - what a horrible tragedy. I'm so sorry.

poppy - way to PR! That is so awesome considering that your training was pretty interrupted.

zub - I agree, go ahead and pat yourself on the back! You did awesome! Your DH is so incredibly sweet, love all the pictures of everything he put together for you.

jo - wow, 36 eggs in one day? This is me, , green with envy, just ignore the sad face on that 'lil guy. That's awesome!

callie - whew, I'm worn out just imagining playground bootcamp x30! Congrats on the house!

Just FYI re: coconut oil...my understanding is that there is actually no such thing as extra virgin CO, though some companies put that on their labels to trick people into paying more for what is actually just virgin CO. Apparently the EV classification doesn't even exist in the CO world like it does in the olive oil world. It's perfectly fine for baking, though I've read conflicting info. WRT whether it can withstand the heat of frying.

rr: 20.3 miles and no F-bombs! Much better than last time. It was pretty warm and I think I was dehydrated because I really struggled in the second half but my pace stayed ok so it's all good. I drank about 50-60 oz. of water between miles 12 and 16 and felt a bit better, well except for all the sloshing in my belly. Luckily I have an iron stomach.
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Oh, JenLove, that is so, so sad. I read your post between playing the piano in church this morning and have thought of the family and you all day.

poppy - Congrats on your PR! And way to PR with all the stuff you've had going on!

zubeldia - listen up, girl - you better be dislocating your shoulder with the back patting you deserve! You are absolutely amazing!
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real~ Sorry you're not feeling well. for better health!

lala~ No tattoos for me! I think they can be great on other people, but I am SO not a tattoo person.

poppy~ Great race! A PR is a PR! Safe travels...do you get to meet up with Mel? That's so cool!

alex~ Great race! Listen to me, woman...you have GOT to stop dragging yourself down! I know that your speed now is not what you used to have, but it is nowhere NEAR slow! Under 2 hours is great, especially when you didn't really feel like you were pushing yourself very hard! LOVE the pictures, the sign is so cute, and the cake is adorable!

So, um. I'm not running the half in two weeks! I'm going to Detroit for the Frozen Four! I really didn't think it was going to happen, but after 2 overtimes, we pulled it out! I am actually a little disappointed about the race, but this could be just the break my legs need right now. I have a friend who didn't get into the race who might take my entry if they allow transfers, so that would be nice. Otherwise, I'll have to see if someone can pick up my shirt for me...long sleeve tech shirt, I want it!

Meanwhile, I think another day off tomorrow and then maybe a slowish run on Tuesday. Now that I don't have to worry about the half distance for another month or two, I think it might be time to work back into long slow distance running mode. And I have TONS of stuff to do around the house, so a break is not a bad thing!
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Way to go on the PR poppy! Enjy your travels.

zub, you did great too! Way to meet your goals. What kind of self talk do you want to see your son give himself? Set a great example and pat yourself on the back momma.

Eagle , I hope your healing suddenly takes off. As to tris, my running partner is saying she will each me to swim if I just get my tush to the pool.

loftmama, I am write there with you on the diet soda. I cannot imagine buying the stuff but at my mom's? Diet A & W, I always have one in my hand. She is my supplier and starts her own day with diet coke. Gah. My words are starting to sink in and she is getting inconsistent about buying it for me but I do crave it once I walk in her door.

CFG, way to go on the 20! I long to get back to that distance.

Gaye, enjoy your trip to the frozen 4. this time of year I want nothing frozen. I am not even ready for ice cream.

weights this morning and I have got to work on my foot. It feels this morning like it should have felt Saturday afternoon after I did 12. It is off and weak feeling all day yesterday, bothered even by walking. I need to watch the running carefully if I am going to do the half early May.
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WTG Alex
you are so speedy mama!! you would be zooming past me!!
Sounds like an awesome race

CFG - wtg on the 20!
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
zub, you did great too! Way to meet your goals. What kind of self talk do you want to see your son give himself? Set a great example and pat yourself on the back momma.
and , , You just did a sub 2 hour 1/2 on what? 4 hours sleep over the past 5 months? And you've been sick? And working FULL TIME? Seriously Alex if you set the bar any higher we won't even know how to talk to you! I told my running group about you yesterday as I was being carried along in their slipstream and they were all very impressed with you, so it isn't just a Dingo thing either!

Poppy - Have a fun trip and REST! Right? Don't you need to heal up those shins?

Re:Ragnar - I drummed up some more interest yesterday and I'm pretty sure we could get a full 12 but before we slap that money down I'd like a show of hands for who is in but only at the $85 level and who is in even if we don't make the early deadline on Wednesday? That would make it $100 and buy us two more months to get our roster finalized.

Mommajb - I bet you'll really like swimming once you get the hang of the breathing. That's really the key, being able to breathe calmly and to balance horizontally, I'm sure you can do it. Then it opens that very peaceful, very personal world of lap swimming. It's very quiet in the water.

CFG - WTG on your long run! I'm glad it had better juju than the other one!

Gaye - That sounds like a good reward for getting into Nursing school! Good luck to your team in whatever sport it is
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JenLove ~ what a tragedy. My heart breaks for your friend's family.

Great race Poppy!!!! A PR is a PR .

And Alex, I'll be seriously if I get in under 2 hours for my upcoming half. I also "used to be fast", and I know it's hard knowing what your body could once do compared to what it's doing now. But seriously, you did GREAT! How close are you to Portsmouth, NH, by the way? I'll be there this summer for my Dad's 80th birthday party and I'd love to meet up with you and Raf if it's not too far .

Good job on the 20, CFG. With that much water in your gut, you were probably running for the restroom by the end .

Kay's birthday went great yesterday. She proudly declared that now that she's SIX, she doesn't have to suck her thumb anymore . Her party at the pottery painting place was great (although one of her friends is really loud, and kind of obnoxious ) and she loved all of her gifts. My big girl. Sniff...

I also ran my 8 miler yesterday. I think it's my longest run since last May, when I hurt my leg. The run felt fine (8 miles in 1:19:07, with 30 second walk breaks every 5 minutes), but my knee absolutely burned the rest of the day. Seriously, it felt like there was fire inside it. I think once the Mini is done, I'm going to stop running again for a few months and concentrate on swimming and biking. There is something very wrong my in knee, and no one seems able to figure it out . Best I can do is just stop running for an extended period and see if that helps it at all. Can I still be a Dingo if I'm on extended and possibly permenant hiatus from running...
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Good morning, Dingoes!

I am going to do a strength workout this morning (30 day shred) and hopefully a shorter run tonight. I need to be committed to strength work if I want to lose any weight. So, for now I am going to try and alternate between 30 Day Shred and Workout With Jackie. Hopefully that will keep me going and not too ungodly sore.

I had a good weekend, I took the whole weekend off from running. I love being able to take my time on the weekends, but I had some foot soreness/pain after my long run on Friday. I had a long run!


Wow to all the Dingos racing this weekend! It looks like it was pretty busy!
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JayGee - Once a dingo, always a dingo. Haven't we been through that already?

Alex - I agree with the others about the self talk. I was feeling pretty disappointed by not getting a PR, being 8 minutes off my goal pace, etc. But, really, in the long scheme of things, 8 minutes is small potatoes over the course of 2+ hours. Look at the circumstances. And, seriously. Be proud of yourself!

Poppy - You TOO!!!!!

So, ladies, my shin is hurting just below the knee. It was kind of bad after the race, and seems to be getting better, but I have never had this kind of pain before.

Tri class tonight. Last week was supposed to be a step back week, but with the race and all, I am going to make this week my step back week. It's also spring break, so my house is full of noisy kids. So, we'll see how that works out!
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Way to go, Poppy, Alex, and Bec!!! You all rock!

JayGee, you'll always be a Dingo...I hope your knee feels better though. That stinks, to have pain for a long time and no one able to figure it out. Happy birthday to your little girl!

Callie, the house looks so lovely. Congratulations!

FM: none yet today and I have no idea how I'll get it in. Dh is on call, the first seder is tonight, and I have all 3 kids all day and a lot of cooking to do. Maybe I'll get in some Tae Bo in the afternoon. I did wake up at 5 to run, but it was pouring rain and I just couldn't drag myself out of bed. Next thing I knew, it was 7:30...

Off to the library, the grocery store (AGAIN!), and the burning of chametz at our synagogue (yes, they have a big bonfire where they burn people's various bread products...it's symbolic -- i.e. everyone just brings a little bit -- but the kids enjoy this a lot. What is it about fire that is so fascinating?).
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