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Thanks for the thoughts, mamas. I am pretty confident it's not caffeine. I suppose it could possibly be stress coupled with a pretty dramatic increase in physical activity (daily workouts). It's one side only, the lid under my eye. Dumb. It's been weeks. ...um, I mean

mommajb, me too on the wanting more.

So now it looks as though I am going to have to get to the Y even earlier tomorrow. I'm considering packing a second set of clothes in case I get the chance to head back in the afternoon. Yes, I have a TM in my house.

kerc, I am LOVING the melt-o-rama. So are the chickens. I came home and discovered (omg) I left a gate open all day. Luckily all my good little sheep and goats stayed on their side.
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Nemesis - It's so great that you are running with your DD. I am sure she will get more used to it and maybe even start enjoying it.

zub - glad that the visit is going somewhat smoothly.

Ugh. Sick again! Poor DD picked something up at play group I think, who knows. I definitely related to the "plague" metaphor that Gaye made. I am strongly resisting a doctor's visit, but I can feel this thing settling in my lungs and I really don't want to have any lingering bronchial issues before the half. Trying not to let it get me down too much.

Mom is coming for a short visit tomorrow and I feel mixed about it. I want to see her but I feel kind of down right now and worry about being impatient with her.

FM: 7 miles on Saturday. It felt good - I hope I can get a 10-12 miler in before the half.
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Kate, my ds1 shares a bday with your dd. I hope you find a bright spot in the visit with your mom.
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
Dd1 has a science fair project to do, and she picked Marie Curie as her insipirational scientist. So what in the world could a 3rd/4th grader do as a science project that emulates Marie Curie? I am so, so, so pathetic when it comes to these hands-on kinds of things. Jeesh. I don't suppose taking an x-ray machine to school would be good.
Curie is radioactive decay. Some possibilities are to demonstrate the concept of a half life through a variety of mechanisms. My favorite is through picking out colored M&Ms out of a big bowl, and counting a certain color as the radioactive ones (say, green), and replacing the greens with another color to represent their decay (say, red). The plot the green in the bowl as a function of "time" (=candy grabs). Let me know if you need more details. I can supply easily.

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Thanks for the thoughts, mamas. I am pretty confident it's not caffeine. I suppose it could possibly be stress coupled with a pretty dramatic increase in physical activity (daily workouts). It's one side only, the lid under my eye. Dumb. It's been weeks. ...um, I mean [/SIZE]
My eye twitch is my sleep-o-meter.

I'm at the national lab this week. I managed a run this morning at dawn. The hills of Long Island about killed me. I'm chillin' my samples to as close to absolute zero as physics and my vacuum pump will let me. (quality of the vacuum makes a big difference). : for 5 K. I ran into a good friend in the cafeteria today, so that's a bright spot. I wander over for the half hour it takes to change temperature.
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plady - that's fine by me, as long as he doesn't mind wearing a shirt that says 'dingbat' (is that what we decided dh's would be called?)

so are you putting out some feelers? i'll hit cheryl ann up on ravelry. maybe ND would be up for a trip west?

RM - hope your day went well after all

healing vibes to all plague-ridden dingoes
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Mad as March hares, Dingoes. I am LOVING the relay planning.
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need. more. FM

Otherwise, going okay here. About to cook dinner.
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Yay for the new thread!

Might do a 10K this weekend, depending on energy levels and general household chaos. RR today: a good 4m on the treadmill. I'm going to sneak in a run tomorrow, too, since I have slightly less class prep than usual to do.

Kind of draining end to my workday, and tomorrow is going to be long and exhausting. I am frustrated with one of my students (he's not keeping up in class, has been dishonest with me, and is still acting very entitled and whiny about what I'm not doing for him.) Sigh.

My sweet kids are such a (loud) joy at the end of a work day!
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Parents have departed, crazy Tuesday is done . The visit went well, although my Mom started getting a little pushy and correcting towards the children toward the end. And she made some pretty rude comments toward DH last night (ie. "Oh, Armstrong University, is that a Junior College?) ~ this is where he went for 2 years before U of GA. Apparently any college not in the northeast must be a "junior college" (must be said in a slightly derogatory manner...) . Anyway, the kids had a blast with them and that's what matters, right. Oh, and my father actually said that there are so many liberals in college towns because people actually think there... double . (FTR, I am one of the few non-liberals here at MDC, more of a libertarian). Anyway, it's done now.

Tomorrow, back to working out, but no running yet. My leg actually feel great! Probably because I'm not running.
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Poppy-I am cracking up at the dingbats

Jaygee-I am getting twitchy reading your parents comments...its crap comments like that where they KNOW it gets to you-this is my in laws to a T-which is why I have such a hard time spending time with them-because they always say something...

back to being calm drinking my Good Earth tea
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
JenLove. Guess you needed the chocolates. I actually thought the last time I was looking at your FB photos that you were looking thin to me, too. Actually, first I was like, wow, Val is really getting big...and then I was all, Jennie is looking very thin. Stay healthy, mama!

Speaking of, I'm online looking for reasons why I have a tic in my eye that won't go away...help. Anyone got ideas? I am getting plenty of sleep, eating well and exercising plenty.
eye twitching - for me, stress, lack of sleep, overwhelmed, poor diet, you name it... I'm like an ogre half the time.

Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Subbing. I've not been doing well at keeping up but I'll renew my efforts for March! I have been running - next workout is day 2 of week 5 of C25K. I'm so excited to finally be progressing instead of doing stoopid week 3 over and over and over.

ETA: It turns out that the image of my DD's face on Christmas morning when she finds out we're going to Disney World so mama can run the half-marathon is one of the best training motivators ever. I will be registering for the race when our tax refund comes in a couple weeks.
Oh please share this picture! I need inspiration. I'm feeling scared bc my hip has been bugging me a lot. I really need to get to the massage therapist.

Originally Posted by kerc View Post

Wild day here in Kristin-land. Lots of activity, not lots of fun. Beautiful weather (except for the melt-o-rama going on).
You say joy to dw...are you joining?!

So...tomorrow will be first day back in almost a week...wish me luck! and hope ds doesn't wake up tomorrow puking
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I just found out my MIL is coming for the weekend.

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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
Oh please share this picture! I need inspiration. I'm feeling scared bc my hip has been bugging me a lot. I really need to get to the massage therapist.
I should have said it is a mental image. We're concocting a plan to let Christmas 2010 mostly be the Disney trip, so it will be a huge surprise that morning. It's just that I know she will be so excited, and it's like I've made a deal with her that I have to uphold my end of even though in reality she knows nothing about it.

I hope your hip holds up! Sending it good vibes!
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Gaye--I hope the plague departs you quickly. It totally sucks to be sick, especially when the weather starts to get better.

The relay looks totally awesome, but a bit far from Massachusetts. I keep telling myself that when my kids are older I'll be more free to do fun stuff like that. I'm so impatient, though.

I really just wanted to check in to remind myself of the new thread. I'm distracted by "Lost" and "Dollhouse" so can't focus on writing. Otherwise DH will keep glaring at me when I miss key plot elements.
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I'm having so much fun just reading and imagining the Dingo Relay '10! Wooo-hooo!!!

Nicka, you can always use our "candy fairy" excuse. The candy fairy rescues children from rotting teeth by switching out the candy for a little surprise. I usually put a small toy or something. However, I've unfortunately let it get out of hand. Now they always want to put candy outside for the candy fairy. I've had to re-write the candy fairy rules.
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I came, I chilled, I conquered.

I got my sample down to 5.2 Kelvin today. Better yet, the results make sense. I've been working on this problem since 2007. I think I understand it now.

Holy cryostat! I have a lot of work to do now. Write, write, write.

2 more days here. I'm actually planning to sleep tonight.
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Yes, I want more info on that experiment!
Also, I can't believe you are in Long Island and I am no longer there! Sigh. But congrats on getting things to work out in your experiment. That is HUGE.

Okay, please discontinue reading if TMI bothers you. I had a terrible stressful experience running this morning...I felt like I was going to mess my pants I didn't, thank the good Lord, but it was awful having that feeling...has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Bleh.
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Yes, Nick, lots of times. And have actually had to run for cover and drop trou'. Early AM runs tend to happen that way for me.

JayGee, on the parental comments. As a bleeding-heart liberal, the elitist comments from some lefties hurt. My own parents vote more or less exactly the way I do, but we still can't talk politics for exactly the reasons you described. I'm sure you and dh handled it with grace. Be sure to laugh together now that it's over.

JenLove, I have had good goat cheese and funky goat cheese. I am hoping to make my own come spring , and I've heard there's nothing like raw and fresh. What about hemp seed and such things? I know you guys like your smoothies. You could add fats/proteins there.

Geo, Way to freeze the rocks! Here's to a couple good papers out of it, right?

I have a meeting way too early at the office, and I am a little nervous about showing up late for it, even though I told them I'd have to. Because my workout is the reason I'll be late. But if I don't put it first, it won't happen at all. I'm hoping to get to the Y by 8AM, run 4mi and do weights, and make it to the office for the second half of the mtg. Some of the political yuck is clearing up there, I think, but the immediate result is going to be busy times and a little chaos for the writers.

I think I am going to try meditation breaks to mind-over-matter this stinking twitch.

Oh, and our new read-along is The Lost Princess. Ds is reading Cricket in Times Square for his book report.
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Hey, dd1 is reading Cricket in Times Square also!

I think a workout is a perfectly valid reason to be late...
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